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P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History

Florida History major manuscript collections include the papers of many prominent political and social leaders, as well as the papers of civic, trade and social organizations. Many of the manuscript groups contain business records as well as photographic materials that document the state's agricultural, environmental, military, and social history (the citrus, cattle, and naval stores industries; Seminole Wars; ethnic relations; immigration; etc.). Please note that a separate list exists for the Florida History Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

Alachua County Abstract Company (Gainesville, Fla.). Records, 1874-1930. Business correspondence of the company; tax bills, receipts, and notices concerning lands in Alachua County. Presidents of company: Lindon K. Rawlins, William C. Jackson, Barney R. Colson, Sr., Barney R. Colson, Jr. Gift of Barney R. Colson, Jr. 6 ln.ft.

American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. Papers, 1955-1981. Correspondence and miscellaneous materials relating to personal liberty, civil rights, crime and criminals, desegregation of schools, and women. Additional materials: 'Closed' and 'Closed - Pending' files at the Library Auxiliary Depository. 4 ln.ft. Additions expected.

Anderson, Henry W.. Railroad Collection, 1908-1961 (bulk: 1930-1950). This collection is comprised primarily of documents related to the receivership of the Seaboard Air Line Railway from 1930 to 1947 as well as documents related to the reorganization of the Florida East Coast Railway in the 1940s. 11.17 linear feet. MSS 0408.

Anderson, James Patton. Papers, 1836-1976 (bulk: 1847-1909). Anderson's personal papers, including Civil War battle reports and military and personal correspondence. Also, correspondence to his wife, Etta Adair Anderson, after his death in 1872. 1 ln.ft.

Anderson, John. Papers Relating to Ormond Beach, 1869-1910. Personal papers and correspondence on John Anderson and others (such as William Fagen, J.A Bostrom, and Samuel Anderson) associated with Ormond Beach and Volusia County, Florida. 1 ln.ft.

Andrews, Charles Oscar. Senatorial Papers from terms as member of the Florida Congressional Delagation, 1936-1946. Gift of Mr. Andrews and Senator Spessard L. Holland. 22 ln.ft.

Angas, William Moore and Robert Moore. Business Papers, 1889-1953. Business records and correspondence, primarily created and maintained by William Moore Angas, of several British-owned companies operating in Florida and of Florida companies. The primary companies represented by William Angas include the Land Mortgage Bank of Florida, the Florida Syndicate (succeeded by the Keighley Company), the Indian River Association, the Florida Finance Company and the Hollybrook Company. William's son, Robert Moore Angas, was a Jacksonville civil engineer who conducted his deceased father's business until all transactions were concluded. The collection also includes engineering papers of Robert Angas covering military installations in Florida and South Georgia, including Mayport Naval Reservation and the Jacksonville Naval Air Station.

Askew, Reubin O'D.. Speeches from his term as governor of Florida., 1971-1979. Lawyer, state legislator, and governor of Florida. 2 ln.ft.

Austin, Henry and Hettie. Papers, 1871-1940 (bulk: 1876-1903). Collection of letters by members of the Austin family and newspaper clippings documenting pioneer life in DeLand, Florida.

Bailey Family. Papers, 1841-1870. Civil War correspondence written by Casermo Bailey, and miscellaneous correspondence and business papers by Bailey family members, including James Bailey and Mary Bailey. Ms 213.

Baker, Maxine E. Papers, 1934-1974. Member, Florida House of Representatives (Dade County). Political and organizational papers of Maxine E. Baker during the years from 1934-1974. 2.5 ln.ft.

Ball, Edward. Miscellaneous Materials Regarding Edward Ball, 1938-1981. Interviews, articles, clippings, and other material used by Raymond K. Mason and Virginia Harrison in their book about Florida businessman Ed Ball entitled Confusion to the Enemy: A Biography of Edward Ball.

Bannerman, Charles. Papers, 1837-1890. Charles Bannerman owned a plantation near Lake Iamonia in Leon County, Florida. This collection includes a variety of documents and discusses agricultural practices, weather, and family matters before, during, and after the Civil War. 0.4 ln.ft.

Bellamy Family. Papers, 1824-1894 (Bulk dates: 1847-1860). The Bellamy Papers contain correspondence between members of the Bellamy family of Jefferson County, Florida. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms 214.

Bennett, Charles E.. Papers, 1903-2001 (bulk: 1949-1992). Congressional papers of U.S. Representative Charles E. Bennett from Florida. 253.5 ln.ft.

Bingham, F. F. (Frasier Franklin) - Southern States Lumber Company. Records, 1925-1927. Pamphlets (in one volume) created by Bingham, an executive officer of the Southern States Lumber Company, describing the areas of Escambia County, FL. PKY 88.003

Black, Robert Lucas. Papers, 1935-1939. Naval stores operator (Palatka, Florida) and state legislator (Gainesville/Alachua County, Florida). Personal, political, and legislative papers of Black, who served in the Florida House of Representatives (1929-1931) and the Florida Senate (1935-1939). 1 ln.ft.

Blanding, Abram Ormsbee. Papers, 1845-1881. Diaries, ledgers, daybooks, memorandum, family correspondence, and essays of Abram Ormsbee Blanding, M.D., New England physician and Florida farmer. 1 ln.ft.

Blanding, Albert Hazen. Papers, 1888-1961. Albert Blanding's papers span much of his life in Florida, in both military service and in civilian life. Blanding was a General in the National Guard as well as a member of the Florida Board of Control and State Plant Board of Florida. 2.25 ln.ft.

Boyd Family. Papers, 1830-1916. Business, personal, and legal correspondence of the Boyd family of Palatka, Florida, including a receipt book of the Boyd and Monroe timber firm, Mary E. Boyd's land claim correspondence with the state, her personal account of an 1862 Civil War gunboat incident in Palatka, and her informal autobiography. 0.4 ln.ft.

Broward, Napoleon Bonaparte. Papers, 1879-1918. River boat captain, state legislator, and governor of Florida. Correspondence and legal papers. Gift of Miss Elsie Douglas and Mr. Napoleon B. Broward, son of the governor. 10.75 ln.ft.

Bryant, Farris. Papers, 1942-1977. Governor, 1961-1964. Correspondence, with an emphasis on the Florida Legislative, gubernatorial elections in 1956 and 1960, and his career in the Federal Office of Emergency Planning. 26.5 ln.ft.

Burke, J. Herbert. Papers, 1966-1996. Correspondence, biographical information, speeches, campaign materials, legislative papers, and photographs of Representative Burke of Florida. 5.5 ln.ft.

Burt, Al. Papers, 1948-2009 (Bulk: 1961-2007). Subject files, background notes, interviews, talks, and copies of articles and columns from the noted Miami Herald journalist Al Burt, author of Becalmed in the Mullet Latitudes, Al Burt?s Florida, Tropic of Cracker, and other works. 22 ln.ft.

Caldwell, Millard Fillmore. Papers, 1938-1950. U.S. Representative, 1933-1941; Governor of Florida, 1945-1949; and Florida Supreme Court justice, 1962-1969. Correspondence (1947-1950) relating to the establishment of the Regional Council for Education; material on the Florida gubernatorial campaign of 1944; and speeches delivered by Caldwell (1942-1948). Gift of Caldwell. 5 ln.ft.

Canney, Robert "Bob". Collection. Papers of social activist Canney, primarily related to his trial and imprisonment following a 1970 anti-war demonstration in St. Petersburg, Florida. Gift of Connie Canney. 2.5 ln.ft.

Capron, Louis Bishop. Papers, 1913-1971. Personal correspondence, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, and photographs of this children's author and amateur ethnographer of the Florida Seminole and Miccosukee Indians. Most of the materials pertain to Capron's interest in and friendship with the Seminoles. 2.5 ln.ft.

Carlton, Doyle. Campaign Scrapbook, 1960. Newspaper clippings collected by an aide to Doyle Carlton, Pat Dodson, during Carlton's 1960 campaign. PKY 88.014

"Carter of Canada" (attributed) Collection of Photographs. 1890-1898. This collection houses over 50 photographs of Gainesville families in front of their homes in the 1890s. Most of the works are noted to be by "Carter of Canada." Though no further designation of the photographer is given, it is likely to be William Webster Carter of Ontario, Canada.

Cary, Austin. Papers, 1905-1936. Forester and logging engineer. Papers relating to forestry, naval stores, and the turpentine industry. Finding aid in the repository prepared by the Florida Historical Records Survey. Gift of Cary estate through UF School of Forestry, 1936. 6 ln.ft.

