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Latin American and Caribbean Collections

The list below includes the archival and manuscript collections that higlight Haitiana, Caribbean, and Latin America. Some finding aids are available in both English and Spanish and are listed as such.

Adams, James M.: Pioneering in Cuba Papers. 1882-1909. Notes and letters detailing Adams's trip and stay in Cuba during the first American colonization attempt of La Gloria. The letters and notes of his experience would later be put into his book Pioneering in Cuba, which is also included.

Album de la Revolución Cubana 1952-1959. circa 1959-1960. Children's illustrated album.

American Photo Company Photographs of the Port of Havana Construction. 1910-1912. This collection includes 25 duotone photographs of the construction of the Port of Havana in Cuba. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de las Fotografías de la American Photo Company de la construcción del Puerto de La Habana.]

Angrick II, William P.: Collection of Latin American and Caribbean Stereographs. 1860, circa 1890-1910. Collection of 18 stereograph images showing scenes and views from South American countries, Cuba, Jamaica, and Florida. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Fotografías Estereográficas de Latinoamérica y el Caribe por William P. Angrick II.]

Arnold, A. S.: Photo Album and Diary of a Trip to Jamaica. 1904. Documenting a trip to Jamaica taken by three New York doctors.

Barcena, Mariano. 1895. Manuscript written by Mariano Barcena entitled El Hombre Prehistorico en Mexico (Prehistoric Man in Mexico).

Barnes, Joseph. Will, 1831. This document is Joseph Barnes's testament; he was a slave-owner in Jamaica in the 1800s. He was born on the year 1765 and died on May 6th, 1829. 0.1 ln/ft. MSS 0459.

Barradas, Efraín. Collection, 1881-2015. Efraín Barradas was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 1947. He is a professor of romance languages and Latin American and Hispanic studies, as well as a literary and art critic. This collection includes Barradas's correspondence, books with inscriptions from notable Latin American authors, artwork from Pedro Pietri, newsletters, and historic documents related to the town of Aguadilla. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la colección de Efraín Barradas.]

Barradas, Efraín: Mexican and Cuban Film Poster Collection. 1939-2007. Collected and donated by Dr. Ramon A. Figueroa, the collection consists of 378 film posters, lobby cards, and window cards.

Barreto y Cardenas, Jose Francisco: Petition to King Ferdinand VII. 1814 October 10. Spanish nobleman says that enemies are blocking him from the Countship of Motox.

Bartleman, Richard M.: Papers. 1890-1893. Memoirs, correspondence, and clippings of a diplomat stationed in Venezuela.

Batista, Fulgencio: Inauguration Collection. Engraved invitations and related material to celebrate his inauguration for a third term as president of Cuba (1955-1958).

Braga Brothers Records. 1860-1984. Business records of the Czarnikow-Rionda Company and its affiliates. The collection documents the development of the Cuban sugar industry from the 1870s to 1960.

Brooking, Laura Mabel: Collection. 1906-1969. Photos, publications, and artifacts related to the Panama Canal Zone primarily during the time of its construction.

Brown, Everett, C.: Collection. 1919-1921. Brown was an engineer and surveyor for the United Fruit Company and worked in Cuba and Costa Rica.

Business Letters Describing Cuba Financial Market. 1867-1871. Correspondence from agents in Cuba reporting on business and market conditions to merchants in Portland, Maine.

Caribbean and West Indies Cruise Trip. Photograph Album, 1935 February 3-14. Photographic album containing photographs taken during a cruise trip aboard the S. S. Rotterdam while sailing through the Caribbean and the West Indies in 1935. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Álbum fotográfico de un viaje en crucero a través del Caribe y las Antillas.]

Carpenter, Leonard: Panama Canal Collection. 1887-1973. Photographs, publications, artifacts, and documents related to construction of the Panamal Canal.

Cary, Samuel: Letterbook for the Simon Plantation, St. Kitts. 1765-1772. Documenting accounts, slaves, and activities of the plantation in the West Indies.

