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Printing from a Windows Computer

( view instructions for printing from a Mac computer )

Printer Icons

Please choose which printer you would like to install below depending on your version of Windows:

Black and White printer ( 32-bit Windows OS | 64-bit Windows OS )

Color printer ( 32-bit Windows OS | 64-bit Windows OS )


Run the driver of the printer you plan to use, and select Install.


When the driver is done installing select finish.


To verify the driver has been installed go to "Printers and Faxes" in Windows XP or "Devices and Printers" in Windows Vista or Windows 7. A Printer named “Black and White” or “Color (AFA or MSL Pickup)” will be showing.


devices color

If you are using Windows 7, and install both of the printers, it will combine them into a single icon that will have one of the two names showing. To verify, right click on the new printer and see if there is a pop out menu for the top few options.

devices both

The driver install has been verified - you can now print to the library printers from anywhere with internet access. Print jobs are stored for a maximum of 2 days before being deleted from the system.