Catholic Parishes of Florida, Histories. Responses to a form letter circulated by Michael V. Gannon in 1965 to the several Catholic parishes of Florida, designed to elicit historical information. Arranged alphabetically by name of the community in which the parish is located: Apalachicola-Zephyrhills. Gift of Dr. Gannon. 2 ln.ft.

Chappell, William V., Jr. Congressional papers, 1969-1988. William V. Chappell, Jr. served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from Florida's 4th congressional district from 1969 to 1989. He was defeated in his 1988 reelection campaign and died in Bethesda, Maryland on March 30, 1989. This collection documents Chappell's congressional tenure.

Charles, Reuben. Papers, 1810-1843. Papers dealing with the operation of Moses Levy's Pilgrimage Plantation, managed by Reuben Charles. 0.4 ln.ft.

Chase Collection. 1871-1984 (Bulk dates: 1884-1984). Business records of Chase and Company and affiliates, as well as the personal correspondence of members of the Chase Family and family genealogical records. 100 ln.ft.

Chiles, Lawton M., Jr.. Senate Collection, 1958-1988 (Bulk: 1971-1988). Lawton Chiles, Jr. (1930-1999) was a Democratic politician who served in the Florida state legislature and the U.S. Senate. He served three terms in the Senate before retiring. He later ran for and won the Florida Governor's seat where he served until his death. Chiles is most known for his work on government reform (Government in the Sunshine Act) and environmental concerns (Big Cypress National Preserve, phosphate mining in Osceola National Forest), as well as being a strong advocate for youth and the elderly. The Lawton Chiles Senate Collection documents his election to the U.S. Senate in 1970 and his subsequent 18 years in Congress. Records of his state legislative work and any positions after his retirement from the Senate are largely absent from this collection.

Christian, Floyd T.. Speeches, 1965-1972. Education. - Speeches made during Christian's tenure as Florida Superintendent of Public Instruction/Commissioner of Education (1965-1974). 1.75 ln.ft.

Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.). Records, 1934-1936. Publications and newsletters and some correspondence from Florida camps of the CCC. 1 ln.ft.

Clark, Morita Mason. Note Cards, 1947. Note cards used by Morita Mason Clark for her thesis, "The Development of the Citrus Industry in Florida before 1895."

Clinch, Duncan Lamont.. Family papers, 1804-1904. Letters, legal documents, wills, and newspaper clippings pertaining to General Duncan Lamont Clinch and family. 0.4 ln.ft.

Cosby, E. A. Collection. The E. A. Cosby Collection dates from 1936 to 2010 and contains the papers of Dr. Edgar Allen Cosby, a dentist, University of Florida Professor, amateur photographer, and prominent member of Gainesville's African-American Community. The collection includes materials documenting his professional life as a dentist, his activities in the Gainesville community, personal and family life, involvement with the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and numerous photographs (including prints, negatives, slides, and scrapbooks). 11.4 linear feet. MSS 0378.

Cruzat, Heloise H.. Papers, 1788-1848. Typescripts of original business papers of the Indian trading houses Panton, Leslie & Company and John Forbes & Company. Cruzat was a descendant of entrepreneur John Innerarity. Other typescripts of these documents are held by the Florida Historical Society. See also: Greenslade, Marie Taylor. 2.5 ln.ft.

Cubberly, Frederick C. Papers, 1906-1929. Includes Cubberly's research on Florida history as well as documents and correspondence from peonage cases he was involved in while he was the United States Attorney for the North West District of Florida. 0.2 ln.ft.

Culpepper, J. Broward (John Broward). Papers, 1941-1968. Educator, and chancellor, State University System of Florida. Miscellaneous papers relating to higher education in Florida, and the state universities in particular. 12 ln.ft.

Cunningham Funeral Home (Ocala, FL). Records. Available as part of the UF Digital Collections (UFDC).

Davenport, William. Papers, 1835-1842. U.S. Army officer. Native of North Carolina. Two small pocket diaries and personal and official correspondence of Davenport, who saw service in Florida during the Second Seminole War. Purchase. 1 ln.ft.

Davis, John Henry. Papers, 1940-1974. Miscellaneous reports, documents, and correspondence relating to the feasibility of constructing a canal across the Florida peninsula. Botanist, university professor, and consultant to Canal Authority of the State of Florida. Gift of Davis. 1.5 ln.ft.

Davis, Thomas Frederick. Papers, 1910-1946. Historian of Jacksonville/Duval County, Florida region. Notes, typescripts, correspondence, and photographs. 4 ln.ft.

DeGrove, John M.. Papers, 1937-2007 (bulk dates: 1990-2007). Publications, correspondence, research materials and other papers of John M. DeGrove, an educator and prominent authority in growth management, politics, planning, public administration, natural resources, and land management. 39.25 ln.ft.

DeVane, Albert. Collection, 1950-1966. A portion of the papers and photographs of a historian who focused his life on Seminole Indian culture, particularly the Seminole Indians from the Brighton Reservation. Ms 212.

Dosh, Robert N. "Bert". Papers, 1920-1965. Journalist of Ocala, Florida. Correspondence with political figures; correspondence on the Cross Florida Canal, which Dosh strongly supported; and editorials from the Ocala Evening Star and Ocala Star Banner, which he worked for as editor. 1 ln.ft.

Doughty, Polly. Papers, 1965-2013 (bulk: 1965-1990).Subject files belonging to women's rights activist Polly Doughty, primarily documenting her activity in Gainesville during the 1970s and 1980s while working to promote women's rights. Of particular note is the large volume of material related to the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), the Florida/Gainesville Commission on the Status of Women (COSW), and the Florida League of Women Voters where she served as President for Alachua County. 3.69 linear feet. MSS 0443.

Duncan, John H. and Thomas B. Green Collection, 1899-1939. John H. Duncan (1855-1929) was a prominent New York architect and Thomas B. Green (1888-1963) was his chauffeur and mechanic. Items in this collection include photographs and associated items that highlight early automobile touring in the United States as well as military service during World War I.

Duren, Charles M. Letters, 1864. Eighteen letters from Charles M. Duren to his parents from Florida during the Civil War; includes a special order and transcripts.

Duval County Business. Ledger, 1821-1826. A business ledger from an unknown business in Duval County, Florida, from 1821-1826. PKY 88.015

East Florida Papers. Papers, 1784-1821. Political and military archives of the Second Spanish Period of East Florida (1784-1821). Materials seized by the U.S. government after the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1821 that ceded the territory to the United States. The P.K. Yonge Library holds a microfilm edition (175 reels) of the original documents that are housed at the Library of Congress. 1 ln.ft.

Education in Florida Subject Files. 1947-1978. Subject files created by Howard Jay Friedman during his service with the Florida Department of Education, primarily news clippings pertaining to public education in Florida. Major subjects covered include desegration/intergration in Florida education and the 1968 statewide teacher strike. 10.75 ln.ft.

Edwards, Earl W.. Papers, 1935-1955. A printed transcript of Colonel Earl W. Edwards' participation in World War II 22nd Infantry Regiment. .01 ln.ft. MSS 0429.

Edwards, James. Travel Notebook, 1889. Contains Edwards' notes about his experiences during his trip to Florida in 1889, focusing on Pensacola and Milton, Florida. PKY 88.021

Election Returns by County, Florida. Copied from courthouse records and newspapers. Arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by county. 2 ln.ft.

Ewing, Charles Hull. Papers, 1919-1954. Realtor and financier of Florida. Miscellaneous correspondence relating to Ewing's investments and dealings in real estate in Manatee and Sarasota counties, Fla. Gift of Katherine E. Hocking, 1976. 6 ln.ft.

Farris, Ion L. Campaign Scrapbook, 1916. Scrapbook of clippings about the 1916 gubernatorial campaign of Ion L. Farris. PKY 88.025

Federal Writers Project (Works Progress Administration). Collection, circa 1939. Federal Writers Project lists of historical sites for each county in the state of Florida. 0.2 ln.ft.

Fernandina Dock and Realty Company (Fernandina Fla.). Records, 1884-1941. Correspondence, letterbooks, ledgers, and sales books of Fernandina Dock and Realty Company (inc. 1901), Fernandina Development Company (inc. 1889), and Florida Town Improvement Company (inc. 1884). 6 ln.ft.

Fleming, Francis P. Papers, 1863-1901. Correspondence of Governor Francis P. Fleming and the Fleming family, and the manuscript for A Memoir of Captain C. Seton Fleming written by Francis P. Fleming. 0.2 ln.ft.

