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George A. Smathers Libraries: Vehicle Policy

I. Policy: The library maintains motor vehicles for the purpose of transporting materials and people directly related to the official business of the library.  Use of the vehicles is subject to the following conditions.

II. Date: February 2004

  1. Vehicles must be driven by regular employees (TEAMS, USPS or faculty employees).  Non-employees, student employees and OPS staff are not allowed to drive library vehicles.
  2. Passengers must be regular employees.  Students and OPS staff may be transported only in exceptional cases as approved by the Director of Support Services or Director of Libraries.  All passengers must have their own seat with seatbelt.  Driver and all passengers must wear seatbelts.
  3. Vehicles must be reserved in advance.  No standing or recurring reservations can be made, except as approved by the Director of Support Services or the appointed Fleet Coordinator.
  4. During periods of high demand for vehicles, reservations may be limited to one hour.  Scheduling is “first-come-first-served” with priority conflicts to be resolved by the Fleet Coordinator.
  5. Employees must present a valid drivers license when keys are issued. 
  6. The driver must complete the vehicle log each time a vehicle is used.  Keys should be returned immediately after use.  Driver must return vehicle with more than ¼ tank of fuel.  Driver will be issued a refueling card as required.  Driver is responsible for reporting any mechanical or other problems with the vehicle.  Smoking and eating in the vehicles is prohibited.  Trash must not be left in the vehicle.
  7. The driver is responsible for safe, reasonable operation and care of the vehicle.  The driver may be held liable for reckless, illegal, or abusive operation of the vehicle.  Drivers may not use cell phones while operating library vehicles.
  8. Use of the flat bed truck is restricted to those with prior experience operating large vehicles.  The Director of Support Services or the appointed Fleet Coordinator must approve drivers.
  9. Personal use of library vehicles is prohibited.
  10. Failure to follow vehicle policies will result in disciplinary action.


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