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Browse Finding Aids by Subject (Not Comprehensive)

On this page many, but not all, of the department's archival records and manuscript collections have been grouped according to topical coverage.

Accounting, Business, Economics, Banking, and Finance

Accounting Archives
Alachua County Abstract Company (Gainesville, Fla.)
Business Papers of William Moore Angas and Robert Moore Angas
Beamer, Elmer G.
Birley Papers
Business Letters Describing Cuba Financial Market / Cartas de negocios describiendo el mercado financiero en Cuba
Chambers, Raymond J.
Chase Collection
Eaton, Marquis G.
Ewing, Charles Hull
Florida National Bank Records
Foster, Louis O.
Grady, Paul
Jennings, Alvin R.
Johns, Ralph S. (Accountants Certificates)
Klein, Hinds & Finke (Kreuger Match Case)
Lanzillotti, Robert F.
Lohman, Harry D.
Miscellaneous Accounting Papers
Paton, William Andrew
University of Florida Department of Accounting

African Americans, Civil Rights, Slavery

American Civil Liberties Union of Florida
Black Student Union at the University of Florida
Bryant, Farris
Canney, Robert "Bob"
Chase Collection
Cosby, E. A.
Cubberly, Frederick C.
Cunningham Funeral Home (Ocala, FL)
East Florida Papers
Education in Florida Subject Files
Gainesville Women for Equal Rights (GWER)
Glunt, James David
Haskins, James S.
Hurston, Zora Neale
Jeremie Papers
Jones, A. Quinn
Lawson, Steven F.
The Links, Inc., Gainesville Chapter Records
John A. H. Murphree files regarding the Virgil D. Hawkins case
Mohl, Raymond A.
Observations de la Chambre de Commerce, Marseille, France
Observations Importantes by Sugar Traders in Nantes, France
Simpson, John Milton Bryan
Slavery and Plantations in Saint-Domingue Collection
Stephens Family (Florida History Manuscripts)
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation St. Augustine Surveillance Files
Visionaires Collection
Warren, Atkins

African Studies

Allen, James de Vere
Berner, Lewis
Campbell, Bob
Carter, Gwendolen M.
Child, Graham and Brian
Cohen, Ronald
Derscheid, J. M.: Collection of materials on Rwanda and Burundi
East African Professional Hunters' Association
Fortune, George
Graham, Alistair
Harris, Larry D.
Jolles, Frank (Richard Ndimande's Studio Photographs)
Kennedy, Noel
Lemarchand, Rene
Lighthouses of Angola (Farois de Angola)
Manis, W.E.
Parker, Ian S. C.,
Photographs of an Italian Military Doctor in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland
Photographs of Dakar in 1939
Post Cards of Ethiopian Royalty and Clergy
Post Cards of the Belgian Congo and French Equatorial Africa
Propaganda Post Cards Depicting the Second Italo-Ethiopian War
Pucci, G. - Photograph Album Relating to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Libya
Rikli, Martin
Shepperson, George

Agriculture, Horticulture, Citrus, Forestry, Animal Husbandry

Becker, Raymond Brown
Belling, John
Cary, Austin
Chase Collection
Clark, Morita Mason
Davis, George Kelso
Florida Society of American Foresters
Growers and Shippers League of Florida
Harper, Verne Lester
Hastings, Helen King
Hume, H. Harold
Kirkpatrick, John A.
Mann, Austin Shuey
Mayo, Nathan
McPherson, Woodrow Wilson
Monroe, Gary. Citrus Label Collection
Newell, Wilmon
Ocklawaha Nurseries, Inc.
O'Neill, James T.
Raymond, John W.
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Rothra, Elizabeth Ogren
Royal Palm Nurseries
Sangster, Bruce Michel
Smith, Thomas Lynn
South Lake Apopka Citrus Growers Association Records
Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association
Willoughby, Claude H.
Wilson Cypress Company
Woodman, Joseph H.

