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Public Services Steering Committee
April 19, 2000

Present: Carol Turner, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Drum, David Hickey, Gary Cornwell, Rich Bennett

1. Announcements

a. Carol Turner handed out services pins to be distributed by department heads.
b. Carol asked that any equipment needs be submitted to her as soon as possible.
c. Carol gave PSSC members copy of a revision to the location policy prepared by Robena Cornwell. The change proposed by Robena states that there be coordination between both selectors whenever a location decision is made that differs from the standard policy (e.g., shelving materials classed in “M” in West rather than Music).  The group supported Robena’s proposed change.
2. Baseline Services
The group discussed which library services are considered baseline or essential. The feeling is that defining services are ranked as essential, desirable or expendable is useful not only for potential budget cuts but also for planning. The general consensus was that essential services should be listed by function, not as department based. Once those services are identified, decisions about departmental responsibility can be determined. Gary Cornwell recommended using the format created by Rich Bennett as a model for determining the functions, which department is responsible for them, how they are carried out and when they should be done.
Categories were identified and group members were assigned to create a list for each of them before the next PSSC meeting. The categories and assignments are as follows:
· ILL—Rich Bennett
· Reference—Gary Cornwell
· Facilities (equipment, seating, hours, etc.)—Carol Drum
· User Access Equipment—Carol Turner
· Electronic Access to Resources—Rich Bennett
· User Training—Gary Cornwell
· Reserves—Carol Drum
· Providing Access to Material—David Hickey and Jan Swanbeck
3. Instruction
Discussions are underway to determine what level of instruction the library will provide to groups such as freshman English courses, Preview, etc. The English department would like to add another session to the freshman English courses that would be a library lab course. It must be determined whether the library has the staff and classroom availability to undertake this course. Graduate students will also be used to lead a discussion about the libraries during Preview.
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