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University Archives - Private Manuscript Collections

Collections in this directory are the private papers and records of individuals and organizations associated with the University of Florida. Collections listed below that are not linked to online finding-aids are unprocessed at this time. Preliminary inventories for these collections are available in the Archives.


Abbott, Ouida Davis.  Speeches and writings, ca. 1920-1955

Alpha Phi Omega. Tau Chapter.  Records, 1931-1939

American Association of University Professors. University of Florida Chapter.  Records, c. 1934-1984

American Student Union. Correspondence, 1937-1938.

Anderson, James Nesbitt.  Papers, 1885-1911

Appledorf, Howard.  Papers, 1968-1983

Athenaeum Club.  Records, 1905-2008

BACCHUS of the United States, Inc.  Records, 1976-2016 (bulk: 1976-1986)

Bachman, Harold B. - Band Collection, 1916-1972

Baldwin, Ruth M.  Papers, 1938-1990

Bannister, Turpin Chambers.  Papers, 1939-1982

Bardin, Karl Richardson.  Photograph Album, 1896-1966

Beaty, Robert C.  Papers, 1921-1962

Becker, Raymond Brown. Papers, 1928-1974

Belling, John.  Papers, 1910-1916

Benton, John Robert.  Papers, 1905-1921

Beta Theta Pi. Records, 1932-1958.

Bone, Elmer Harvey. Photograph Collection.

Bowles, Richard W. Manuscript music, 1969

Brady, Marna V. Papers, 1908-1984

Bristol, Lucius Moody. Papers, 1940-1946

Carleton, William Graves.  Papers, 1918-1982

Carr, Archie Fairly.  Papers, 1907-1987

Carr, Archie Fairly.  Supplemental Papers, 1938-1987

Chi Phi. Miscellany.

Clark, Elmer Banks. Scrapbook, 1930-1937

Conversation Collection, 1976-1986

Craven, Roy C. Photograph Collection, 1970s

Cresap, Ida. Papers, 1930-1962

Crist, Raymond E. Papers, 1929-1970

Dauer, Manning Julian.  Papers, 1900-1987

Davis, George Kelso.  Papers, 1943-1980

DeBruyn, John William.  Instructional materials, 1930-1955

Diettrich, Sigismond deRudesheim.  Papers, 1933-1959

Emig, Elmer J.  Papers, 1929-1955

Faculty Club.  Records, 1930-1974

Farr, James Marion.  Manuscripts,1935-1939

Farr Literary Society.  Records, 1925-1934

Fearn, Richard L.  Papers, 2003

Flavet Village III. Minutes, 1947-1971.

Florida Blue Key.  Homecoming records, 1924- .

Florida Blue Key.  Records, 1923-2002.

Florida Educational Loan Corporation. Records, 1923-1946

Florida Girls' 4-H Club Short Courses.  Scrapbooks, 1937; 1951

Florida Scientific Club.  Records, 1915-1917

Floyd, Wilbur L.  Photographs.

Forum Society. Minutes, 1900-1903

Fregly, Melvin J. Papers, 1932-2003

Fulton, Guy Chandler.  Papers and plans, ca.1930-1948

General Extension Division Study Materials.  1928

Getzen, James C.  Papers, 1888-1890

Gower, Ralph. Photograph Collection, ca.1925

Graham, Klein H. Papers, 1919-1966

Grand Ole Gator Club, 1988-1996

Hale, Lester L. Papers, 1940-1956.

Hanna, Paul L. Papers, 1931-1972.

Hiers, Richard H. Papers, 1960-2003.

Holbrook, Hollis.  Papers, 1968-1984

Hrvol, Anna.  Album, 1930-1931

Hume, H. Harold.  Collection, 1898-1962

Humphries, Jack Bowen. Miscellany, 1936-1956

Hurst, Huber Christian.  Papers, 1897-1960

Hurt, Ashley Davis. Papers, 1864-1898

Hussey, Roland Fountain. Papers, 1924-1963

Inter-Fraternity Conference. Minutes, 1933-1947

John Marshall Bar Association.  Publications, 1944-1966

Johnston photographic collection, 1960-1967

Jones, Marshall B. Typescript for "Berkeley of the South", 1970

Kappa Alpha. Miscellany, 1907-1984.

