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August 30, 2000


Members Present: Members Present: Carol Turner, Carl VanNess, Carol Drum, Jan Swanbeck, David Hickey, Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, LeiLani Freund, Jana Ronan, Richard Phillips, Alice Primack, HelenJane Armstrong, Gary Cornwell

Members Absent: Robert Singerman, Ed Teague, Pam Cenzer, Stephanie Haas, David Fuller, Colleen Seale

Guests:  Trudi DiTrolio, Rob Roberts

1) Staff Development Workshops

Trudi DiTrolio reported on the staff development workshops she is planning for the upcoming year and asked for suggestions for other programs. The following workshops are planned:
The suggestion was made to have a training session on how to deal with disabled people in emergencies such as fire drills. Other suggestions included an open forum on websites: how they are being used for reference, what pages are routinely used, and how staff at the reference desk can handle technical problems. Rich will offer his workshop on remote access again and there be a repetition of the session Mimi Pappas gave on serving people from different cultures.

2) Update on Security System and other Building Projects—Rob Roberts

3) Goals and Objectives
A draft of the PS Goals and Objectives was handed out and discussed. Discussion is shown in italics.
Public Services Goals and Strategic Priorities
1. Initiate long-range planning for Public Services – This effort will likely involve a planning team, working with a consultant, a retreat, and a series of planning sessions.  Public Services planning will serve as a pilot for library-wide planning.
The library as a whole is not ready for this, but the Public Services division will serve as a pilot. The planning committee will plan a retreat to put the plan together.
2. Analyze the measurement of our services and explore methods to improve measurement and to implement an ongoing analysis program
3. Establish a team to explore desktop delivery
4. Establish a team to investigate the effectiveness of our communication with our users
5. Continue to work on refining and updating our reference service
a. Initiate an updated version of RefeXpress – Analyze both how well the service meets the needs of our users and how we can most effectively integrate it with existing services
b. Participate in the CDRS project at the Library of Congress
6. Fill PS vacancies with excellent appointments
7. Initiate expanded service program in Journalism Reading Room and addition of Journalism Librarian
8. Complete planning for Library West addition and renovation
There is good news about funding for these projects.
9. Implement building security program
10. Implement book security pilot project, if possible
11. Continue to work on web pages as a key way of reaching our users
12. Participate in key projects of the SUS
a. Selection of new Library Management system
Work is going forward on selecting the new library system. A decision should be made by early 2001.
b. Planning for roll out of new umbrella name for library resources
Barbara Hood is on the SUS group planning to unveil the Rosetta name.

4) Reports/Announcements

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