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Knowledge of Electronic Resources
(Guidelines 6.3)

Task 1:   Complies with Information Technology Competency Requirements

Level I:   Basic electronic competencies.
{training time--two to three months}

Needs to know:

Task 2:  Electronic competencies by function.
{training time--six to eight months}

Needs to know:

Task 3:   Resources and Training.
{training time--12 to 18 months}

Needs to know:

  • how to function as a subject specialist for electronic resources.
  • how to use appropriate Aleph modules, OCLC, Erueka and other systems as identified.
  • how to use databases as required.
  • how to develop and implement web pages.

Task 4:   Understands how to use the UF Libraries Catalog
{training time--two to eight months}

Task 5:   Understands how to use indexes (proprietary databases, tables of contents and external indexes) and fulltext sources.
{training time--two to eight months}

Needs to know:

  • which indexes and fulltext sources are available.
  • how to determine which one is most appropriate for a particular search.
  • how to determine the indexes' currency.
  • how to determine which periodicals are covered in each index.
  • how to locate and interpret UF's holdings for a periodical title found through searching the index.
  • how to navigate the UF Libraries Catalog.
  • how to retrieve fulltext articles from the indexes.
  • how to use basic search commands listed on the introductory screen and advanced search techniques.

Task 6:  Keeps current with changes in technology.
{training time--ongoing}


  • Visit the Staff Web on a regular basis for:

    • information on Aleph changes.
    • information on trial subscriptions.

  • Attend staff development training sessions.

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