Casasola, Agustín Víctor: Photos of the Mexican Revolution. circa 1914. Two photos embossed with the seal of the renowned photographic studio of Agustín Víctor Casasola. Through his photos, Casasola documented the Mexican Revolution. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de las Fotografías de la Revolución Mexicana por Agustín V. Casasola.]

Catechisms and Sermons by Jesuit Priests in Bolivia. 1649. In Spanish and Aymara languages.

Charles IV, King of Spain: Real Cedula to Cuba. An official copy of a real cedula expressing the King of Spain's displeasure toward interracial marriages in Cuba. MS Group 302.

Chávez, Ernesto. Collection, 1908-2003 (Bulk dates: 1955-1960). Ernesto Chávez Álvarez (b. 1942) is a Cuban writer and scholar who worked as a rural teacher during the early years of revolutionary regime. This collection documents events and subversive movements in Cuba, Chávez's own experience as a voluntary and rural teacher, and research he conducted on the Cuban War of Independence. It also includes collections created by his friends which shed light on life in Cuba during the twentieth century. Significant items in this collection include a rare collection of zines and periodicals, and photographs depicting various social and political scenes. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección de Ernesto Chávez.]

Ceballos, Juan M. Business Letters, 1855 August 22-1856 December 3. Collection of business letters that deal with the affairs of Juan M. Ceballos's company. .01 linear feet. MSS 0406.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la correspondencia comercial de Juan M. Ceballos.]

Chinese Indentured Workers in Cuba Contracts. 1861-1878. The collection houses 30 Cuban contracts spanning from 1861 to 1878 for Chinese indentured workers. The contracts hail from different parts of Cuba and include personal information about the workers as well as information regarding the conditions of the contract and special provisions. This collection offers a glimpse into the changing nature of labor in Cuba in the 1860s and surrounding years.. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección de Contratos para Trabajadores Chinos en Cuba.]

Claxton, Robert: Climatology Collection. 1974-2000. Bob Claxton was a professor at West Georgia College, with a teaching and research focus on Latin America and the Environment, as well as an author of numerous articles and books. This subject collection focuses on climatology in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, with a particular focus on climate change, drought, and other extreme or disastrous weather events.

Convento de San Francisco. 1844. Document describing transactions of money and land between various individuals and the Convento de San Francisco in Havana, Cuba.

Craven, Roy C.: Photograph collection. 1970s. Photographs pertaining to Mayan and Incan antiquities; part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Crist, Raymond E.: Papers. 1929-1970. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Crosbie, William: Estate Papers. 1792-1816. Correspondence concerning Crosbie's plantations in Antigua.

Crosby, Platt Hiram: Papers. 1821-1869. Correspondence, writings, and other materials created by Platt Hiram Crosby while living in Peru, primarily pertaining to Peruvian and South American history.

Crumbie, Frank R.: Papers. 1926-1931. Customs inspector, Haiti. Letters, notes, and photos relating to West Indies.

Cuba en 1925 Photograph Album. circa 1925. Album entitled Cuba en 1925, Commandante M. Gajate, featuring hundreds of photographs of people and places in Cuba.

Cuban-American Land and Lumber Corporation Papers. 1920-1925. This collection includes 12 letters and documents (20 folios), a map, and one photograph related to the Cuban-American Land and Lumber Corporation's business in Cuba, specifically the timber and lumber market. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección de cartas y documentos relativos a la Compañía Cuban-American Land and Lumber.]

Cuban Miscellanea. This group of small acquisitions consists of a variety of materials (e.g., a single letter, manuscript, photograph album) that higlight the history, culture, and study of Cuba.

Cuban Slave Death Certificates and Burial Letters Collection. 1852-1898 (Bulk: 1860s-1870s). The collection, which spans the second half of the nineteenth century, includes 28 documents. Some are letters of slave owners to the priest of the church of Montserrat in La Habana, Cuba; others are death certificates of slaves, runaway slaves, and free persons of color issued by the Real Hospital de Caridad de San Felipe y Santiago. 1 folder. MSS 0397.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Certificados de defunción de esclavos cubanos y cartas solicitando entierro.]

