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What is RefWorks?

It's a bibliography organizer. You store your research citations (books, journals, articles, dissertations, anything found during research) in RefWorks, and then sort, format and present the citations as needed.

With RefWorks users can create their own personal database by importing references from online databases; they can use these references in writing their papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds. RefWorks is similar to the Endnote, Reference Manager, and ProCite bibliographic management software packages, but it has been designed specifically for the Web. As a web-based product, RefWorks is available to users across various platforms including Windows, Mac, Unix, etc. Read more details about the RefWorks Product.

Connect to RefWorks

What library databases does RefWorks work with?

Many of our major licensed research database services provide an export link within their interface. Some, such as CSA Illumina, EBSCOHost, and WilsonWeb provide direct exporting to RefWorks. RefWorks also offers an Import option that can upload citations saved to disk in various formats. See a complete list of service providers which are currently compatible with RefWorks. Citations from other providers can also be included.

New RefShare function in RefWorks enables sharing of citations

The UF Libraries recently purchased a new RefWorks feature, called RefShare, which allows you to easily share your citations with other UF researchers, or with researchers from other institutions.  Since your RefWorks account is web based, and accessible from anywhere, RefShare allows remote access to your research.  Sharing references does not require viewers to login with a username and password and allows citations to be exported, included in an RSS feed, or commented on by others.

UF has a shared folder:, which can be further categorized by department or any preferred method. 
In order to share one of your folders, within your RefWorks account locate RefShare under “Tools”> “Share a Folder”. 

RefShare factsheet

User tutorial

For more information, please contact Valrie Davis

What other online resources about RefWorks exist?

How are personal accounts created?

Users must create their account by being connected from UF in one of the following ways:
  1. From a UF workstation on campus (in the library or elsewhere at UF).
  2. When connecting from off campus, you must be using one of the remote access methods provided by the UF Libraries
In other words, the workstation from which you create your account must appear to RefWorks as though it is on the UF campus.
  1. Go to RefWorks. -- If you are connecting from a UF IP, you should see "RefWorks User Login for University of Florida"
  2. Click on Sign Up for an Individual Account located on the sign-in menu in the middle of the page.
  3. Enter the appropriate information, such as name, e-mail, and additional.
  4. Click on Register.