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, Planning, Art

Architectural Photographs Collection
Architecture Educational Collection
Bannister, Turpin Chambers
Bauer, William
Broward, Robert C.
EDSA, Inc.
Emmer, Phil
Flagler College's Hotel Ponce de Leon Architecture Collection
Florida Federation of Art
Fulton, Guy Chandler
Gainesville Modern Archive
Hamilton, Jefferson M.
Hampton, Mark G.
Hapsis-Hugo, Marilyn Staton
Holbrook, Hollis
Howey, John
Huin, Alain J.
Memorial Presbyterian Church Architecture Collection
Merritt, Harry
Morgan, William N.
Nims, Rufus
Potter, Edward T.
Reeves, F. Blair
Seibert, Edward J.
Shepard, Herschel E.
Simonds, John Ormsbee
Skinner, Theodore H. (General Manuscripts)
Socol, Albert J.
Starnes, Earl M.
University of Florida Historic Preservation Collection
Wallis Baker Associates
Weaver, Rudolph
Williams, Hiram

Caribbean and Latin America

A. S. Arnold's Photo Album and Diary of a Trip to Jamaica
Adams, James M. "Pioneering in Cuba" / Los documentos "Pioneros en Cuba" de James M. Adams
Album de la Revolución Cubana 1952-1959 / Álbum ilustrado para niños titulado "Álbum de la Revolución Cubana 1952-1959"
American Photo Company Photographs of the Port of Havana Construction / Fotografías de la American Photo Company de la construcción del Puerto de La Habana
Angrick II, William P.: Collection of Latin American and Caribbean Stereographs / Colección de Fotografías Estereográficas de Latinoamérica y el Caribe por William P. Angrick II
Barcena, Mariano
Barnes, Joseph
Barradas, Efraín Collection / Colección de Efraín Barradas
Barradas, Efraín: Mexican and Cuban Film Poster Collection
Barreto y Cardenas, Jose Francisco / Petición de José Francisco Barreto y Cárdenas al Rey Fernando VII
Bartleman, Richard M.
Batista, Fulgencio
Bill of sale for the coffee plantation La Criolla and its slaves / Factura de venta del cafetal La Criolla y sus esclavos
Braga Brothers
Brooking, Laura Mabel
Brown, Everett, C. / Correspondencia de Everett C. Brown
Business Letters Describing Cuba Financial Market / Cartas de negocios describiendo el mercado financiero en Cuba
Caribbean and West Indies Cruise Trip Photograph Album / Guía de la Álbum fotográfico de un viaje en crucero a través del Caribe y las Antillas
Carpenter, Leonard.
Cartoon History of the Spanish American War / Álbum de caricaturas de la historia de la Guerra Hispano-Cubano-Norteamericana
Cary, Samuel - St. Kitts
Casasola, Agustín Víctor / Fotografías de la Revolución Mexicana por Agustín V. Casasola
Catechisms and Sermons by Jesuit Priests in Bolivia
Charles IV, King of Spain / Real Cédula del Rey de España Carlos IV a Cuba
Chávez, Ernesto / Colección de Ernesto Chávez
Ceballos, Juan M. Business Letters / Correspondencia relacionada a los negocios de Juan M. Ceballos
Chinese Indentured Workers in Cuba Contracts / Colección de los contratos de trabajadores chinos en Cuba
Colegio "La Milagrosa" arts and crafts album / Álbum de trabajos manuales del Colegio "La Milagrosa"
Craven, Roy C., Jr. Photograph Collection
Crist, Raymond E.
Crosbie, William
Crosby, Platt Hiram
Crumbie, Frank R.
Cuba en 1925 Photograph Album / Álbum de fotografías Cuba en 1925
Cuban-American Land and Lumber Corporation Papers / Colección de cartas y documentos relativos a la Compañía Cuban-American Land and Lumber
Cuban Miscellanea
Cuban Slave Death Certificates and Burial Letters Collection / Colección de los certificados de defunción de esclavos en Cuba y las cartas de solicitud de entierros
Cuban Slave Insurance Collection / Colección de las pólizas de seguros sobre la vida de los esclavos cubanos
Cuban Sugar Workers and Sugar Mills Photographs (by Arnold Eagle) / Colección de fotografías de trabajadores e ingenios azucareros cubanos