Florida Anthropological Society. Records, 1947-1990. Records of the Florida Anthropological Society include minutes of meetings, reports, articles of incorporation and constitution, financial and membership records, correspondence, newsletters, and chapter records.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission. Hearings, 1977-1978. Established 1965. Typewritten transcripts of public hearings on proposed changes to the Florida Constitution. 2 ln.ft.

Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency. Records, 1924-1970. Private organization made up of individuals professionally involved in the problems of crime and delinquency. Correspondence, newsletters, and other papers. Formerly, Florida Probation Association (1924-1941); Florida Probation and Parole Association (1942-1962). 1 ln.ft.

Florida Currency. 1832-1929. Various items of Florida, Georgia, and Virginia currency from territorial years through the Great Depression.

Florida Defenders of the Environment. Records, 1943-1994 (Bulk dates: 1969-1994). Documents of the Florida Defenders of the Environment, the majority of which deal with the fight to de-authorize the Cross Florida Barge Canal project.

Florida East Coast Railway. Ledgers, 1907-1909. Contain the names, dates, occupations, pay rates, and receipt signatures from the employees of the FEC. PKY 88.029

Florida Exhibit at the Chicago World's Fair. Photo Album, 1933. Photographs of the Florida Exhibit, including the orange groves brought to Chicago for the exhibition. PKY 88.005

Florida Federation of Art. Records, 1928-1945. Organized in April 1927 in Orlando, where both a constitution and bylaws were adopted, the primary purpose of the organization was to assist local clubs throughout the state in promoting art and art appreciation. Annual reports (lacking 1931-1934); local club reports; scrapbooks; and Issues of Florida Artist (1936-1939). 1 ln.ft.

Florida Federation of Women's Clubs. Scrapbooks, 1951-1952. These two scrapbooks document the involvement of the Sorosis-Junior Sorosis of Orlando and the Woman?s Club of Crestview in the "Build Freedom with Youth" contest during 1951-1952.

Florida Historical Society. Records, 1923-1982. Established 1902, incorporated 1905, successor to Historical Society of Florida; ca. 1940 absorbed Florida State Historical Society (founded 1921). Largely correspondence of Julien Chandler Yonge (1879-1962), relating to business of the society and its journal, Florida Historical Quarterly, which he edited (1925-1955); together with programs of annual meetings. Additional material: Chase Papers, Accession I, Sydney Octavius Chase President, 1933-1939. Gift of Mr. Julien C. Yonge. 2 ln.ft.

Florida Legislative Council. Records, 1922-1924. Minutes, constitution, and by-laws. PKY 88.024

Florida Legislature, House of Representatives, Select Committee on Reapportionment. Records, 1981-1982. Transcripts of hearings and meetings of the committee, August 24, 1981-May 21, 1982. Gift of Dr. Manning Dauer, University of Florida. 1 ln.ft.

Florida National Bank. Records, 1887-1989. Annual reports, meeting minutes, by-laws, and other institutional records of the Florida National Bank, also known at various times as the Mercantile Exchange Bank, the Jacksonville Savings Bank, the Southern Savings and Trust Company, and the Florida National Group of Banks of the State of Florida.

Florida National Organization for Women (Florida NOW). Records, 1971-2003. The Records of the Florida NOW include officers' and members' correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, budgets, newsletters, and other records which chronicle the development and activities of Florida NOW from its founding in 1973 until 2003. 13 ln.ft.

Florida Pharmacuetical Association, Ladies Auxiliary . Records, 1947-1973. Formed 1915 as Ladies Auxiliary of the Florida State Pharmaceutical Association; name of parent body changed to Florida Pharmaceutical Association in the 1960s and to Florida Pharmacy Association in 1978. Scrapbook, reports, bylaws, and booklets describing the history of the organization, whose most significant accomplishment in its early days was its involvement in the establishment of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida. 1 ln.ft.

Florida Railway and Navigation Company. Letterbook, 1888-1891. 1 volume. PKY 88.009

Florida Section, American Chemical Society. Papers, 1962-. Correspondence, reports, issues of FLACS publication (1948-). Gift of the Florida Section. Additions expected. 1 ln.ft.

Florida Society of American Foresters. Records, 1948-. Newsletters, minutes, proceedings, secretary notebooks, directories, and miscellaneous materials. Gift of the Florida Society of American Foresters. Additions expected. 3 ln.ft.

Florida State Defense Council. Collection, 1941-1945. Informational bulletins, press releases, correspondence, relating to the civilian defense effort in Florida during World War II. The council was created in 1941 and dissolved in 1945. 1.5 ln.ft.

Florida Supreme Court, Legislative Reapportionment . Case records, 1982. Legal briefs and transcripts relative to the 1982 Florida legislative reapportionment (Senate Joint Resolution 1E; Supreme Court case 61,933). Gift of Dr. Manning J. Dauer, University of Florida. 1 ln.ft.

Florida Territory Superior Court. Record Book, 1830-1839. Judicial decisions, jury verdicts, rulings, and other legal court orders for East Florida. PKY 88.027

Floyd, Edythe Stuart. Collection, 1850-2014 (bulk: 1900-1950). Papers and personal correspondence between Edythe Stuart Floyd and family members and friends of the Floyd family of Marion County, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine, who were intermarried with the Whitsett family of southern California. Letters from Albert W. Gilchrist form part of correspondence. 4 ln.ft.

Ford, Theodore Leo. Letters, 1927-1929. This collection is comprised of approximately 240 letters, primarily written between Ford and Ruth Carpenter of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The majority of the letters are written by Ford while residing in Bradenton, Florida, and Oak Hill, New York. 0.75 ln.ft. (2 boxes).

Gainesville Area Ledgers. 1867-1924. Includes minutes from the East Florida Telephone and Telegraph Co. (1904-1924), a ledger on the Gainesville Post Office (1867-1889), two minutes-books from the Gainesville Board of Trade (1886-1888), a ledger from Endel and Herman (clothiers-1882-1885), and the minutes of the Interstate Life Insurance Co. (1913-1915). PKY 88.012

Gainesville Women for Equal Rights (GWER). Records, 1963-2001. Correspondence, minutes, newsletters, reports related to the activities of this civil rights organization. 1.5 ln.ft.

Gannon, Michael. Papers, 1923-2017. Writings, research notes, correspondence, photographs, biographical materials, and other papers of Michael V. Gannon, the noted historian, radio commentator, former priest, and emeritus professor of the University of Florida. 38.51 ln.ft. MSS 0343.

Gleason Family. Papers, 1861-1946 (Bulk dates: 1885-1946). Papers of the Gleason Family, who played a significant role in the development of Florida's agricultural, commercial, and residential lands in the post-Civil War period. The collection consists primarily of the papers of William H. H. Gleason, the records of Gleason Brothers, and the papers of William Henry Gleason, George G. Gleason, and W. Lansing Gleason. 5.2 ln.ft.

Glunt, James David. Collection. Documents collected by James David Glunt for his dissertation, primarily relating to Florida history in the second Spanish period (1784-1821) and territorial period (1821-1845), particularly plantation slavery. A donation of additional material in 2016 included material on the Bradford family of Tallahassee and papers of George Noble Jones, which appear in Plantation Records from the Papers of George Noble Jones, coedited with U. B. Phillips. The rest of the material consists of correspondence, financial documents, and legal documents related to Glunt's family in Indiana. 1.84 linear feet and 1 microfilm reel. Ms 43.

Goggin, John M. (John Mann). Papers, 1912-1975. John M. Goggin was a renowned archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in the American Southwest and Southeast, the Caribbean, and Mexico. The collection includes his field notebooks, his publications and research files, photographs, and newspaper clippings. 12.5 ln.ft.

Gordon, Ulysses Short. Papers, 1959-1968. Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, Florida, 1928-1969. Correspondence, sermons, articles, and prayers. 1 ln.ft.

Graham, D. Robert "Bob". Florida Legislature Papers, 1959-1984 (Bulk: 1966-1978). Correspondence, legislation, committee files, news clippings, speeches, trip files, writings. Covers Graham's legislative activities and public policy initiatives during his tenure in the Florida House of Representatives (1966-1970) and the Florida Senate (1970-1978). 32.5 ln.ft.

Graham, Ernest R.. Papers, 1908-1957 (Bulk dates: 1923-1948). Correspondence, photographs and clippings from Ernest Graham's career as a truck and dairy farmer, Florida public servant, and political campaigner. There is strong emphasis on subjects such as horse racing, racketeering, drainage, flooding and water control in South Florida. 15 ln.ft.

Great Speckled Bird. Newspaper Collection, 1968-1984. A run of the Great Speckled Bird, an alternate press and counter culture newspaper from Atlanta, Georgia.