Cuban Slave Insurance Collection. 1855-1878. Seventeen documents pertaining to insurance for slaves in Cuba.

Cuban Sugar Workers and Sugar Mills Photographs (by Arnold Eagle). circa 1950-1960. Photographs, negatives, and prints taken by Arnold Eagle detailing views of sugar mills, workers, and life in the countryside of Cuba. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de fotografías de trabajadores e ingenios azucareros cubanos.]

Deren, Maya: Collection of Haitian Vodou Recordings. 1947-1954. Recordings of Vodou ceremonies made by Maya Deren during her trips to Haiti.

De Acuña y Cabrera, Antonio. Papers, 1522-1647. This collection consists of twelve manuscript documents bound in a single volume detailing the military career of don Antonio de Acuña y Cabrera, a Spanish infantry captain. All twelve documents are written in Spanish and reference events from 1522 to 1647. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía a los Documentos de don Antonio de Acuña y Cabrera.] .01 lf. MSS 0458.

De Mey van Streefkerk Family Papers. 1725-1830. Reproductions of letters and other documents pertaining to the sugar plantations operated by the De Mey van Streefkerk family in the Dutch colony of Surinam in the West Indies.

de Tapia, Lope. 1639. A document written by Lope de Tapia, regarding the service of Don Diego Luis Riano y Menesses in Cuba.

Dominican War of Independence Collection. 1844 February 28-August 3. An archive of seven Spanish manuscripts and one printed pamphlet by a Dominican rebel concerning the independence of the Dominican Republic from the nation of Haiti. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía a la Colección de la Independencia de la República Dominicana.]

Duckworth, John Thomas Papers. 1801-1807. British Admiral; correspondence regarding naval engagements with French forces in the West Indies.

El Ciervo Herido Collection. 1975-1976. This collection includes 25 flyers with poems written by the members of the Creative Writing Workshop El Ciervo Herido. The workshop was founded in Mexico City by the poet Ricardo Yáñez. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección El Ciervo Herido.]

Elmendorf, Mary Lindsay: Papers. 1931-2009. Papers of applied anthropologist who studied the role of women in a Mayan village and has been a leader in the involvement of women in water supply and sanitation and other forms of appropriate technology.

de Farber, Bess G. Collection on the Bilingual-Bicultural Program at Coral Way Elementary, 1963-2008 (Bulk: 1963-1971). Photographs, progress reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other documents collected by Bess de Farber, a student at the Coral Way Elementary School in Miami-Dade County during the 1960s. Coral Way was the nation's first public school with a program for both English and Spanish speakers. .21 linear feet. MSS 0491. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: La colección de Bess de Farber sobre el programa bilingüe bicultural de la escuela primaria Coral Way.]

Freytag, Ferdy W.: Letters. 1924-1926. This collection consists mainly of letters sent from Ferdy W. Freytag, a military airplane mechanic stationed in the Panama Canal Zone between 1924 and 1926, to his love, Beryl Burton, a college student and teacher residing in Redfield, New York. While the content of the letters mostly regards love and other personal matters, interesting details regarding the lives of military men stationed in the Canal Zone during the 1920s is also included.

García Pimentel, Luis: Collection. 1531-1927. Documents from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries that chronicle the development, management, and activities of several sugar plantations in Mexico located in the states of Morelos and Puebla. The bulk of the collection centers in the Haciendas of Santa Ana Tenango and Santa Clara Montefalco, both in the state of Morelos. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección Luis García Pimentel.]

Gil Family Collection. 1977, 2014-2016, undated. Guido Gil Díaz (b. 1935) was a Dominican lawyer, journalist, historian, and revolutionary intellectual who fought for workers' rights in the Dominican Republic. This collection consists mainly of newspaper articles covering Gil Díaz's work and research, and the lack of justice in the case of his disappearance. The collection also contains works written by Cristina Flores-Gil regarding her family history. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección Familia Gil.]