Deren, Maya: Collection of Haitian Vodou Recordings
De Acuña y Cabrera, Antonio / Guía a los Documentos de don Antonio de Acuña y Cabrera
De Mey van Streefkerk Family
de Tapia, Lope/ Documento de Lope de Tapia sobre Don Diego Luis Riaño y Menesses
Document Regarding Financial and Property Transactions of the Convento de San Francisco in Havana, Cuba / Documentos sobre las transacciones financieras y de propiedad del Convento de San Francisco en La Habana, Cuba
Dominican Republic Settlement Association (DORSA) Anniversary Scrapbook and Photographs
Dominican War of Independence / Colección de la Independencia de la República Dominicana
Duckworth, John Thomas
El Ciervo Herido Collection / Colección El Ciervo Herido
Elmendorf, Mary Lindsay
de Farber, Bess G. / Colección de Bess de Farber sobre el programa bilingüe y bicultural de la escuela "Coral Way Elementary"
Freytag, Ferdy W.: Letters
García Pimentel, Luis / Colección Luis García Pimentel
Gil Family Collection / Colección Familia Gil
Goggin, John M. (John Mann)
González Blanco, Carlos / Colección de Carlos González Blanco
Guerra, Lillian / Colección de Lillian Guerra
Guerra, Ramiro/ Discurso de Ramiro Guerra
Guillén, Abraham
Guillén Batista, Nicolás: Manuscript of Sóngoro Cosongo / Manuscrito Sóngoro Cosongo de Nicolás Guillén Batista
Guzman, Bartolome
Haitian Registries
Haitiana Collection
Hardman, Martha James. Photograph Collection on the 1970 Chimbote Earthquake in Peru / Colección de fotografías de Martha James Hardman sobre el terremoto de 1970 en Chimbote, Perú
Haskins, Harold and Geraldine Cuban Postcards Collection / La colección de postales cubanas de Harold y Geraldine Haskins
Hile, B. S./ Correspondencia de B.S. Hile
Historia de Cuba Photograph Albums / Álbumes Fotográficos de la Historia de Cuba
Historia Gráfica de la Marítima Parreño / Álbum de recortes de la historia gráfica de la Marítima Parreño
Hoffman, Charles A.
Hughes, Paul A.: Collection of Caribbean Stereographs / Colección de Fotografías Estereográficas del Caribe por Paul A. Hughes
"A Visit to Jamaica in 1907 Immediately After the Great Earthquake" Photo Album
Jeremie Journal
Jeremie Papers
Jewish Organizations in Cuba Collection. / Colección de organizaciones judías en Cuba
Lang, Katharine Birdseye
Latin American and Caribbean Miscellanea
Latina Women's League Records / Documentos de la Liga de Mujeres Latinas
Lares, Porto Rico / Bono Municipal de Lares, Puerto Rico
Macaulay, Neill / Colección de Neill Macaulay
Maigrot, Don Juan Elías / Documentos de don Juan Elías Maigrot relacionados a los derechos otorgados sobre una innovación tecnológica para el refinado de azúcar
Mangonès, Edmond
Marillac, M. de
Martínez Pupo, Rafael / Documentos de Rafael Martínez Pupo
Matanzas-Sabanilla Railway Extension Collection / Colección de la extensión de la línea de ferrocarril de Matanzas a Sabanilla
Mestre, Narisco / Fotografías tomadas por Narisco Mestre de un desfile militar en Cuba
Military Papers of the Spanish Army in Cuba / Documentos militares del Ejército Español en Cuba
Morton, Sterling
"Movimiento 26 de Julio" Republica de Cuba $1.00 Note / Bono de 1 peso del "Movimiento 26 de Julio" de la República de Cuba
Náñez-Woodward Collection of Panamanian Popular Art / Fotografías de un desfile military en Cuba por Narisco Mestre
Náñez-Woodward Collection of Panamanian Popular Art / Colección Náñez-Woodward de arte popular panameño
Nineteenth-Century Colonial Cuban Documents Collection / Guía de la Colección de documentos cubanos coloniales del siglo XIX
Observations de la Chambre de Commerce, Marseille, France
Observations Importantes by Sugar Traders in Nantes, France
Page, James / Correspondencia de James Page
Panama and the Canal
Parker, John / Cartas de John Parker
Peñate de Tito, Reina / Colección de Reina Peñate de Tito
