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George A. Smathers Libraries: Administrative Leave For Emergency Conditions

I. Policy:

In the event of an emergency situation requiring employees to leave their normal work site, the University Policy for Administrative leave for emergency conditions must be followed. The Vice President of Administrative Affairs must authorize all administrative leave.  The process requires initial contact with the Smathers Library Personnel Office.

II. Date: June 15, 2001

III. Referenced Documents:

DDD Memo of June 13, 2001

IV. Procedure:

While emergency conditions are not common at the University of Florida, these situations occasionally occur.  If an emergency condition does occur, the Vice President of Administrative Affairs must approve the use of administrative leave for USPS and A&P employees before it is granted.  With this in mind, you should be aware of the specific guidelines a University of Florida college or department should follow if the situation is not covered by an executive

order from the Governor.  (If an executive order is issued impacting University of Florida employees, University Personnel Services via Library Human Resources will provide you with specific instructions on how to handle leave issues for USPS and A&P employees based on the language of the executive order.)


1. If safety in the work environment or office is an issue, immediately contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) at 392-1591 or the University Police Department (UPD) at 392-1111 as appropriate. The supervisor in charge should also contact the Library’s Facilities Office and file a status report.  Representatives from these departments will assess the situation and advise whether the area is considered safe.  Be sure to take notes on the discussion and retain a copy of reports.  Please note that even if EH&S or UPD advises that a work area is not safe, these departments do not have the authority to grant employees administrative leave.

2. If employees are unable to remain in their worksite, the department chair should notify the appropriate Library Director and obtain assistance in locating alternate worksites or work assignments. This should include branch site locations as consideration for an alternative site location. Your department's first step when faced with situation is to identify alternate work sites.  Options such as altering work and lunch schedules in order to minimize time away from the department should be considered at this time.

3. If employees are unable to find an alternative work site the department chair should then contact the Library Personnel Officer. Employees are allowed to use annual leave or if applicable sick leave, however, to request administrative leave be prepared to provide the following information: (a) a description of the situation (suddenness and/or unpredictability, etc.)  (b) an accurate accounting of the employees affected. Library Human Resources will contact University

Human Resources to request approval for use of administrative leave.

V. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Officer to administer and maintain this policy and procedure as directed by the Director of Libraries.

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