Goggin, John M. (John Mann): Papers. 1912-1975. John M. Goggin was a renowned archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in the American Southwest and Southeast, the Caribbean, and Mexico. The collection includes his field notebooks, his publications and research files, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

González Blanco, Carlos: Collection. 1968-1977. The collection includes the letters that Carlos González Blanco wrote to his wife, mother, and daughter while he was a political prisoner in various Cuban jails. It also includes his mother's correspondence with Latin American and U.S. presidents, and international organizations, such as Amnesty International and the Red Cross, regarding the situation of her son and two brothers, who were also political prisoners. Part of Cuban Miscellaneous Collection. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Carlos González Blanco.]

Guerra, Lillian Collection, 1890-2013. The Lillian Guerra Collection includes photographs, historical documents, ephemeral objects, and manuscripts from Cuba. 1.41 linear feet. MSS 0392.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Lillian Guerra.]

Guerra, Ramiro. "El latifundio azucarero y la poblacion de las Antillas / West Indian Sugar Plantation and Peoples." Paper presented before the Atheneum Club, October 19, 1934.

Guillén, Abraham: Manuscripts. 1943-1993. Published and unpublished manuscripts by one of the most prolific revolutionary writers in Latin America.

Guillén, Nicolás: Manuscript of Songoro Consongo. 1931. Dedicated typewritten manuscript of Nicolás Guillén's most critically acclaimed book of poems. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Manuscrito Songoro Consongo de Nicolás Guillén.]

Guiteras Font, Eusebio: Album de viaje. 1842-1845. Three journals of notes by Eusebio Guiteras Font about his journey with Antonio Guiteras Font from their home in Matanzas, Cuba to the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Holy Land, and Egypt.

Guzman, Bartolome: Letters. 1816. Two letters written by anonymous author to Guzman in Bolivia pertaining to political developments, the South American Wars of Independence, Peru, and the Rio de la Plata.

Haitian Registries. 1800-1885. Notarial papers from offices in various regions of Haiti.

Haitiana Collection. 1805-1954. Correspondence and other records documenting politics in Haiti in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Hardman, Martha James. Photograph Collection on the 1970 Chimbote Earthquake in Peru, 1970. Thirty-five photographs depicting the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that occurred in Chimbote, Peru in 1970. .58 linear feet. MSS 0413. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: La Colección de fotografías de Martha James Hardman sobre el terremoto de 1970 en Chimbote, Perú.]

Haskins, Harold and Geraldine. Cuban Postcard Collection, 1907-1958. This collection includes 254 postcards and two postcard leaflets from Cuba depicting major sites in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, images of culture and everyday life, and views of the ocean and nature. .35 linear feet. MSS 0410. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: La colección de postales cubanas de Harold y Geraldine Haskins.]

Hile, B. S.: Correspondence. 1861-1862. Letters written by B. S. Hile to his family while he was living and employed in Havana, Cuba.

Historia de Cuba: Photograph Albums. 1935. Two copies of an album of photographs depicting people, historical sites and landmarks, events, buildings, ships, and documents spanning the history of Cuba.

Historia Grafica de la Maritima Parreno: Scrapbook. 1921-1941. Documenting the development of the Maritima Parreno port facilities in Santiago de Cuba during the 1920s and 1930s.

Hoffman, Charles A: Papers. 1958-2005. Hoffman was a distinguished archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in the American Southwest, Florida, and the Caribbean. His areas of interest included eastern Arizona archaeology, mammoth and Native Peoples interactions (big game hunting), and Columbus's first landfall. The collection is comprised of materials primarily related to Florida and the Caribbean, including his field notebooks, publications and research files, photographs, membership and association files, correspondence, and grant proposals.