Kappa Epsilon. Records, ca.1940-1963.

Kappa Phi Kappa Alpha Lambda Chapter. The Torchlight, 1933-1937.

Keppel, Herbert Govert.  Journals, 1892-1898

Kramer, Sol.  Papers, 1950-1962

Little, Wilbert Alva.  "Reminiscences, 1880-1930"

Lowenstein, Ralph L.

Macaulay, Neill. Collection, 1954-2005 [The guide to the collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la colección de Neill Macaulay.]

Matherly, Walter Jeffries. Speeches and writings, 1926-1954

Mautz, Robert B. Papers, 1949-1962

McDonald, Jackson Henson.  Scrapbook, 1917-1925

McGinnis, Richard.  Collection, 1955-1958.

McMillan, Myra.  Photograph Collection, circa 1926-1932.

McPherson, Woodrow Wilson.  "IFAS and Florida agriculture", c.1984

Megill, Kenneth A.  Papers, 1967-1973

Miscellaneous Greek Collections, 1904-

Miscellaneous Student Honorary and Professional Organizations Collections, 1922-1969

Morgan Family Collection, ca.1900-1905

Murphree, Albert Alexander ("Waddy").  Papers, ca. 1934-1974

Murphree, Claude.  Scrapbooks, 1906-1946

Neller, Joseph Robert.  Photographs, 1916-1919

Newell, Wilmon.  Papers, 1908-1935

Odum, Howard T.  Papers, 1935-2003.

Pace, Carrie.  "Politics and housing: A social history of low income housing for the elderly, 1955-1988"

Peabody Club.  Records, 1921; 1924-1933

Phi Beta Kappa. Records, 1931-1976

Phi Delta Delta.  Records, 1947-1959

Phi Kappa Phi.  Membership List, 1911-1948

Phi Kappa Phi.  Records, 1912-1985

Photograph album fragment, 1938.

Pi Kappa Alpha. Alpha Eta Chapter. Miscellany, 1924-1950

Pitts, Edith Patti.  Papers, 1934-1973

Pomeroy, Stewart L.  Scrapbook, 1919-1927

Powers, Edward O.  Collection, 1890-1900

Proctor, Samuel.  Papers, 1947-1995

Reeves, F. Blair.  Papers, 1960-1995

Richards, Paul.  Fanatic Fanfare: A Musical Score, 2005

Riley, Bert Clair and Ruth Lemon.  Papers, 1918-1963

Rolfs, Peter Henry.  Collection, 1899-1943

Schulz, W. H.  Photograph Album, 1918

Sigma Tau. Upsilon Chapter.  Records, 1923-1974

Smith, Thomas Lynn.  Papers, 1952; 1975-1976

Stansfield, Harold Campbell.  Collection, 1919-1924

Still, Homer Edwin, Jr.  Collection, 1930-2000 (bulk: 1939-1942)

Tate, Leona Bramlett.  Photographs, 1911-1912

Tau Epsilon Phi. Tau Alpha Chapter. Records, 1930-1995.

Thompson, Irene. Papers, 1964-1985.

Trusler, Harry R.  Speeches, lectures, and writings, ca.1915-1948

Udell, Budd.  Musical Scores, 1962-1978

United Faculty of Florida.  Records, 1974-1980

University of Florida Alumni Association.  Records, 1924-1973

University Religious Association. Religion-in-Life Week.  Records, 1947-1969

University Religious Association.  Records, 1948-1973

Wagley, Charles. Papers, 1937-1965

Warfel, Harry Redcay.  Papers, 1957-1962

Weaver, Rudolph.  Architectural records, ca.1920-1940

Weil, Joseph.  Papers, 1915-1977

Weimer, Rae O.  Interview, 1993

Wheeler, George C.  Photograph Album. Homecoming Parade, 1948

Williams, Hiram.  Papers, 1935-1999

Willoughby, Claude H.  Papers, 1889-1919

Wolff, Lois Pollack.  Collection on Student Life, 1951-1952

Women Students' Association.  Scrapbooks, 1948-1961

Wood, Frank Bradshaw.  Papers, 1936-1981

Young Men's Christian Association.  Records, 1922-1953


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