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May 31, 2000


Members Present: Carol Turner, Carol Drum, Alice Primack, Jan Swanbeck, David Hickey, Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, Pam Cenzer, David Fuller

Members Absent: Colleen Seale, LeiLani Freund, Jana Ronan, Robert Singerman, John Ingram, Richard Phillips, HelenJane Armstrong, Ed Teagu

1. E-Journal and Article Service Links in UF Libraries Catalog

Rich Bennett discussed how articles are linked to the UF catalog. Some force the patron to go through many levels of hierarchy before going to the actual journal article. Others allow them to go to the journal front door, then the patron can browse or search for an article.
Among the items discussed was whether the catalog record should include a note indicating, “some full-text may be available.”
    Changes in WebLUIS
Rich also went over a few changes that had been made to WebLUIS. The only noticeable change is the inclusion of marked check boxes in the catalog. The A-Z list may be taken off of the WebLUIS homepage, but Rich said that since most UF users don’t use the WebLUIS A-Z list, it isn’t a big change.
2. ILL
David Fuller reported that the Interlibrary Loan office is in the process of creating a brochure to go out to faculty, staff and students. He asked for ideas of material to include in the brochure. Carol Drum suggested explaining what certain terms found in the online request form meant, as well as hints or shortcuts for using ILL effectively.
3. Updates 4. Announcements
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