Hughes, Paul A.: Collection of Caribbean Stereographs. 1898-1903. This collection includes 140 stereograph images showcasing scenes and views of the Greater and Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Fotografías Estereográficas del Caribe por Paul A. Hughes.]

Jamaica. Photo Album of A Visit to Jamaica in 1907 Immediately Following the Great Earthquake, 1907. The collection includes fifty-eight original gelatin silver photographs of a voyage to Jamaica soon after the 1907 earthquake. Also included at the end of the photo album are a souvenir card, and a programme of sports activities from the ship R.M.S. "Port Morant" belonging to the Imperial Direct West India Mail Service, dated March 5, 1907. .01 linear feet. MSS 0514.

Jeremie Journal. 1820-1821. Diary written by an unidentified New York man who lived in Jeremie, Haiti, and worked as a smith and carpenter. Describes Mardi Gras, a New Year's celebration, funerals and wakes, the landscape around Jeremie, and rumors about Christophe, Pétion, and Boyer.

Jeremie Papers. 1714-1896. The records of Jeremie's civil administration, legal documents, ecclesiastical records, and the archives of over thirty notaries who operated both in Jeremie and in outlying areas of Saint-Domingue.

Lang, Katharine Birdseye: Papers. 1937-1949. Manuscripts, tracings, drawings, photographs, and publications relating to Katharine Birdseye Lang's career reproducing Aztec and Mayan manuscripts.

Latin American and Caribbean Miscellanea. This group of small acquisitions consists of a variety of materials (e.g., a single letter, manuscript, photograph album) that higlight the history, culture, and study of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lares, Porto Rico: Municipal Bond. 1914. Bond (unsigned) of five hundred dollars, dated July 1, 1914, for the municipality of Lares, Puerto Rico. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía al Bono Municipal de Lares, Puerto Rico.]

Latin American and Caribbean Stereograph Collection. Assorted stereograph collections showing images from across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Macaulay, Neill: Collection. 1954-2005. Papers of University of Florida Emeritus Professor of Latin American history Neill Macaulay. Includes interviews with Macaulay and his wife, Nancy. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la colección de Neill Macaulay.]

Maigrot, Don Juan Elías Documents Relating to Rights over Sugar-refining Technology, 1861-1871. Eight nineteenth-century Cuban manuscripts confirming entrepreneur Don Juan Elías Maigrot's patent for a new sugar-refining technology. .01 linear feet. MSS 0404. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los documentos de don Juan Elías Maigrot relacionados a derechos sobre una innovación tecnológica para la refinación de azúcar.]

Mangonès, Edmond: Collection. 1655-1843. A selection of documents (on microfilm) from the private library of Mangonès, a Haitian collector and historian of the early 20th Century. Most of the documents date from before and after the Haitian revolution.

Marillac, M. de: Letter book. 1699-1702. Book containing copies and drafts of letters to the Comte de Pontchartrain from a French naval officer of the Marine. Includes a description of a voyage to the West Indies.

Martínez Pupo, Rafael: Papers relating to Comandos Mambises. 1959-1984. Rafael Martínez Pupo was a successful business man in Cuba who lost all of his enterprises and belongings when Fidel Castro nationalized private property in 1959. He went into exile to Guatemala. In 1963, the CIA recruited him to lead a special operations unit of Cuban exiles, known as the Comandos Mambises, whose mission was to sabotage strategic targets in Cuba. The collection includes Martínez Pupo's correspondence with Cuban exiles, presidents, and news agents, as well as expense reports, receipts, and documents related to the Comandos Mambises. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los Documentos de Rafael Martínez Pupo.]

Matanzas-Sabanilla Railway Extension Collection, 1843 February-August. Cuban manuscripts from 1843 documenting the negotiations for the construction of the Matanzas-Sabanilla railway extension passing through important sugar refineries in Cuba. .01 linear feet. MSS 0405. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de la prolongación de la línea de ferrocarril de Matanzas a Sabanilla.]

