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George A. Smathers Libraries: Volunteer Workers

I. Policy:

Volunteers can be a valuable human resource in assisting the libraries in meeting departmental program objectives, utilizing expertise otherwise not available, or in responding to short term increased demands. The George A. Smathers Libraries, therefore, provides for and encourages the use of volunteers to supplement the staff in accordance with guidelines established by University Human Resources. Volunteers are not to be considered a replacement permanent staff. The assignment of volunteers complies with UF Rule 6C1-3.031 and Florida Statues Chapter 110.

II. Ref. Forms:

III. Date: April 8, 1994         Revised: September 1,2004

IV. Procedure:

    A. Prior to selecting and assigning a volunteer, the department head responsible for the proposed activity should secure the approval of the appropriate division head.

    B. Each volunteer is to be supervised by the library staff member directly responsible for the program or work for which the volunteer has been selected.

      1. a volunteer should possess credentials appropriate to the task

      2. a volunteer does not receive monetary or material compensation

      3. a volunteer provides the appropriate department supervisor personal and professional information relevant to the services to be rendered.

    C . Upon selection, the appropriate supervisor, department head and the volunteer, will complete the volunteer agreement form found at For volunteers under the age of 18 please complete the additional parental/guardian authorization for treatment of minors form at that same website. Attach a memorandum of agreement to the form that indicates the specific duties to be performed by the volunteer and the statement that, while the individual is performing volunteer services, he or she is covered by the University's workers' compensation policy or state liability protection as appropriate.

    D. The  volunteer form is signed by the volunteer, the responsible supervisor and the department head. The original form and the memorandum of agreement  is maintained by the department, a copy is given to the volunteer, and to the Library Human Resources Office. 

V. Responsibility:

The Library Human Resources Office is responsible for updating this policy/procedure as directed by University Human Resources and/or Library management.

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