Green, Robert Alexis "Lex". Papers, 1922-1944. Educator, lawyer, and U.S. Representative from Florida (1925-1944). Personal, political, and legislative correspondence. 22 ln.ft.

Greenslade, Marie Taylor. Papers, 1764-1900. Typescripts of original business papers of the Indian trading houses Panton, Leslie & Company and John Forbes & Company. Greenslade was a descendant of entrepreneur John Innerarity. Other typescripts of these documents are held by the Florida Historical Society. Additional materials: Eloise Cruzat Papers. 2.5 ln.ft.

Grosenbaugh, Lewis R.. Papers, 1960-1974. Forester. Miscellaneous materials, unit director, "Pioneering research unit in forest mensuration," United States Forest Service. 1 ln.ft.

Growers and Shippers League of Florida. Records, 1924-1981. Charter, by-laws, articles of incorporation, minutes and bulletins. 3.5 ln.ft.

Hahn, Theodore H.. Papers, 1943-1954. Physician and mariner, of Florida. Logbooks, diary and miscellaneous correspondence relating to cruises on Florida's Oklawaha River. 1 ln.ft.

Hammond, E. Ashby. Papers Regarding the Medical Profession in 19th Century Florida, Not dated. Biographical summaries created by E. Ashby Hammond in preparing his book, The Medical Profession in 19th Century Florida: A Biographical Register.

Harper, Verne Lester. Papers, 1936-1980. Correspondence and other papers pertaining to Verne L. Harper's activities with the United States Forestry Service, the International Union of Societies of Foresters and the University of Florida.

Harris, Sarah Elizabeth. Scrapbook, 1905-1912. News clippings and photographs collected by Sarah Elizabeth Harris, daughter of an Ocala (Fla.) newspaperman. PKY 88.022

Hart Family. Papers, 1838-1914. Correspondence and documents of Florida Governor Ossian B. Hart, his father Isaiah Hart, his wife Catherine Hart, and his sister-in-law Emma Campbell. 0.2 ln.ft.

Hart, Hubbard L.. Papers, 1855-1919 (bulk: 1880-1889). Small set of business papers and photographs relating to Hubbard L. Hart and his steamship and stagecoach lines in Florida. Part of the Florida History Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection. PKY 01,245.

Hastings, Helen King. Papers, 1947-1959. Correspondence and publication manuscripts of Helen King Hastings, central Florida rancher and author of A Little Widow is a Dangerous Thing. .5 linear feet. MSS 0373.

Hendricks, Joseph Edward.. Papers, 1931-1948. Lawyer, businessman, and U.S. representative from Florida (1937-1949). Legislative correspondence. 4 ln.ft.

Henley, Clifford "Swede". Diary, 1944-2003 (Bulk: 1944-1945). Photocopy of transcribed diary by Clifford "Swede" Henley detailing his service during World War II in the 22nd Infantry Regiment. .01 ln.ft. MSS 0428.

Herlong, Albert Sydney. Papers, 1943-1968. Lawyer, judge, and U.S. Representative from Florida (1949-1969). Political and legislative correspondence. 38.5 ln.ft.

Herman Family. Travel Photo Album, 1928-1937. Photos of Gainesville, Miami, and other areas. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0423.

Herron, James W. Letterbooks, 1848-1856. Civil engineer at the Navy Yard in Pensacola. Includes letters from 1856 and his engineer's letterbook from 1848-1852. PKY 88.004

Historic Hawthorne Florida Master Site File Collection. 1996. Contains information on several sites of historical interest in the city of Hawthorne. 0.4 ln.ft.

Hodges, James B.. Collection, 1902-1938. Papers documenting Florida political history, particularly 1916-1938, and relating to James B. Hodges' career as a member of the Florida House of Representatives (1909); mayor (1909-1910) and city council member (1913-1920) of Lake City; and member of Florida State Executive Committee of the Democratic Party and of the Board of Control and State Plant Board. Also includes a large concentration of Governor Sidney Catts correspondence. 33 ln.ft.

Hodges, James Branch, Jr.. Papers, 1941-1966. Lawyer, of Lake City, Fla.; state legislator (1943) and member of the state Democratic Party executive committee. Legal and political correspondence. 1.25 ln.ft.

Hogan family. Papers, 1878-1950 (bulk: 1924-1936). Small collection of materials primarily regarding Arthur W. Hogan, a World War I veteran hospitalized for mental trauma. PKY 01,246.

Holland, Spessard L. (Spessard Lindsey). Papers, 1929-1970. Lawyer, judge, governor, and U.S. senator from Florida. Correspondence and scrapbooks. 216.25 ln.ft. Ms 055.

Holton, Charles W. "Southward to the Florida Keys" Album, 1938. An account, complete with a map and photographs, of a pre-WWII trip from New Jersey to Florida. 1 volume.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Grand Lodge of Florida. Records, 1881-1953. Correspondence and ledgers of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Grand Lodge of Florida.

Indian Affairs - Florida Seminoles Collection. 1820-1974 (Bulk: 1881-1947). Photocopies of documents in the National Archives including correspondence, annual reports, and other papers primarily related to the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The majority of the files contain correspondence sent to the Office of Indian Affairs. 3.75 ln.ft.

Ingraham, James Edmundson. Papers, 1854-1920. Businessman, entrepreneur, railroad company executive. Correspondence, miscellaneous materials, and photographs. Gift of Conway C. Ford and Maria G. Ford. 1 ln.ft.

Jackson, Garrett David. Papers, 1875-1933. Personal and business records of G.D. Jackson, his wife, Lily, and daughter, Marion Jackson. The collection includes correspondence, ledgers, photos, receipts and other miscellaneous materials. Topics include steamboats, the postal service, and the citrus industry. The family resided mainly in Eustis, Florida. 3.1 ln.ft.

Jackson, Michael Collection of Florida Brochures, 1960-1980. Brochure collection of Florida attractions. .21 linear feet. MSS 0493.

Jennings, May Mann. Papers, 1889-1963. Political and environmental activist, daughter of state Senator Austin Shuey Mann, wife of William Sherman Jennings (Governor of Florida, 1901-1905). Correspondence and miscellaneous materials. Gift of Mrs. Jennings, Dorothy Jennings Sandridge, and other family members. 8 ln.ft.

Jennings, William Sherman. Papers, 1887-1928. Lawyer, state legislator, and governor of Florida. Papers relating to Jennings' political and business dealings, including his tenure as governor (1901-1905), and general counsel (1905-1909) for Trustees of Internal Improvement Fund, the agency administering public lands in Florida, and his role in the Everglades drainage movement. Gift of May Mann Jennings. 13.5 ln.ft.

Jessup, Thomas Sidney. Orders Book, 1838. Contains General Thomas Jessup's orders for the first five months of 1838 during the Second Seminole War. PKY 88.007

Jones, A. Quinn. Collection, 1901-2007. Documents the life and career of African American educator, A. Quinn Jones, his wife Frederica Jones, and the African American community in Gainesville, Florida, concentrating on Lincoln High School and the Greater Bethel AME Church.

Jones, Charles H. Papers, 1876-1913. Newspaper editor and owner of The Florida Times-Union. Papers relating to Jones's role in drafting the 1892 and 1896 Democratic Party platforms, his career in journalism, as well as his correspondence to family and friends.

Kaplan, Jacob H. Scrapbooks, 1926-1947. News clippings, photographs, and correspondence compiled by Rabbi Kaplan while at Temple Israel in Miami from 1926-1947. PKY 88.011

Kay, Russell. Papers, 1923-1986. Correspondence, writings (both prose and poetry), news clippings, articles, photographs, and cards of long-time Florida journalist, Russell Kay.

Keenan, Edward T.. Papers, 1835-1960. Notes of Seminole War fort locations; photocopied originals of scouting reports, diaries, correspondence from the National Archives and typed transcriptions; photos of Seminoles. Compiled by Edward T. Keenan and Thomas Brown. 3 ln.ft.

Key West Hurricane. Photo Album of Recovery Efforts, 1935 September. The photograph collection documents recovery efforts made by state and federal officials in Key West after the 1935 hurricane. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0494.

King, Caleb Jewett, Sr. Papers, 1823-1965 (bulk: 1950-1965). Letters to Caleb King as an editorial writer at the Florida Times-Union (arranged in a scrapbook), and other correspondence.

King, R.T. (Robert Thomas). Photograph Collection, 1939-1965 (bulk: 1950-1960). Slides of Seminole photos taken by R.T. King, and also collected by him from various sources, as a part of his dissertation research. A significant portion of the slides were produced by William D. Boehmer while he worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 1 linear foot. MSS 0371.

