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Library Personnel Office: Shift Changes

I. Policy:

Each employee has a standard shift that is documented on their position description. However, there are occasions when an employee may request flexibility in their normal working hours. Modified work schedules that last more than 30 days must be documented on the employees position description. See excerpt below from UF Human Resources.

"Modified work schedules are those that deviate from the traditional schedule of eight hours per day, five days per week. These schedules may be approved based on the needs of the individual workplace but must still adhere to the requirements of the FLSA as well as UF policy. Any modified work schedule that will be maintained for more than 30 days should be reflected on the appropriate employee's position description. All work schedules are established at the discretion of management and require appropriate vice presidential approval."

However if the flexible schedule is to last less than 30 days, a memorandum must be placed in the employee's library personal file documenting the reasons for the shift change and the duration of that change. Reference should also be made to verify that all other conditions of UF policy are being met -- that an appropriate supervisor will be available during the flexible hours, that the time will be accurately reported, and that others in the immediate workplace who may be affected have been informed.

This policy is applicable to TEAMS, and USPS positions, regardless of appointment length, appointing unit or source of funding.

II. Date: August 25, 2004

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