Phillips, Richard F.: Latin American Postcard Collection / Colección de Postales Latinoamericanas por Richard F. Phillips
Photographs of Sugar Mills in Puerto Rico
Pierce, Robert N.
Pierson, Donald
Pond, Wendy G. Collection on Argentinian Trade Currency and the Red Global de Trueque / Colección de Wendy Pond sobre intercambio monetario en Argentina y la Red Global de Trueque
Prats y Salas, Antonio / Manuscrito "Advertencia. La presente reseña de los acontecimientos..."
Promisory Note Issued to Citoyen Tardy, Saint-Domingue
Public Works of Cuba Photographs / Fotografías de Obras Públicas de Cuba
Ray, Manuel: Oral History Collection / Colección de Historia Oral de Manuel Ray
Real Hospital de San Bartolomé (Lima, Peru) - Logbook of Women Slaves Treated / Cuaderno de las mujeres esclavas que entran a medicinarse en este Real Hospital de San Bartolomé
Report on the contributions of the island of Cuba presented by intendant Antonio Larrua / Guía del Informe sobre las contribuciones de la isla de Cuba presentado por el intendente Antonio Larrua
Rochambeau, Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur
Rodriguez, Jose Ignacio / Documentos de José Ignacio Rodríguez
Roldan, Francisco Anibal and Roman Anibal
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Romero, César: Interview on El Show de Paul Rodríguez / Entrevista a César Romero en El Show de Paul Rodríguez
Romero Family Papers Regarding José Martí / Documentos de la familia Romero relacionados a José Martí
Rosario, Francisco del
Royal Havana Company / Colección de la Royal Havana Company
Saco, José Antonio / Cartas de José Antonio Saco
Saint-Domingue and Haitian Autograph Collection
St. Pierre. Photographs Showing the Destruction in St. Pierre from the 1902 Mt. Pelée Volcanic Eruption / Fotos sobre la destrucción en St. Pierre causada por la erupción volcánica de Monte Pelée en 1902
Sammons, Valerie
Sánchez, Bernabé / Libro de cartas de Bernabé Sánchez
Sandbach, Tinne & Co.
Scovell, Noah Papers
Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein, Mexico. Photographs of the Seventy-Years Celebration of the Foundation / Fotografías de la conmemoración de los 70 años de la fundación de la escuela Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein, México
"Sharpening of the class struggle: The education of domestic workers in Cuba" Manuscript / Guía del Manuscrito: "La Educación de las Domésticas: Una agudización de la lucha de clases"
Skeels, Charles R.
Slavery and Plantations in Saint-Domingue Collection
Smith, Thomas Lynn
Spanish-American War Photographs
Spanish Military Documents Regarding Colombia's War of Independence / Documentos del ejército español referentes a la Guerra de la Independencia en Colombia
Squier, E.G.
Taco Bay Commercial Company Records / Registros de la compañía Taco Bay Commercial Company
Tampa and the Spanish-American War: 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry Photo Album
Torrado, Osvaldo Dorticós. Photographs of Cuban President's Trip to Venezuela and 26 of July Movement Celebrations / Guía de las Fotografías del Presidente Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado en su viaje a Venezuela y de las celebraciones del Movimiento Revolucionario 26 de Julio
Twentieth-century pharmacy logbook of José Sarrá's "La Reunión" Pharmacy in Havana, Cuba / Libro de recetas del siglo XX de la farmacia "La Reunión" de José Sarrá en La Habana, Cuba
United States Marine Family in the Dominican Republic Photograph Album / Guía de la Álbum fotográfico de una familia de la marina estadounidense en la República Dominicana
Venezuela-Netherlands Documents
Vives Family Papers / Guía de los documentos de la familia Vives
Wagley, Charles
West Indies Papers
Winsberg, Morton D.


