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Sparky Awards @ UF - A contest to promote the open exchange of information

Thank you all for your hard work and entries to support and promote the open exchange of information. The UF Libraries are proud to announce our 2009 winners!

2009 joint second place

2009 Winner!

If these videos have given you inspiration to create, the UF Libraries have all the equipment you need to create videos of your own. Please visit our VIDEO EQUIPMENT AND EDITING RESOURCES page to see what we have available.

SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), with SPARC Europe and SPARC Japan, is an international alliance of academic and research libraries working to create a more open system of scholarly communication. SPARC is a founder of the Alliance for Taxpayer Access, a coalition of patient, academic, research, and publishing organizations that supports open public access to the results of publicly funded research. SPARC is on the Web at

More information about open access and SPARC can be found at