Kingsbury, Gilbert Dennis. Papers, 1862-1970 (bulk: 1862-1863). Gilbert Dennis Kingsbury was important during the beginning of institutionalized education in Florida as first principal of the East Florida Seminary in Ocala (1853). This collection contains portions of his correspondence, speeches, and lectures.

Kingsley, Zephaniah. Collection, 1812-1946 (Bulk: 1812-1843). Philip S. May's compilation of research on Zephaniah Kingsley, a wealthy and prominent Florida slave trader and plantation owner. Includes copies of records pertaining directly to Kingsley, newspaper articles, and microfilm concerning the Kingsley Plantation. 0.4 ln.ft.

Kirkpatrick, John A.. Collection Relating to Florida Nurseries, 1894-1903. Original letters primarily from Arcadia, Pomona, Interlachen and Glen St. Mary's Nurseries to Kirkpatrick. 0.2 ln.ft.

Knight, Peter Oliphant. Scrapbooks, 1895-1943. Public official, corporation lawyer, and president of Tampa Electric and other businesses in Tampa, Fla. Scrapbooks (17 v.) of newspaper clippings and other material relating to the career of Knight, who served in the Florida House or Representatives (1889) and as solicitor (1893-1899) and state attorney (1899-1902) of Hillsborough County, Fla., later becoming a spokesman for business and capitalism, with influence among the state's Democratic politicians.

Knowles, Effie. Papers related to the Seminole Indians of Florida. Attorney. Case records related to The Seminole Indians of Florida v. The United States before the Indian Claims Commission. The majority of the files contain exhibits submitted by Knowles supporting her petition for fees to be awarded for legal services rendered from 1955 until 1976. Much of the services rendered, as is represented by the exhibit documents, involved research of the Seminole Indians of Florida, in particular Florida land and land use. 1 ln.ft.

Lawson, Edward W. Collection, 1566-1960 (Bulk: 1929-1960). Local historian, of St. Augustine, Florida. Correspondence, notebooks, and other material relating to the history of St. Augustine. Moved to St. Augustine in 1922 and became affiliated with the St. Augustine Historical Society, translating Spanish materials. Gift of Robert J. Hinners. 9 ln.ft.

Lawson, Steven F. Research Papers, 1949-1985 (Bulk: 1949-1963). Copies of research material gathered by Steven Lawson for articles on the Groveland case and the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee). 1.74 ln.ft. MSS 0394

League of Women Voters of Florida. Records, 1939-2013. Records documenting the first 40 years of the League's activities related to increasing women's involvement in politics and improving Florida's legislation. 38.25 ln.ft.

Leigh, Blanche. Scrapbooks, 1926-1927. Two scrapbooks created by Blanche Leigh regarding Confederate monuments and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. PKY 88.016

L'Engle, Claude. Papers, 1910-1919. Materials relating to L'Engle's career as a newspaper editor and politician in Florida. 1 ln.ft.

L'Engle, Claude. Scrapbook, 1907. News coverage of the controversy surrounding a libel suit concerning John Graham, put forth by Peter O. Knight against L'Engle. PKY 88.028

Linn, Alexander. Papers, 1925-1975 (Bulk: 1925-1951). Monthly reports and supplementary letters from Rev. Alexander Lin to the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church detailing expenses, salary due, and noteworthy events from his missionary work in Florida. The collection also includes a set of hand-tinted glass lantern slides that accompanied a lecture Linn gave about the Seminole Indians. 1.16 ln.ft. MS 259.

Lisk Family. Papers, 1864-1999. Personal papers, correspondence and photos of Lisk family members and others (including Alonson C. Lisk, Bev Lisk, Alex Bueno Edwards, Joyce E. Viggiano, and John F. Lisk). 2 linear feet.

Lockey, Joseph Byrne. Documents related to the history of Florida, 1569-1832. Historian and collector. Transcripts, translations, and photocopies of documents from the British Public Record Office; the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain; the Archivo Historica Nacional in Madrid, Spain; other European and Mexican archives; and the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, and other repositories concerning the history of Florida from 1569 to 1832. 17 linear feet.

Loftin, Scott Marion. Papers, 1902-1966. Lawyer and Florida public official. Speeches and clippings that document Loftin's tenure as President of the American Bar Association and U.S. Senator; also includes biographical and other materials. 2.5 ln.ft.

Lohman, Harry D. Papers, 1899-1925. Materials relating to transactions of First National Bank of Fernandina (Florida) amassed by Harry D. Lohman. 1.5 ln.ft.

Lorillard Family. Photo Albums, 1905-1945. Two photograph albums containing photos related to the family of Fred and Esther Lorillard of Pennsylvania. Many photos pertain to the family's annual trips to Florida and subjects such as aviation and automobile racing in Daytona.

Loring, William Wing. Account Book and Letterbook, 1863-1878. An account book and a letterbook created by General William Loring during the Civil War and while in Egypt. PKY 88.008

Mack III, Connie. Papers, 1888-2009 (Bulk dates: 1983-2000). Records from the political career of Connie Mack III, a Florida Republican politician who served three terms in the U.S. House (1983-1988) and two terms in the U.S. Senate (1989-2001) before retiring in 2000. The collection also contains material concerning Mack's post-Senate activities and family history. Among the many record types, the collection contains correspondence, memoranda, legislative staff files, press releases, speeches, articles, schedules and calendars, trip files, campaign materials, photographs, memorabilia, and audiovisual materials. Major topics include Cancer research and early detection, health care, Everglades restoration, financial modernization, modification of the tax code, public housing reform, Major League Baseball (MLB) expansions to Florida, foreign affairs, immigration, and the Elian Gonzalez controversy. 406.8 ln.ft. MSS 0330.

Mahon, John K. Papers, 1961-2002. Papers of author and educator, mostly dealing with Seminole Indian history, military history, and environmental activism. 1 ln.ft.

Mann, Austin Shuey. Papers, 1892-1912. Attorney, citrus grower/rancher, political activist. Correspondence, telegrams, receipts, miscellaneous materials. 1 ln.ft.

Martin, Sidney Walter. Papers, 1935-1972. Historian, university administrator. Notes and manuscripts of historical works pertaining to Florida. Gift of Dr. Sidney Walter Martin. 1 ln.ft.

Matheson, James D. Ledgers, 1866-1897. (20 v.). Merchant, of Gainesville, Florida. - Records of business transactions in Gainesville. Moved to Gainesville after the Civil War and established a mercantile store specializing in boots and saddlery. 3 ln.ft.

Matthews, Donald Ray (Billy). Papers, 1952-1967. The papers of Billy Matthews (Democrat - Florida) documenting his service in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1953-1967. 48 ln.ft.

Mayo, Nathan. Papers, 1923-1960. Long serving Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Contains correspondence pertaining to campaigns for reelection; a smaller amount of correspondence and subject files about the Department of Agriculture; newspaper clippings; speeches; photos. MS 267. 7 ln. ft.

McConnell, Samuel Darwin. Papers, 1858-1916 (Bulk dates: 1859-1876). Correspondence of Samuel D. McConnell before, during, and after the Civil War, as well as other documents relating to S. D. McConnell. 0.5 linear feet.

McDonell, Augustus O.. Papers, 1861-1864. Letters describing the Confederate and Union dispositions around Pensacola at the beginning of the Civil War. A personal diary including poems and accounts from the frontlines in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Part of the Florida History Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Diary collections.

McLean-Gillis Family Papers. 1812-1898. Family correspondence of several interrelated families in Walton County, Florida. 0.4 ln.ft.

McMillan vs. Escambia County and Jenkins vs. Pensacola. Records in the Cases before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. Gift of Dr. Manning J. Dauer. 1.25 ln.ft.

Mellon, Thomas Alexander, Jr. Diaries, 1913-1941. Five small diaries belonging to Thomas Alexander Mellon (1873-1948), grandson of Judge Thomas Mellon, founder of Mellon Bank. Thomas Alexander Mellon Jr. documents the daily life of his immediate family as they travelled around the country. .33 ln.ft. MSS 0424.

Melrose Woman's Club (Fla.). Records, 1891-1974. Minutes, articles of incorporation, questionnaires, and other records of the club, which had members in Melrose, Alachua, and Putnam counties, Fla. 1 ln.ft.

Milanich, Jerald T. Papers, 1963-2004. This collection contains correspondence, research materials, and various collected publications of Jerald T. Milanich. 3 ln.ft. MS 221.