Caldwell, Millard Fillmore
Christian, Floyd T.
Culpepper, J. Broward (John Broward)
Education in Florida Subject Files
Graham, D. Robert "Bob"
Jones, A. Quinn
Turlington, Ralph D. (Florida History Manuscripts)
Yonge, Philip Keyes
Kingsbury, Gilbert Dennis

Florida Subjects

Please refer to the complete Florida History Manuscripts list.

Human Sciences, Biological Sciences, Medicine

Blanding, Abram Ormsbee
Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich
Deevey, Edward S.
Elmendorf, Mary Lindsay
Fregly, Melvin J.
Kramer, Sol
Lang, Katherine Birdseye
Lashley, Claire Schiller
Cooper, Ray and Cary Science Collection
Lashley, Karl Spencer
Myers, Isabel Briggs
Schiller, Paul Harkai
Wagley, Charles
Woodrow, James

Jewish Studies

Anniversary Periodicals Collection. Price Library of Judaica.
Bergen-Belsen Photographs
Calendar Collection. Price Library of Judaica.
Bessie L. Cantrell Collection.
Crown, David: Holocaust Print Collection
Dominican Republic Settlement Association (DORSA) Anniversary Scrapbook and Photographs
Emanuel Synagogue Seminar on Martin Buber (Transcript)
Emmer, Phil
de Farber, Sara Gaíl and Bess
Federman, Amy Schlagel and Joseph. Collection on Tourism in Israel
Feist, Richard M.
German Settlers and Nazism in the Americas Photograph Collection
Glover, Robert Holocaust Photographs
Goldring, Bruce and Stacey
Hanna, Paul L.
Irgang-Entenberg-Kushner Family Collection.
Ittleson, Blanche Frank and Henry Collection.
Jewish Organizations in Cuba Collection.
Kalishman, Allen Dachau Photographs.
Kaplan, Jacob H.
Lavigne, Edward J.
Merdinger, Emanuel: Papers
Metzger, Kurt
Moskovits, José
Myers, Moses
Prager Family
Pemstein, B.L.
Price Library of Judaica, Records
Proctor, Samuel
Relacion de la orden y manera de proceder del Santo Officio... de la Inquisicion
Robert Strassburg Collection of Ernest Bloch
Safer, Reverend Benjamin and Family Collection
St. Augustine First Congregation of the Sons of Israel Collection
Schönwald Family Correspondence
Silberfeld, Alfred M. Genealogical Research Collection
Stirt Family Collection
Tau Epsilon Phi, Tau Alpha Chapter Records
University Religious Association Religion-in-Life Week Records
Walborsky, Hyman
Weil, Joseph
Morton D. Winsberg Photographs of Colonia Baron Hirsch
Yamamoto, Sanehiko. Collection Regarding Albert Einstein
Yemenite Liturgical Manuscript

Journalism, Broadcasting, News Media

Angas, Tracy L'Engle
Barber, Red
Bidgood, Lee, Jr.
Burt, Al
Dosh, Robert N. "Bert"
Emig, Elmer J.
Harris, Martin
Jones, Charles H.
Kay, Russell
Kennedy, Stetson
King, Caleb Jewett, Sr.
L'Engle, Claude
Lowenstein, Ralph L.
Moore, Harry T. (Documentary Collection)
Newton, Virgil Miller
Pennekamp, John D.
Weimer, Rae O.

