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Library Visibility and Outreach Faculty Task Force

A key Smathers Libraries goal is increasing use of the libraries by our primary clientele. In order for use to increase, we must ensure that faculty, students and staff are aware of what the libraries offer and they must find using them to be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Many of our primary clientele don’t use or even think about the libraries unless they have a specific need that brings them to our doors. With the closing of Library West, library visibility on the campus is less than before. Yet, we have a lot to offer and faculty would benefit by up-to-date information on what the libraries can provide for them and their students. How can we reach them in a way that is meaningful and useful to them?

1. Determine and describe how UF’s faculty are using the libraries. What do they use? What do they not use? How satisfied are they? June 1

2. Identify non-library strategies UF’s faculty are using to get the information they need? What do these strategies offer that the libraries apparently do not? June1

3. Identify key library resources and services that are new to or underutilized by UF’s faculty. June 1

4. Define and develop methods and tools (web pages, handouts, a kit, scripts or talking points, etc.) that library staff can use when working with faculty (personal trainer concept?). The idea is that the tools developed could be used by any librarian to explain library offerings (for example, what our course reserves services are and how to use them) to faculty groups or individuals. July 15

5. Identify venues where this promotion could be done effectively. Is market segmentation an effective strategy? i.e. is it productive to relate specific products and tools to specific venues or colleges or departments? July 15

6. Develop an implementation plan with an evaluation component and a timeline. July 15

Progress will be shared with the Public Services Steering Committee and with the graduate and undergraduate task forces.


  • Carol Drum
  • Peter McKay
  • Pat Reakes
  • Colleen Seale


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