Mohl, Raymond A. Research Papers, 1951-2009. Raymond A. Mohl was a distinguished historian of modern America, who studied ethnic, social, and urban history. His areas of interest included urban planning/interstate highway construction, civil rights in Florida, and immigration in the New South. The collection is comprised of Mohl's writings, correspondence, and research materials primarily related to civil rights in Florida. 10 ln. ft. MS 236.

Moore, Harry T. Documentary Collection, 1937-2001. This collection consists of material used in a documentary on the bombing of Harry T. Moore's home in Mims, Florida, in December 1951. The film was entitled Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore.

Morgan, Arthur Ernest. Papers, 1912-1954. Relating to Morgan's work as a civil engineer and to the Dayton Morgan Engineering Company's various water control projects throughout Florida, in particular to drainage of the Everglades. 0.8 ln.ft.

Murat, Achille . Letters, 1822-1841. Correspondence between Murat and Comte Thibaudeau on various topics, including Murat's life in Florida, his views on American government, and observations of American life. 0.5 ln.ft.

Murphree, John A. H. Files regarding the Virgil D. Hawkins case, 1956, 1978. Case files belonging to Florida Circuit Judge John A. H. Murphree concerning the 1956 Supreme Court Case Virgil Hawkins v. Board of Control regarding the admission of Virgil Hawkins, a black man, as a law student at the all white law school at the University of Florida. Murphree was appointed by the Florida Supreme Court to act as commissioner on the case and gather information for the Florida Supreme Court ruling. 2 folders. MSS 0390.

New York Evening Post. Index Cards Listing Articles about Florida, 1816-1821. A card index listing articles about Florida which appeared in the New York Evening Post between 1816 and 1821.

Newton, Virgil Miller. Papers, 1950-1965. Journalist, of Tampa, Florida. Papers and scrapbooks (3 v.) relating to Newton's career as managing editor of the Tampa Tribune (1943-1964). Born in Georgia. Moved to Tampa in 1920. Educated in Hillsborough County schools; at University of Florida. Chairman, National Freedom of Information Committee 1953-1963. 28 ln.ft.

Noegel Family. Collection, 1903-1975. Correspondence, photographs, news clippings and other papers related to the Noegel family and the history of Ellaville, Florida. 0.6 ln.ft. MS 226.

Noyes, Alonzo B. Papers, 1859-1867. Receipts, vouchers, freight lists, and correspondence addressed to Alonzo B. Noyes, a Collector of Customs and a Superintendent of Lights during the American Civil War. 0.4 ln.ft. MS 241.

Noyes family. Papers, 1854-2011 (bulk: 1854-1945). Correspondence, photos, daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, newspaper clippings, and land contracts pertaining to the Noyes family of Florida and family acquaintances. 1 ln.ft. MS 295.

Ocklawaha Nurseries, Inc.. Papers, 1905-1990. Correspondence, financial records, legal documents, shipping records, and photographs. Corporate records that document the activities of Ocklawaha Nurseries during the period 1905-1990, with the bulk of materials dated from 1905 to 1920. A self-described "seller of pedigreed citrus trees," Ocklawaha Nurseries was established by O.W. Conner in 1897 and the company's properties occupied hundreds of acres at Lake Jem, Florida, divided evenly between Orange County on the east and Lake County on the west. 17 ln.ft.

O'Connell, Stephen Cornelius. Florida Supreme Court Papers, 1955-1967. Justice of Florida Supreme Court and President of the University of Florida. Two separate collections of papers: those relating to O'Connell's service on the Florida Supreme Court are part of the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, and those relating to his term as President of the University of Florida (1968-1973) are part of the University Archives Presidential Records Collection. Born in West Palm Beach; educated in Titusville and Palm Beach. Law degree, University of Florida, 1940. Gift of Dr. O'Connell, University of Florida. 6 ln.ft.

O'Neill, James T.. Papers, 1827-1886. Plantation owner, of Woodstock, St. Marys, Georgia, and New Hope, Fernandina, Florida. Business and legal documents and correspondence relating to plantation life and cotton cultivation. 2.5 ln.ft.

Ormond Family. Papers, 1784-1909 (bulk: 1834-1892). Merchants and planters of Florida. James Ormond (175?-1819), sea captain and planter (ca. 1790-1820) in what is now Volusia County. James Ormond II (179?-1829), who fled Scotland in 1821 and managed the plantation until his death. James Ormond III (1819-1892), who fought in the Second Seminole War, during which he was forced to abandon the plantation and subsequently became a merchant in Port Leon and Newport, Fla., which he founded. 2 ln.ft.

Painter, E.O. Letterbook, 1889-1891. Letters of the owner of the Florida Agriculturalist and founder of the E.O. Painter Printer Company. PKY 88.013

Panton, Leslie & Co. and John Forbres Co.. The business records of Panton, Leslie ∧ Co., and its successor John Forbes ∧ Co. See also the Heloise H. Cruzat Papers and the Marie Taylor Greenslade papers. The originals were donated to the Florida Historical Society by Mrs. Heloise H. Cruzat.

Patrick, Rembert W. Papers, 1941-1967. Correspondence relating to historian Rembert Patrick's research interests, particularly Florida and Southern history, the publication of his books and articles, and his activities with the Florida Historical Society. 2.5 ln.ft.

Pattillo Family. Papers, 1885-2000 (Bulk: 1900-1940). Photographs, diplomas, histories, and other items from the Pattillo family in Volusia County, Florida. 1.09 ln.ft. MSS 0396.

Peck, John Herbert. Papers, 1898. Merchant marine captain. Papers relating to Peck's activities in Tampa, FL., during the Spanish-American War of 1898. 1 ln.ft.

Pemstein, B.L.. Papers, 1943-1944. Correspondence of B.L. "Bunny" Pemstein, a young Jewish Navy recruit stationed at Key West during World War II. 0.4 ln.ft. Ms 200.

Peninsular Telephone Company. Records, 1915-1963. The Peninsular Telephone Company was founded in 1901 by William G. Brorein. The independent company began in Tampa but eventually covered six counties in central and south Florida. It was renamed General Telephone and grew to become a service provider for more than 500,000 telephone lines. Ms 293.

Pennekamp, John D.. Papers, 1938-1977. Journalist, newspaper editor, environmentalist. This collection details John D. Pennekamp's environmental career, particularly his conservation efforts in South Florida during the 1960s, as well as some of his work for the Miami Herald. 0.8 ln.ft.

Pepper, Claude Denson. Scrapbooks, 1948-1958. Two scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings relating to Claude Pepper, U.S. Senator from Florida (1936-1951), covering the period 1948-1952 and his unsuccessful 1958 senatorial primary campaign against Spessard L. Holland.

Pepper-Smathers Campaign. Collection, 1948-1950. A small collection of campaign materials relating to the 1950 Democratic primary election in Florida for the U.S. Senate between Claude Pepper and George A. Smathers. 0.20 linear feet.

Peterson, James Hardin. Papers, 1926-1950. Lawyer and U.S. Representative from Florida. Scrapbooks and papers relating to all aspects of Peterson's service as U.S. representative (1933-1951), including much information on New Deal federal agencies and projects in Florida, the W.P.A., Everglades National Park, and the Cross Florida Barge Canal. 42 linear feet. Ms 81.

Peterson, N. Curtis. Papers, 1969-1990. Legislative files and correspondence of Florida State Senator, N. Curtis Peterson. 24.5 linear feet. Ms 220.

Pettigrew, Richard Allen. Papers, 1957-2001. Political and legislative papers of Richard Allen Pettigrew, as well as campaign materials for his unsuccessful bids to the U.S. Senate in 1974 and 1980. MS 82.

Pillot, Mattie. Essay Book, 1886-1889. Essays written by grade school student Mattie Pillot in Madison County, FL. PKY 88.002

Pope, Verle Allyn. Papers, 1903-1973. Subject files and political correspondence of Pope, who served in the Florida Senate (1949-1972), and also memorabilia and scrapbooks. 4 ln.ft.

Prescott, Josiah H. Letterbooks, 1876-1907. Three letterbooks of Josiah H. Prescott, a prominent businessman of Fernandina, in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries. PKY 88.020

Proctor, Samuel. Papers, 1947-1995. Samuel Proctor was an American historian, a pioneer in the field of oral history, and the founder and first director of the University of Florida's oral history program. 20 ln.ft. MS Coll. 135.