Literature, Biography, Publishing, Book Arts

Ajalbert, Jean
Antoine, Andre
Archives of Recorded Poetry
Baldwin, Ruth M.
Baro, Gene
Batak Bark Books
Bechtel, Louisa Seaman
Beebe, Ethel Fairmont
Bigelow, Gordon E.
Blake, T.
Block, Edgar S.
Bowen, Robert, O.
Bradford, Ralph
Brandt and Brandt
Buffett, Jimmy
Burt, Al
Camus, Albert: Raymond Gay-Crosier Collection
Carr, Robert Spencer
Covey, Suzy: General Comic Book Collection
Childre, Winnie
Cocteau, Jean
Creative Writing Collection
Croker, John Wilson
Cross Creek Trial (Cason versus Baskin) Papers
Daudet, Lucien
DePol, John
Dodd, Mead Contract Collection
Eberhart, Richard
Frank, Pat
Goncourt, Edmond de
Greer, Rebecca E.
Hallam, Arthur Henry
Hans Christian Andersen Award Collection
Harn, Julia E.
Harwell, Richard B.
Haskins, James S.
Hatch, Alden and Allene
Hauser, Marianne
Hiaasen, Carl
Howe Library Manuscripts (General Manuscripts)
Hurston, Zora Neale
Ishill, Joseph
Jackson, Laura Riding
Juergensen, Hans
Kahn, Hannah
Kalliope (Mary Sue Koeppel)
Kantor, MacKinlay
Laforgue, Jules
Kent, David L.
Lahr, Georgiana Lieder
Latham, Jean Lee
Lee, Fleming
Locke, Duane
Louys, Pierre
Lytle, Andrew: Letters to Alan Frederiksen
MacDonald, John D.
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society
McCarthy, Kevin
Mickler, Ernest Matthew
Moore, Thomas
Noailles, Anna de
O'Connor, Frank
Orr Family
Patrick, J. Max
Peter, Emmett B. Jr.
Pickren, Pansy
Pope, Edith
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
Rhead, Louis. Illustrations.
Robbe-Grillet, Alain (Raymond Gay-Crosier and Ben Stoltzfus Collection)
Seelye, John D.
Sidney, Margaret (Harriett Mulford Stone Lothrop)
Silkin, Jon
Slaughter, Frank G
Smith, Lillian
Walton Family
Warden, Lewis C.
Warfel, Harry Redcay
Werner, M.R. (Morris Werner)
Yonge, Julien Chandler

Music, Dance

Bachman, Harold B. - Band Collection
Bowles, Richard W.
Composers - Robert Strassberg Collection of Ernest Bloch
DeBruyn, John William
Denishawn Dance Collection
Florida Music Collection
Grissom, Eugene E.
Heney, John
Kratina Family Collection
McDaniel, Ellas B. (Bo Diddley) Collection
McLean, Will - Florida Folk Music Collection
Opera and Operetta Collection
Parker, Bernard S. World War I Sheet Music Collection
Perfoming Arts Miscellanous Material (Photographs and Vertical Files)
Pratt, Lucy
Sound of Radio and Television
Tinsley, Jim Bob
Udell, Budd.

Native Americans (including Seminole Indians) and Early Florida

Capron, Louis Bishop
Davenport, William
DeVane, Albert
Goggin, John M. (John Mann)
Hoffman, Charles A.
Indian Affairs - Florida Seminoles Collection
Linn, Alexander
Keenan, Edward T.
King, R.T. (Robert Thomas)
Knowles, Effie
Milanich, Jerald T.
Ormond, James (1819-1892) (Florida History Manuscripts)
Quinn, Rex
Seminole Indians of Florida vs. United States
Spellman, Charles W.

Natural Science, Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation, Planning (includes The Everglades)

Austin, Oliver L.
Broward, Napoleon Bonaparte
Carr, Archie Fairly
Chase Collection
Claxton, Robert: Climatology Collection
Deevey, Edward S.
DeGrove, John M.
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) (Florida History Manuscripts)
Culpepper, J. Broward (John Broward)
Dosh, Robert N. "Bert"
East African Professional Hunters Association
Fairchild, David
Florida Defenders of the Environment
Friends of Lake Alice
Goggin, John M. (John Mann)
Graham, D. Robert "Bob"
Graham, Ernest R
Grosenbaugh, Lewis R.
Harrisson, Tom
Hay, William Perry
Ingraham, James Edmundson
Jennings, May Mann
Mann, Austin Shuey (Florida History Manuscripts)
Marshall, Arthur R., Jr.
Morgan, Arthur Ernest (Florida History Manuscripts)
Odum, Howard T.
Pennekamp, John D.
Quackenbos, Max
Reed, Nathaniel P.
Rudloe, Jack
Sierra Club, Florida Chapter
Taylor, Ernest A.
Tinsley, Jim Bob
Will, Thomas E. (Thomas Elmer)
Williamson, Fred L.