Mestre, Narisco. Photographs of a Military Parade in Cuba, circa 1900. Three photographs of a military parade in the Plaza de Armas taken by Narisco Mestre circa 1900. .01 linear feet. MSS 0460. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Fotografías de un desfile military en Cuba por Narisco Mestre.]

Morton, Sterling: Diary, "On the Spanish Main". 1912. A diary kept by Sterling Morton of a passenger ship cruise in the Caribbean.

"Movimiento 26 de Julio" Republica de Cuba $1.00 Note. circa 1955-1959. A "Movimiento 26 de Julio" Republica de Cuba $1.00 note issued by Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution.

Náñez-Woodward Collection of Panamanian Popular Art. 2001-2011. The collection includes some 1,200 photographs (35mm negatives) of Panamanian popular art taken by Peter Szok between 2001 and 2011 and featured in his book Wolf Tracks: Popular Art and Re-Africanization in Twentieth-Century Panama. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección Náñez-Woodward de arte popular panameño.] .41 linear feet. MSS 0414

Observations de la Chambre de Commerce, Marseille, France. 1816. Manuscript entitled, "Observations de la Chambre de Commerce ... Marseille," which deals with the commerce of Marseille, particularly with the French colonies in the Americas.

Observations Importantes by Sugar Traders in Nantes, France. 1788. "Observations Importantes" by anonymous sugar traders in Nantes, France, and an "Avis" written by the deputies of commerce of Brittany. Also touches on the slave trade.

Page, James: Correspondence. 1905-1911. Letters pertaining to Page's position as the engineer in charge of constructing a water supply and sewer system in Cienfuegos, Cuba, including a 1910 report on the status of the water system.

Panama and the Canal focuses on Panama and Canal Zone materials from the Panama Canal Museum Collection and builds upon the University's extensive holdings on Panama and the whole of Latin America.

Parker, John: Letters. 1815. Three letters from Parker in Havana, Cuba, to his employer, A. C. Johnstone, discussing slave, coffee, sugar, and other markets in Havana.

Peñate de Tito, Reina: Collection. 2001-2009. In 1961, Reina Peñate de Tito joined a counter revolutionary group that sought to overthrow Fidel Castro. That same year, along with other members of the group, she was arrested. This collection includes testimonials on her experience as a political prisoner as well as copies of the sentence and of the release documents. Part of Cuban Miscellaneous Collection. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Reina Peñate de Tito.]

Phillips, Richard F.: Latin American Postcard Collection. approximately 1937-2012. The collection consists of postcards featuring views of various cities and countries throughout Latin America, as well as images of Latin American art. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección de Postales Latinoamericanas por Richard F. Phillips.]

Photographs of Sugar Mills in Puerto Rico. circa 1898. Four photos of the Santa Isabel sugar mill of Henry Rosich and the largest Puerto Rican sugar mill, Guanica.

Pierce, Robert N: Collection. 1959. Newspaper clippings, contents of an official press packet, and photographs from reporter Robert N. Pierce's trip to Cuba shortly after Fidel Castro came to power in 1959.

Pierson, Donald: Papers. circa 1938-1965. Manuscript lecture and research notes of social anthropologist, mostly relating to Brazil.

Pond, Wendy G.. Collection on Argentinian Trade Currency and the Red Global de Trueque, 1999-2003. Newspaper articles, pamphlets, and currency from Argentina's Red Global de Trueque introduced as an alternate currency after 1998-2002 economic collapse. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección de Wendy Pond sobre intercambio monetario en Argentina y la Red Global de Trueque.]

Prats y Salas, Antonio: "Advertencia. La presente reseña de los acontecimientos..." . circa 1863. Manuscript "Advertencia" by Antonio Prats, describing the events that resulted in his arrest during the period of political unrest leading up to the 10 Years War in Cuba.

Promisory Note Issued to Citoyen Tardy, Saint-Domingue. 1793. Promisory note and receipt (on a printed form) issued to Citoyen Tardy, agreeing to pay him for his services to the colony of Saint-Domingue (Haiti).

