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I. Purpose

This procedure provides guidelines for the disposal of Library books and journals that have been withdrawn from the general collection. This policy does not apply to gifts or Special Collections material.

II. Background

Library books and journals purchased through the general book fund are considered State property and are, therefore, disposed of in accordance with State regulations. There are two options available.

A. Transfer to another state agency.

B. Survey and dispose of to University Recycling.

III. Procedure

A. Collection Management personnel identifies to the Catalog Database Maintenance Unit the disposition of withdrawn print material.

B. The Catalog Database Maintenance Unit updates records for withdrawn print material and informs the Library Facilities Planning Officer of the future disposition of the material.

1. Withdrawn print material that is to be transferred to another State agency is sent to the Gifts & Exchange Unit.

2. Withdrawn print material to be recycled is sent to a staging area as identified by the Library Facilities Planning Officer.

C. The Library Facilities Planning Officer, as accountable officer for all library property, completes and forwards the trtanfer/survey paperwork to University Property Services. University Property Services dispatches a representative from Surplus Physical Plant to confirm the amount and disposition of the withdrawn material.

1. The Library Facilities Planning Officer coordinates the transfer of withdrawn print material to another State agency with the assistance of the Gifts & Exchange Unit.

2. The Library Facilities Planning Officer prepares withdrawn print material that is to be recycled according to guidelines provided by the Physical Plant Division, and contact the Campus Recycling Coordinator.

a.) The Solid Waste Coordinator (Physical Plant Division) provides a lockable recycle bin designated solely for the recycling of withdrawn print material.

b.) The Library Facilities Planning Officer notifies the Solid Waste Coordinator that the recycle bin is to be removed and emptied.

(1) Due to space constraints in the Library, and limited staging area for withdrawn print material, it is important that the Solid Waste Coordinator respond quickly to notification that material is to be recycled.

(2) The Solid Waste Coordinator returns the empty recycle bin to the Library as soon as possible.


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