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November 1, 2000


Members Present: Carol Turner, Carol Drum, Jan Swanbeck, Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, LeiLani Freund, Jana Ronan, Alice Primack, HelenJane Armstrong, Gary Cornwell, Colleen Seale, Ann Lindell, David Fuller

Members Absent: Robert Singerman, Pam Cenzer, Stephanie Haas, David Fuller, Colleen Seale

Guests:  Trudi DiTrolio, Rob Roberts

1) Public Services Organizational Planning
Trudi DiTrolio discussed the status of the organizational planning. She said the beginning of the process would be to determine where the library should be and how its goals can be accomplished. She and Carol Turner have been working together to come up with ideas on how to do this. They participated in a conference call with other libraries that have undergone this planning process. Their idea is to look at the organization first, then to go out and look at what people want from the library. We need to look inward first because you can’t meet the needs of others if you haven’t met your own needs.
Suzanne Brown said it was important to have the full support of the director and others at the top so that if people say there are things they don’t like, the group has the commitment from the directors that changes can be made.
Gary Cornwell reported that the desktop committee had identified the outreach uses that the faculty would like the library to provide.
Carol said the library needs to determine its role in the university and ask if it’s prepared for that role. She said the library should have a role in the changes, not be buffeted by them.
2) Troubleshooting Workstation Problems
LeiLani  Freund said that an instruction sheet had been put together to help people when they have computer problems, especially in the evenings when Systems staff is not available. These sheets can be customized to fit specific departments. It was also suggested that a more extensive sheet be made for printing and downloading problems.

3) Updates

· Reference Express Service
The project is moving ahead and offsite training has been scheduled for December 6-7 to teach desk staff how to use the software.
· Illiad for Interlibrary Loan
David Fuller reported that OCLC has begun the distributing service. It is now a full ILL system that has three systems managing different functions. David is currently working with Systems and Barbara Oliver. Once the program is implemented, a short training period will take place.
· Desktop Delivery Committee
The committee put together a list of things to do. They are looking at a number of options at the moment.
· Library West Building Planning
The building planning is coming along. The plan has been sent to the campus planning office for review.

4) Reports

· Rich Bennett reported that once a new system is chosen, it would likely be implemented at UF and Gulf Coast University first. If UF is on a different system than the rest of the State University System for a period of time, some services may have to be duplicated for that period.
· Carol Turner reported on the Digital Reference conference. She said digital reference is a very hot topic right now. One of the speakers was the vice president of ideas for Ask Jeeves.
· She also reported on the ARL meeting’s Library Quality Symposium. Library quality analysis looks at the rankings officials expect to get versus what they really achieve.

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