Public Works of Cuba Photographs. 1898-1935. This collection includes photographs and lantern slides depicting public works and landscapes from Cuba. Most of the photographs have the seal of the Gobierno de la República de Cuba, specifically the Secretaría de Obras Públicas. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Fotografías de Obras Públicas de Cuba.]

Ray, Manuel: Oral History Collection. 2008-2009. Two filmed interviews conducted by Lillian Guerra, one with Manuel Ray (aka Manolo) that is nine hours long, and the other with Aurora Chacón de Ray that is one hour and a half in length. Also included is a transcript of both interviews and several photographs. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Historia Oral de Manuel Ray.]

Real Hospital de San Bartolomé (Lima, Peru): Logbook of Women Slaves Treated. 1813. Logbook of the enslaved women who were treated at the Hospital San Bartolomé, in Lima, Perú from January 1st to December 31st of 1813. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Cuaderno de las mujeres esclavas que entran a medicinarse en este Real Hospital de San Bartolomé.]

Rochambeau, Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur: Papers. 1764-1803. Correspondence, decrees, and other documents regarding Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur Rochambeau's involvement with Saint Domingue and Toussaint Louverture.

Rodriguez, Jose Ignacio: Papers. 1873-1890. Letters and documents of lawyer who represented clients whose property was seized by the Spanish government as retribution for their support of Cuban independence.

Roldan, Francisco Anibal and Roman Anibal: Records. 1910-1970. Business records of Imprenta Romana of La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Rolfs, Peter Henry: Collection. 1899-1943. Papers of Peter Henry Rolfs, former Dean of the UF College of Agriculture (1915-1920), Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station (1906-1920), and Director of the Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria, in Viscosa, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Romero, César: Interview on El Show de Paul Rodríguez. 1992, 2008. Filmed interview of Paul Rodríguez with César Romero in which the latter discusses his career as an actor and the relationship of his mother María Mantilla de Romero with José Martí. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la entrevista a César Romero en El Show de Paul Rodríguez.]

Romero Family: Papers Regarding José Martí. 1875-1974. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photos, and mementos sent to María Mantilla de Romero regarding her father José Martí. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los documentos de la familia Romero relacionados a José Martí.]

Rosario, Francisco del: Manuscript. 1676. Report by a Dominican friar, Fray Francisco del Rosario, in Pueblo de Santa Teresa de los Mocos, complaining that Spanish soldiers imprisoned Indians who were in his care.

Royal Havana Company: Collection. 1749. Royal Havana Company was a Spanish company based in Havana, Cuba, which specialized in shipbuilding and trading of tobacco and sugar. This collection includes notes about shipments of tobacco and a letter penned by Martin de Arostegui defending his role as president of Royal Havana Company. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de la Royal Havana Company.]

Saint-Domingue and Haitian Autograph Collection. 1769-1802. Miscellaneous autograph documents related to Saint-Domingue and Haiti at the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century.

St. Pierre. Photographs Showing the Destruction in St. Pierre from the 1902 Mt. Pelée Volcanic Eruption, 1902. A collection of 28 images showing the aftermath and damages in St. Pierre, Martinique caused by the 1902 volcanic eruption of Mt. Pelée. .01 linear feet. MSS 0421. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Fotos sobre la destrucción en St. Pierre causada por la erupción volcánica de Monte Pelée en 1902.]

Sammons, Valerie: Collection. 1983. Newspapers, T-shirts, pamphlets, and photographs gathered or created by Valerie Sammons on a goodwill visit to Grenada.

Sanchez, Bernabe: Letterbook. 1898-1900. A book containing copies of letters written by cattle rancher and financier Bernabe Sanchez of Cuba between.

Sandbach, Tinne, & Co.: Records. 1820-1882. Correspondence to the firm of Sandbach, Tinne, & Co. from McInroy, Sandbach, & Co.; McInroy, Parker, & Co.; and other affiliates in the Demerara region of British Guiana, primarily relating to sugar, molasses, coffee, and rum.