Quackenbos, Max. Collection, 1977-2002. Documents pertaining to a variety of environmental activities related to Martin County, South Florida, and the Everglades. In particular, the materials provide evidence about the South Florida Water Management District (Quackenbos was a regular meeting attendee and planning participant), the Kissimmee River, Lake Okeechobee, Indian River Lagoon, and the St. Lucie River. 9 boxes (5.25 linear ft.)

Quinn, Rex. Papers, 1892-1970 (bulk 1950-1968). Superintendent, Seminole Agency (Bureau of Indian Affairs). Reports, correspondence, financial statements, publications. 18 boxes (6.75 linear ft.)

Real Estate Promotional Photograph Album for Hollywood, Florida. Circa 1925. Real estate promotional photograph album for Hollywood, Florida, containing 25 images of existing homes and buildings, architectural drawings of proposed buildings, and general views of the city.

Reynolds, Charles Bingham. Papers, 1885-1927. Journalist and historical writer. Papers include his book, Old Saint Augustine, as well as writings from travel magazines. 1 ln.ft.

Robertson, James Alexander. Papers, 1926-1939. Materials collected by historian and archivist James Alexander Robertson relating to a bibliography of Florida history.

Rogers, Dwight Laing. Papers, 1944-1954. Correspondence and other papers relating to Dwight L. Rogers' service in the U.S. House of Representatives. 5.5 ln.ft.

Rogers, Paul G.. Papers, 1955-1978. Lawyer and U.S. representative from Florida. Correspondence and other materials relating to Rogers' congressional service. 28.5 ln.ft.

Rothra, Elizabeth Ogren. Papers, 1967-1997 (bulk: 1972-1976). Research materials, clippings, photographs, and correspondence related to the publication of Elizabeth Ogren Rothra's books On Preserving Tropical Florida and Florida's Pioneer Naturalist: The Life of Charles Torrey Simpson. .42 linear feet. MSS 0391.

Royal Palm Nurseries. Papers, 1846-1980 (bulk: 1857-1930). In 1881 Pliny Reasoner, just turned eighteen years of age, arrived in Manatee County, Florida, from his home in the Midwest. Over the next seven years, he built Royal Palm Nurseries, an enterprise that would become Florida's longest established nursery business. This collection documents the founding and early history of Royal Palm Nurseries and contains a run of the nursery catalogs that provide information on early horticulture and the introduction of new plants to Florida. 2.19 linear feet. MSS 0444.

Sánchez Family. Papers, 1824-1925. A small collection of papers belonging to the Sánchez family of north-central Florida, concerning Santiago Sánchez, James R. Sánchez, Venancio Sánchez, Margaret Sánchez and E.C.F. Sánchez. 0.4 linear feet.

Sanders Family. Papers, 1840-1930. Correspondence, financial records, and legal documents of the Sanders family of North Florida, as well as additional information on Madison County. 0.4 linear feet.

Sangster, Bruce Michel. Papers, 1927-1966. Correspondence, financial records, and ledgers of Bruce M. Sangster, a horticulturist and owner of a nursery in Orlando, Florida.

Saulson, William F. and Lila May Sprintz. Family Papers, 1943-1945, 1960-2008. World War II military service, family records, and political memorabilia of William F. Saulson. 1.03 linear feet. MSS 0422.

Savage and Haile Plantation. Ledgers, 1865-1867. Cotton plantation account information from the Savage and Haile plantation, located at Kanapaha near Gainesville, Florida. PKY 88.019

Sawyer, Wells M. Collection, 1893-1961. Correspondence, drawings, and other papers related to Wells M. Sawyer's life, travels, and the 1895-1897 Pepper-Hearst Expedition in Florida. 3 ln.ft.

Seton, Charles. Papers, 1806-1873. Personal, business, and legal papers of Charles Seton of Fernandina, Florida. 0.2 ln.ft.

Sierra Club, Florida Chapter. Papers, 1964-. Correspondence, minutes, newsletters, and miscellaneous materials. Gift of the Sierra Club, Florida Chapter. Additions expected. 1 ln.ft.

Silver Springs Publicity Department. Scrapbooks, 1938-1962. News clippings dealing with the Silver Springs attraction in Florida.

Simpson, John Milton Bryan. Papers, 1933-1983. Judge. Correspondence, speeches, legal documents, and materials relating to civil rights and racial integration in St. Augustine and St. Johns County, Florida, during the time that Simpson was chief judge, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida. 5 ln.ft. Ms 90.

Smathers, George Armistead. Papers, 1934-1985. U. S. Representative, 1947-1951; U. S. Senator, 1951-1969. Congressional correspondence and files. 181 ln.ft.

Smith, Chandler H. Ledgers, 1849-1905. Financial information from the dry goods business of Chandler H. Smith, a resident of Madison, Florida. PKY 88.001

Smith, Chesterfield. Papers, 1934-2008 (Bulk: 1971-1999). Papers relating to Chesterfield Smith's career as executive partner and principal architect of the law firm Holland and Knight, his tenure as President of the American Bar Association, and his involvement and influence in local, state, and national politics and law. 98.75 ln.ft.

Smith, Edwin. Papers, 1884-1896. Records and correspondence of Edwin Smith, who operated a store in Federal Point, Florida. 0.5 ln.ft.

Smith, Jefferson Davis. Papers, 1889-1917. Businessman and state legislator (1925-1927), of Marianna, Fla. Papers relating to business, land and economic conditions in Marianna and Jackson County, Fla. Gift of Mr. Cecil Rhyne, Jr. 0.8 ln.ft.

Smith, Luther E., Jr.. Papers, 1939-1949. Letters by or about Sgt. Luther Edward Smith, Jr. during his military service in World War II dated November 1939 to July 1949. 0.4 ln.ft. Ms Group 175.

Snodgrass, Dena. Collection, 1812-1996. Historian, primarily of Jacksonville region. Correspondence, photographs, journals, and subject files containing articles, news clippings, copies of legal documents, notes, interviews and correspondence with the family and friends of the subjects being researched, as well as original documents created by the subjects themselves (e.g., correspondence, speeches, deeds, writings). 3.25 ln.ft.

Sound Archives. Audio recordings that have been digitally reformatted. Includes recordings from the University of Florida Archives, the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, and the General Manuscript collections.

South Lake Apopka Citrus Growers Association Records. Records, 1926-1981. Established 1909; headquarters in Oakland, Florida. Meeting minutes, disbursements, shipping registers, other papers pertaining to the association and to the citrus industry in Orange County. 5.25 ln.ft.

Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association. Records, 1906-1972 (bulk: 1950-1972). The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association oversaw the standards, advertising, and regulation of cypress in the United States. 4.3 ln.ft.

Spanish-American War Photographs. 1898. Images from the Santiago region of Cuba and the Tampa Bay region of Florida during the Spanish-American War. 0.6 ln.ft.

Spellman, Charles W. Papers, 1618-1952 (bulk: 1947-1952). Papers written by or copied for Charles W. Spellman pertaining to his research on Catholic and Indian history. Location is primarily Florida but does extend to Georgia and Carolina history. Most of the reproduced documents come from the colonial era however there is correspondence from1947-1952. 0.6 ln.ft.

Spencer Family. Papers, 1863-1915. Primarily the letters of Mrs. J.S. Spencer, wife of Rev. James Selden Spencer, written from Palm Beach, Florida, and occasionally other places in transit to Florida. 0.4 linear feet.

Stephens-Bryant Family. Papers, 1664-1989 (Bulk dates: 1836-1931). Correspondence, diaries, and other papers and relics of Winston J.T. Stephens, plantation owner, militia officer, and Confederate army officer; his wife, Octavia Bryant Stephens; and other family members including Henry H. Bryant, Davis H. Bryant, and William A. Bryant. Topics include the Civil War in Florida, military service, the Battle of Olustee, plantation life, slavery, and conditions along the St. Johns River during the mid-19th century. 10.75 linear feet.

Stringer, Frederick Lykes. Papers, 1874-1948 (Bulk dates: 1910-1948). Correspondence, legal documents, notebooks and other papers of Florida judge and politician, Frederick Lykes Stringer. 5.5 ln.ft.

Stults, Paul M.. Papers, 1938-1945. Correspondence, instructional manuals, and memorabilia related to the training and death of Lt. Stults as a pilot during World War II. 1.25 ln.ft.

Sullivan, John A. Papers, 1975. Correspondence related to preparation of 1976 Florida Historical Calendar, edited by John A. Sullivan.

Swann, Samuel Ashe. Papers, 1838-1925. Real estate speculator, developer, entrepreneur, railroad businesss man. Swann's ledgers, letter books, tax certificates, deeds, and account books document Florida's growth in the 19th century. 28 ln.ft.

