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Library Personnel Office: Requests for Operational Information

I. Policy:

Library Personnel Office staff are to answer operational questions as efficiently and effectively as possible. Questions often, though not necessarily, originate from students, faculty, staff, concerned citizens, or members of the local press.

II. Date: April 1, 1995
Revised: February 2001

III. Reference: Library Personnel Office: Public Records and Employee Information

IV. Procedure:

  • A. Any question asked by a member of the press should be referred to the Public Information Officer.

    B. Most operational questions are answered with statistical information. Statistical information is located in the Library Personnel Office department file under "statistics."

    • 1. Library Personnel Office statistical information is generally revised on an annual basis and addresses such topics as the number of library staff, number of tenured librarians, collective staff salaries, or special project staff.

      2. Information for which documentation is not available should be referred to the Library Personnel Officer or designee.

    C. Requests for information that does not come under the jurisdiction of the Library Personnel Office, or for which appropriate verification cannot be identified, should be referred to the office or agency responsible. These would include questions, for example, relating to the Libraries' operational budget or collection management practices.

    D. Questions relating to policy and procedure are to be answered only if accomplished by checking the Library Policy & Procedure Manual.

    • Note: Evaluative information, or information not easily verified should be referred to the Library Personnel Officer or designee.

V. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Office Manger, under the direction of the Library Personnel Officer to maintain this policy and procedure.

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