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Problem Report -- Access (On or Off Campus)

If you are having difficulty connecting to a library database or E-Journal the UF Libraries subscribe to, please provide us with as much information as you can on the form below. While there are a number of questions asked, it shouldn't take long to complete.

    NOTE: If you find that the UF Libraries does not currently subscribe to a database or e-journal (or a particular year of an e-journal) that you would like to suggest we license, please do that on the Materials Suggestion Form rather than on this form. You should also check the UF Libraries' Catalog to see if the print volumes may be in a campus library.

  • While we recommend using your GatorLink userid/password for connecting from off-campus, if you are using the 14-digit library number on your Gator "1" Card to connect through the Library Proxy, etc., it must have been previously activated by library staff to achieve remote access. If you have used it to check out a book, it should already be activated. Request activation at a Uf Library Circulation desk.

    NOTE: You may not need to have the library number activated immediately! If you want to use the Library Proxy for connecting to library databases off-campus, you may use your GatorLink username and password to log on instead of your 14-digit library number instead. Either approach will work.

  • If you have recently gotten a new Gator "1" Card, the new 14-digit library new number is NOT automatically added to library records. This is another reason why using GatorLink is the recommended option.

1. Which database or service are you having problems with? (FirstSearch, Web of Science, a specific E-Journal, etc.)  Before reporting, please check System Status for known problems.
2. Have you successfully connected to this database or service in the past from your current workstation?
Yes No
If YES, the database only may be temporarily inaccessible (due to network problems, etc.) Please try back shortly before reporting. Or you may contact a campus library and ask staff to see if they are able to connect.
3. Briefly describe the problem (paraphrase or copy/paste an error message you saw, etc.)
4. How are you connecting?
   Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Enter other ISP Name: (AOL, BellSouth, Cox, etc.)

5. Where are you located?
  Name of your UF Campus building, city you are in, etc.
6. Check Your IP, Browser, and Operating System Information. Please Select/Copy/Paste the information from that page in the box below (if possible). These details are often important for diagnosing connection problems.

7. Any other information you think we might use to help you solve the problem?
Your Name:

Library Number on Gator-1 UF ID: (14 digits beginning with 200...)

Your e-mail address:

Your phone:

What UF Library do you use most often?

Reports may be submitted anytime; however, at this time they will generally only be monitored and responded to between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.
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