Swearingen, Joseph Van. Letters, 1834-1847. Personal correspondence of Joseph Van Swearingen, who saw service in Florida during the Second Seminole War and died at the Battle of Okeechobee.

Taylor, Abram Morris (A.M.) and Florence. Papers, 1892-1942. Correspondence, photographs, documents, accounts, engagement books, address books, and newspaper clippings related to A.M. Taylor (Florida Senate, St. Augustine/St. Johns County, 1925-1931) and his wife, Florence Taylor, of St. Augustine. 2 ln.ft.

Taylor, Ernest A. Papers, 1952-2006 (Bulk: 1952-1962). Pertaining to Taylor's work on the preservation of Corkscrew Swamp near Naples, Florida, the collection includes correspondence, photographs, slides (with descriptions), maps, and various manuscripts, including "The Trek." 1.5 ln.ft.

Thompson, Arthur William. Papers, 1950-1961. Notes created by historian Arthur W. Thompson in researching U.S. Senator David Yulee and Jacksonian Democracy in Florida.

Thornal, B. Campbell. Papers, 1944-1970. Correspondence, court opinions, speeches, and other papers of Florida Supreme Court Justice, B. Campbell Thornal.

Tinsley, Jim Bob. Papers, 1964-1987. The collection contains galley proofs and photos for Tinsley's books He Was Singin' This Song and For a Cowboy Has to Sing. Accompanying the galley proofs and photographs are approximately 50 pieces of Western sheet music from 1900 to 1950. The collection also contains research materials on the Florida panther, bass fishing sites in Florida, cattle rancher Jacob Summerlin, and Tinsley's book The Sailfish, Swashbuckler of the Open Seas. 4.21 ln.ft. Ms 278.

Topping, Aileen Moore. Papers, 1779-1785. Typed English translations of original reports from Spanish agents reporting on the activities of the Continental Congress during the American Revolution. Topping used these translations as source material for her published and unpublished works. 0.6 ln.ft.

Trammell, Park. Papers, 1893-1938. Correspondence, speeches and other papers belonging to former Florida Governor and Senator, Park Trammell. 4.5 ln.ft.

Turlington, Ralph D. Papers, 1968-1986. Speeches, notes, photographs and miscellaneous papers of Ralph D. Turlington, former Florida Commissioner of Education and state legislator.

United Confederate Veterans. Ledger, 1868. Meeting notes, biographies of members, member roles, and news clippings from Camp Stewart (no. 155) of the United Confederate Veterans in Jasper, Florida. PKY 88.010

United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. Records in the Cases of McMillan vs. Escambia County and Jenkins vs. Pensacola. Voting/election district boundaries and racial discrimination cases in Pensacola/Escambia County, Florida. Gift of Dr. Manning J. Dauer. 1.25 ln.ft.

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. St. Augustine Surveillance Files, 1963-1967. Photocopies of federal records pertaining to the surveillance of racial tension and the desegregation struggle in St. Augustine/St. Johns County, Florida and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Gift of Dr. David Colburn. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms 106.

United States General Land Office, Florida District. Records, 1821-1931. Partial records of the Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Newnansville, Fla. offices of the U.S. Land Office, consisting of commissioners' letters (1821-1931; 194 v.): receivers' receipts (101 v.) and registers, records, abstracts, miscellaneous lists and plates (65 v.). 200 ln.ft.

United States Indian Claims Commission. Seminole Indians of Florida vs. United States Records, 1951-1978. Photocopies of United States Indian Claims Commission records pertaining to claims by the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes of Florida.

United States Marshals Service Southern District. Correspondence, 1849-1862. Official correspondence of the U.S. Marshals in the Southern District (Key West). PKY 88.023

United States Supreme Court, United States vs. State of Florida. Records, 1972. Reproductions of briefs, exhibits, and testimonies in the case, United States vs. State of Florida, concerning the state's boundaries and submerged lands.

Walker Family. Papers, 1938-1945. Personal correspondence between Claudius and Anna Walker, mainly while he served in the United States Army before and during World War II. 0.2 ln.ft.

Warren, Atkins. Papers, 1948-2010 (bulk: 1970-1995). Papers and photographs related to the career of Atkins Warren, the first African American chief of police for Gainesville, Florida. Aspects of his career covered include his time with the St. Louis Police Department, with the Gainesville Police Department, and with the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service, as well as his presidency and service with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE). 4.25 ln.ft.

Warren, Fuller. Papers, 1926-1953. Lawyer, Florida House of Representatives (1927, 1939), and governor of Florida (1949-1953). Papers relating to former Florida Governor Fuller Warren, his campaigns, his service in the Navy during World War II and other personal documents. 3 ln.ft.

West, Elizabeth Howard. Papers, 1526-1946. Historian, archivist, librarian, author. Staff member, Library of Congress, 1906-1911; archivist, Texas State Library, 1911-1915; librarian, San Antonio Carnegie Library, 1915-1918; state librarian of Texas, 1918-1925; librarian, Texas Technological College, 1925-1942. Photostats and transcripts of documents preserved in the Archivo General de Indias and other Spanish repositories. A microfilm edition of the Elizabeth Howard West Papers has been produced by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History and a copy is held by the University of West Florida, Pensacola.

Widing, Ivar. Collection, 1910-1916 (bulk: 1915-1916). Manuscript, sketches, and clippings documenting Ivar Widing's two-thousand-mile journey from Boston to Key West during the winter of 1915-1916. .25 ln.ft. MSS 0412.

Wilkins, Roe and Florence. World War II Correspondence, 1937-1946. Letters between Roe and Florence Wilkins from 1937 to 1946, with the majority of the letters covering Roe's military service in Europe during World War II. 3.5 ln.ft.

Will, Thomas E. (Thomas Elmer). Papers, 1893-1938. Businessman, author, and developer of Florida Everglades. The papers primarily relate to the development of land in South Florida following drainage of the Everglades, particularly Will's settlement of Okeelanta near Lake Okeechobee. 14 ln.ft.

Williams, John Lee. Papers, 1820-1853. Unpublished manuscripts for the second edition of the book The Territory of Florida by John Lee Williams.

Williamson, Fred L. Papers, 1923-1944. Diaries, correspondence, news clippings, hearings, engineering reports and other material related to South Florida, particularly in the Clewiston area. The collection also contains the records of the New River, Lake Okeechobee and Caloosahatchee Navigation Association. 1 ln.ft.

Wilson Cypress Company Records, 1882-1971 (Bulk: 1910-1940). Correspondence, legal documents, and financial records concerning the Wilson Cypress Company's operations in Putnam County and Florida, as well as the personal papers of owner H.S. Wilson. 18.5 ln.ft.

Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce (Fla.). Records, 1927-1949. Promotional material, publicity campaigns, and replies to requests for information. 2.25 ln.ft.

Woodman, Joseph H. Papers, 1935-1970. Joseph H. Woodman's collection of publications, bulletins, clippings and photographs relating to forestry, paper, and papermaking.

Yon, Thomas Alva. Papers, 1926-1937. Yon was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida (1927-1933) and a member of the U.S. Bureau of Commerce from 1933-1940. This collection mainly deals with his involvement with public work projects for the Florida Panhandle. Gift of Mr. Tom Still. 0.2 ln.ft.

Yon, Thomas Alva. Scrapbook, 1927-1928. Scrapbook containsing news clippings from Thomas A. Yon's first two years in Congress. PKY 88.017

Yonge, Chandler Cox. Papers, 1827-1886. Lawyer, politician, and soldier, of Florida. Miscellaneous material relating to Yonge, who was secretary of the Florida Constitutional Convention at St. Joseph (1838); member of Florida Senate (1843-1844); U.S. district attorney; district attorney for Florida under the Confederacy; and in the Confederate military service (1863-1865). Gift of Julien Chandler Yonge. 1 ln.ft.

Yonge, Julien Chandler. Papers, 1925-1961. Personal correspondence of historian Julien Chandler Yonge and catalogs of his collection of historical materials relating to Florida.

Yonge, Philip Keyes. Papers, 1905-1934. Papers of Philip Keyes Yonge as a member of the Florida Board of Control and Florida State Plant Board. 9.5 ln.ft.

Yulee, David Levy. Papers, 1800-1954 (Bulk: 1840-1886). Businessman, entrepreneur, and U.S. senator from Florida; b. David Levy. Correspondence and business papers relating to activities of David Levy Yulee, territorial delegate to Congress, U.S. Senator from Florida, and founder of the Florida Railroad Company. A microfilm edition of the Yulee Papers is available to researchers in the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History. 17 ln.ft.


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