Politics, Law, Courts

Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee Records
Anderson, James Patton
Andrews, Charles Oscar
Askew, Reubin O'D.
Baker, Maxine E.
Ball, Edward
Bennett, Charles E.
Black, Robert Lucas
Broward, Napoleon Bonaparte
Bryant, Farris
Burke, J. Herbert
Caldwell, Millard Fillmore
Carleton, William Graves
Chappell, William V., Jr.
Chiles, Lawton M., Jr.
Cross Creek Trial (Cason versus Baskin) Papers
Dauer, Manning Julian
Election Returns by County, Florida
Florida Legislature, House of Representatives, Select Committee on Reapportionment
Florida National Organization for Women (Florida NOW)
Gainesville Eight (Lois Hensel Collection)
Graham, D. Robert "Bob"
Graham, Ernest R.
Green, Robert Alexis "Lex"
Hart, Ossian B.
Hendricks, Joseph Edward
Herlong, Albert Sydney
Hodges, James B.
Hodges, James Branch, Jr.
Holland, Spessard L. (Spessard Lindsey)
Hurst, Huber Christian
Jennings, May Mann
Jennings, William Sherman
Johns Committee.
Jones, Charles H.
Knight, Peter Oliphant
Lanzillotti, Robert F.
League of Women Voters of Florida
L'Engle, Claude
Loftin, Scott Marion
Mack III, Connie
Matthews, Donald Ray (Billy)
Mayo, Nathan
McRae, William A.
O'Connell, Stephen Cornelius
Pepper, Claude Denson
Pepper-Smathers Campaign
Peterson, James Hardin
Peterson, N. Curtis
Pettigrew, Richard Allen
Pope, Verle Allyn
Rogers, Dwight Laing
Rogers, Paul G.
Smathers, George Armistead
Smith, Chesterfield
Stringer, Frederick Lykes
Swann, Samuel Ashe
Taylor, Abram Morris (A.M.)
Thompson, Arthur William
Thornal, B. Campbell
Trammell, Park
Turlington, Ralph D.
United States Supreme Court, United States vs. State of Florida
Walton Family
Warren, Atkins
Warren, Fuller
Yon, Thomas Alva
Yonge, Chandler Cox
Yulee, David Levy

Railroads, Waterways, and Transportation

Anderson, Henry
Ball, Edward
Chase Collection
Culpepper, J. Broward (John Broward)
Davis, Thomas Frederick
Dosh, Robert N. "Bert"
Green, Robert Alexis (Florida History Manuscripts)
Hahn, Theodore H.
Ingraham, James Edmundson
Loftin, Scott Marion
Marshall, Arthur R., Jr.
Morgan, Arthur Ernest (Florida History Manuscripts)
Peterson, James Hardin (Florida History Manuscripts)
Swann, Samuel Ashe
Williamson, Fred L.
Yulee, David Levy

Social Activism, Social Organizations, Social Research

Beebe, Ethel Fairmont
Bristol, Lucius Moody
Canney, Robert "Bob"
Gainesville Eight (Lois Hensel Collection)
Jones, A. Quinn
Moore, Harry T. (Documentary Collection)
Robins, Margaret Dreier

Theatre, Cinema, Television

Angas, Tracy L'Engle
Bale, Trevor "Tommy" Collection (Circus)
Efrain Barradas Mexican and Cuban Film Poster Collection
Belknap Playbill and Program Collection
Belknap Theatre Broadside Collection
Bartell, Lillian Schneider - Playbill Collection
Cinema - African American
Cinema - Miscellaneous Material
Cinema - Posters
Cinema - Pressbooks (Oversize)
Cinema - Programs and Promotional Material
Cinema - Programs (Oversize)
Murphree, Albert Alexander ("Waddy")
Perfoming Arts Miscellanous Material (Photographs and Vertical Files)
Ridge, John David - Collection
Ringling Theatre Collection
Sound of Radio and Television
Wood, Preston, Script Collection
Wolk, Edith K. - Playbill Collection.
Yeomans, Cal

University Archives

Public Records, Manuscripts, and Organization Records
Presidential Collections
Moving Image Collections
News and Public Affairs
Sound Archives
Graphics Collection

Women's Issues

American Association of University Women (AAUW). Gainesville, FL Branch Records
Doughty, Polly
Florida National Organization of Women (Florida NOW)
Florida Federation of Women's Clubs
Gainesville Women for Equal Rights (GWER)
Jennings, May Mann
League of Women Voters of Florida
Melrose Woman's Club (Florida)
National Women's Conference
Robins, Margaret Dreier, and Family


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