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July 25, 2000


Members Present: Carol Turner, Carol Drum, Alice Primack, Jan Swanbeck, David Hickey, Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, Pam Cenzer, David FullerCarol Turner, John Ingram, Stephanie Haas, Carol Drum, Jan Swanbeck, David Hickey, Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, David Fuller, Colleen Seale, LeiLani Freund, Jana Ronan

Members Absent: Robert Singerman, Alice Primack, Richard Phillips, HelenJane Armstrong, Ed Teague, Gary Cornwell, Pam Cenzer

1) Digital Library Center

Stephanie Haas presented the group with an introduction to the DLC’s program, services and plans. Using the center’s website she discussed the two main projects currently underway: The Florida Heritage Project and Florida Natural Heritage. Several other projects are being looked into, including Africana, Caribbean, Children’s Literature, Great Floridians,  Florida Architecture and Landscape Designs and Theatre (Ringling Museum).

Currently, 200 specimens are being digitized by camera from the UF Herbarium. A grant was also just awarded for the Oral History project.

2) Ref Xpress Update
Colleen Seale discussed Ref Xpress. Several brands of software are being evaluated and others are just coming on the market. Software prices range from free to $16,000. The goal is to select a type of software that is user friendly. Colleen said the hope is to make a decision soon so that the service can be offered early in the fall semester.
Another consideration in planning for Ref Xpress is staff and the hours it will be provided. It was suggested that initially it could be offered during regular desk hours and then see if patrons express an interest in having it during off hours. Another decision that must be made is whether or not to restrict the service to just UF, just Florida, etc.
3) Orientations and Handouts
Graduate orientation will be held in the Performing Arts Center August 18, with international graduate student orientation right after. The library will have a table there with handouts. Jana Edwards has planned a general fall orientation that will include a tour and a session to demonstrate how to use the databases. New Faculty orientation will be held August 21 in the Touchdown Terrace.
The committee has revised all of the handouts. Two new handouts were created: Electronic Journals FAQ and the Database Locater. Barbara Hood is creating a general library guide.
4) Interlibrary Loan
David Fuller handed out two new ILL brochures; one is a general information guide and the other is more specific about borrowing.
ILL is looking into becoming more active in sending articles to users’ desktops rather than by mail. The items could be put into PDF format and either put on a server with password access, or emailed to the client.
Fees for overdue books will start being charged on September 1.
5) Reports
John Ingram reported that Carl Van Ness would replace him on PSC.

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