Scovell, Noah Papers. 1797-1806. This collection contains manuscript documents of Noah Scovell relating to the coffee and cotton trade in Guadeloupe, Haiti, and Liverpool. Records include invoices, sales and wage receipts, account statements, inventories, and similar documents.

Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein, Mexico. Photographs of the Seventy-Years Celebration of the Foundation, 2018. The collection consists of twenty-seven photographs of the 2018 commemoration of the school Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein's founding. The school was founded by Max Shein in 1948. .01 linear feet. MSS 0446.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Fotografías de la conmemoración de los 70 años de la fundación de la escuela Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein, México.]

Skeels, Charles R: Photographs. 1927. Photographs taken by Charles R. Skeels in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

Slavery and Plantations in Saint-Domingue Collection. 1779-1791. Letters, inventories, and account books pertaining to potential sales of various plantations and holdings, including slaves, in Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti). Provides information about the French colony in the decade leading up to the revolt by black slaves in 1791.

Smith, Thomas Lynn: Papers. 1952, 1975-1976. Manuscripts for three unpublished books on the social ecology of Latin America. Also of interest is a memorandum on agrarian reform in Brazil written in 1952 when Smith served as an advisor to the Brazilian government. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Spanish-American War Photographs. 1898. Images from the Santiago region of Cuba and the Tampa Bay region of Florida during the Spanish-American War.

Spanish Military Documents Regarding Colombia's War of Independence. 1816. This collection contains military documents from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, which give statements and updates of the current state of the Spanish Army fighting revolutionary forces in New Granada in 1816. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los Documentos del ejército español referentes a la Guerra de la Independencia en Colombia.]

Spanish Volunteer Military in Cuba: Military papers. 1869-1897. Correspondence, finanical records, and official documents that reveal the presence, organization, and activities of the Spanish volunteer military in Cuba.

Squier, E. G.: Papers. 1848-1874. Archaeologist/ethnologist. Correspondence and manuscripts regarding Central America.

Taco Bay Commercial Company Records. 1908-1919. Correspondence, financial records, and stockholders' reports of the company's agricultural enterprises in Cuba.

Torrado, Osvaldo Dorticós. Photographs of Cuban President's Trip to Venezuela and 26 of July Movement Celebrations, 1959-1960. Photographs highlighting Cuban President Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado's visit to Venezuela alongside important Cuban cabinet members in June 1960, and other moments of Cuban and Venezuelan relations, including the Venezuelan celebration of the 26 of July Movement in 1960. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de las Fotografías del Presidente Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado en su viaje a Venezuela y de las celebraciones del Movimiento Revolucionario 26 de Julio.] .21 linear feet. MSS 0432.

United States Marine Family in the Dominican Republic. Photograph Album, 1940. Photographic album of a US Marine and his family stationed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1940. The album displays the many facets of American military life in the Caribbean. The photographs also capture the lifestyle of Dominicans, landmarks, landscapes, and the personal life of this Marine and his family abroad. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Álbum fotográfico de una familia de la marina estadounidense en la República Dominicana.] 1 Volume. MSS 0462.

Venezuela-Netherlands Documents. Xerox copies of documents dated 1871-1900. Research materials of Dr. C. C. Goslinga for book about smuggling.

Vives Family. Papers, 1965-1956. The Vives Family Papers date from 1865 to 1956 and primarily consist of documents related to the Vives family and their business activity in Ponce, Puerto Rico. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Los documentos de la familia Vives.] .21 linear feet. MSS 0502.

Wagley, Charles: Papers. 1937-1965. The Wagley Papers document anthropological fieldwork in the cultures of South America, especially Guatemala and Brazil. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

West Indies Papers. 1771-1929. Correspondence, receipts, and warrants regarding Antigua, Barbados, and the Bahamas.

Winsberg, Morton D.: Photographs of Colonia Baron Hirsch. Photographs of the people, work, and buildings of a Jewish agricultural colony in Argentina.


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