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Student Supervisors Discussion Group

Purpose of the Group

The Student Supervisors Discussion Group is a standing Public Services group with two distinct purposes: 1) to provide a means for supervisors to discuss ways to improve service quality provided by the libraries’ student assistants and 2) to serve as a support network for student supervisors to share problems and solutions relating to all issues surrounding student assistants and service quality.

Membership of the Group

The Group will include both staff who supervise students with public services responsibilities and staff who work closely with students.


Facilitation of the group will rotate every six months.


The group will meet every other month to discuss issues relating to student assistants. Additional meetings may be called as needed. The Facilitator will send out the agenda and set meeting times and place. Most agendas will be subject-based but will allow for old and new business.

The typical agenda is composed of the following components. This may change as the group matures:

  • Old business: (10 minutes) When those who received support and ideas at the last meeting can share which ideas they tried and how they worked.
  • Theme for Discussion: (30 minutes) This theme will have been selected during the prior meeting. The theme for the next week should also be decided during this time.
  • New business: (20 minutes) Open discussion for any student assistant related work issues members of the group may be having. Group members are encouraged to brainstorm ideas that may help or have helped them in the past with that particular issue.


Minutes will be taken at each meeting. This assignment will rotate within the Group.


A representative will sit on Public Services Council. This will allow for feedback both to and from PSC.

Supervisor and Student Resources

Stack Maintenance Training Rubric (MS Word document)

Kathman, J. and Kathman, M. (July 1992). "Performance Measures for student assistants." College and Research Libraries, 53, 299-304. An article regarding writing expectations and rubrics for student assistants.





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