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FAQ - Printing/Copying in the UF Libraries

How does it work?

  • UF students, faculty, and staff can use their Gator 1 Cards to access Vending Account value they have or will set up online.
  • Non-affiliated users will be given a special “walkup” card at library service desks with a pre-assigned account number but no copy/print value.
  • Value can be added to Gator 1 or “walkup” cards online using a credit card ($15.00 minimum at this time). This value may also be used for some other campus services (e.g. snacks in some vending machines).
  • UF departmental users will request their cards and transfer value to them through Gator 1 Central.
  • Value should be applied to your account in approximately 10 minutes

How much does it cost?

  • Black and White copying/printing costs $.10 per page, and is available from all campus libraries. You can print to letter, legal and 11x17 paper.

    Color copying/printing costs $.50 per page, and is available from the AFA Library, Marston Science Library, and the Health Science Center Library. Color machines will have letter, legal and 12x18, although the scan and print area is limited to 11x17.

My Gator 1 Card already has a Dining Declining Balance and Bookstore Debit Account set up. Can this value be used the print/copy at the library?

There must be separate Vending Account set up to use our print/copy services. UF students, faculty, and staff may transfer value from these other Gator 1 Card accounts to a Vending Account. However, transfers may only be done by filling out a transfer request form Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm at the Gator 1 Central office located on the 2nd floor of the UF Bookstore and Welcome Center. The transfer may not occur immediately. Transfers may only be done once every 120 days.

Can value added to my card be used for purchasing anything else?

Yes. It can also be used in many other campus vending machines for snacks, etc. The “walkup” cards may also be used for purchases at the Library West Starbucks.

Additional info:

Gator-1 Central FAQ page