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A Guide to the C. Farris Bryant Papers

Finding aid prepared by James R. Mathis, 1988

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections

August 2004

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Bryant, Farris, 1914-2002.
Title: C. Farris Bryant Papers
Dates: 1942-1977
Abstract: The papers of Farris Bryant cover the years 1942 to 1977, with an emphasis on the Florida Legislative, gubernatorial elections in 1956 and 1960, and his career in the Federal Office of Emergency Planning. Most of the papers were generated by Bryant himself or organizations of which Bryant was a part of; there are some papers that pertain to the operation of state agencies that were of interest to Bryant, such as the Board of Control, the Turnpike Authority, and the State Road Department (1961-1967). These provided scholars with a survey of Florida in the 1950s and 1960s as well as providing information on various aspects of Bryant himself. The Bryant papers are of interest to researchers interested in Florida legislative and gubernatorial politics and activities in the period from 1950-1960, covering such area as integration, the Florida Turnpike, the 1956 and 1960 gubernatorial campaigns, the 1960 Presidential campaign in Florida, education, and the Cross-Florida Barge Canal. In all, the collection contains information on subjects of interest to historians that, when used in conjunction with other sources, provide a picture of Florida in the post-World War II era.
Extent: 26.5 Linear feet. 31 Boxes, 23 Scrapbooks.
Identification: MS 288
Language(s): English
Online ContentItems from this collection have been digitized and are available online in the UF Digital Collections. For more information please see the note below.

Biographical/Historical Note

Cecil Farris Bryant was born in Marion County, Florida on July 26, 1914, the son of Cecil and Lela (Farris) Bryant. His uncle, Ion Farris, served with distinction in the Florida House of Representatives from Duval County from 1907 to 1913, serving as Speaker of the House in 1909 and 1913; he later served in the Florida State Senate from the 19th district (1915-1917), and was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor in 1916. Bryant's family was of modest means. His father was a farmer and a bookkeeper, but Bryant succeeded in attending the University of Florida, receiving a degree in Business Administration, and later received a law degree from Harvard Law School in 1938. Returning to Florida, he was employed as an auditor in the State Comptroller's office before returning to Ocala to establish a law practice. In 1940 Bryant married Julia Burnett, who died in 1996. The Bryants have three daughters: Julia Lovett, Cecilia Ann, and Allison Adair.

Bryant began his political career in 1942, when he was elected as State Representative from Marion County. Soon after, however, he resigned and enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving from 1942-1945 as an officer in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Pacific theaters. After the war, Bryant was again elected to the State House from Marion County in 1946. He served for five terms 1947-1955, becoming one of the most prominent and powerful leaders of the House. He was elected speaker in 1953, and receive numerous awards for his work in the legislature, including "Most Outstanding Member of the Florida Representatives" from state newspaper editors and writers. He served as head of the Florida delegation to the Democratic National Conventions in 1952 and 1956, and was an alternate delegate to the 1964 Democratic Convention.

Bryant made two campaigns for election to the Office of Governor. The first came in 1956. Plagued by money problems, bad press, and inadequate organization, Bryant came in third in the Democratic Primary behind Governor LeRoy Collins. In 1960, Bryant made another run for the nomination, this time with more financing and a better organization. He led a large field in the first primary, setting up a run-off against Doyle E. Carlton, Jr., the son of former governor Doyle E. Carlton, Sr., the candidate supported Governor Collins. Racial conflict was the central issue of the campaign. Bryant, a strong though non-violent segregationist, succeeded in painting Carlton as a moderate integrationist, and easily won by 300,000 votes over is Republican opponent, although Richard Nixon defeated John F. Kennedy for President in the state.

As governor, Bryant continued to support and emphasize programs he had backed as a legislator. He pushed for increased funding for higher education, supported and started construction on the Cross-Florida Barge Canal project, and completed the Ft. Pierce-Wildwood extension of the Florida Turnpike. He fought for the establishment of Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton, and a new funding formula for state highway projects. He began planning major road construction projects in the state. Bryant's administration initiated a thorough investigation of the State Road Department. In the field of racial matters, despite Bryant's campaign pledge to maintain school segregation, he permitted local school districts to integrate voluntarily. His record of vocal opposition to the civil rights movement prevented him from being able to ameliorate the St. Augustine racial crisis of 1963-1964, because civil rights leaders mistrusted him. Bryant also supported attacks on organized crime and government corruption. Unable to succeed himself, he left the governorship in 1965.

After leaving the governor's office, Bryant returned to his law practice in Jacksonville. In 1966, he was appointed Director of the U.S. Federal Office of Emergency Planning by Lyndon Johnson, serving as head of emergency planning for the United States, as a member of the U.S. National Security Council, and as President Johnson's liaison with the states. He resigned this post in 1967, but served as chairman of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental relations until 1969. Trying once more for elective office in 1970, Bryant sought the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, the seat being vacated by veteran Spessard L. Holland. Bryant was defeated in a Democratic primary run-off by state senator Lawton M. Chiles. Afterwards, Bryant retied from public life and resumed the practice of law in Jacksonville. He died March 1, 2002.

Scope and Content

The papers of Farris Bryant cover his political and public career from 1942 to 1970, with the bulk of the material falling between 1950 and 1970. Bryant's entire career is represented: his years in the legislature, his term as House Speaker, his campaigns for governor in 1956 and 1950, and his years in the administration of President Lyndon Johnson. Included in the papers is Bryant's correspondence with various public and business leaders, correspondence concerning his 1960 election campaign, his federal service, and papers for his 1956 and 1960 campaigns (including speeches, press releases, campaign literature, memoranda, reports). A complete set of speeches from 1942 to 1970, papers from his years in the Florida legislature, transcripts of his news conferences as governor and files of investigations by Bryant's staff investigators are to be found in the papers.

The collection consists of correspondence, typewritten and handwritten notes, printed materials, speeches, news releases, transcripts, memoranda, drafts of proposed legislation, articles, platforms, and minutes of meetings.


The C. Farris Bryant Papers consists of ten records series:

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Administrative Information

Alternative Format Available

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available online in the UF Digital Collections. Please read the Permissions for Use statement for information on copyright, fair use, and use of UFDC digital objects.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], C. Farris Bryant Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

The Bryant Papers were donated to the University of Florida by Farris Bryant.

Contents List

Series 1: Correspondence. 1946-1973

Includes business, political, personal, and legislative matters from 1946 to 1973. The subjects covered include committee and legislative operations during his term as House Speaker, the 1956 campaign and preparations for the 1969 campaign, business affairs, and general Florida political matters. Because of differences in organization, the series has been divided into two subseries. The first subseries covers the years 1946 to 1960, and is arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent name. Included in this subseries is correspondence with such people as Charles E. Bennett, Millard Caldwell, LeRoy Collins, Spessard L. Holland, Charles E. Johns, Robert Sikes, and George Smathers. The second subseries covers 1961 to 1966, with the bulk falling in the years 1964-1966. This consists of correspondence of Bryant's last year in the governorship, and his first years back in private life, and contains various personal, business, and political matters. The second subseries is arranged chronologically, with each separate file of correspondence arranged in alphabetical order.

The researcher should note that most of the 1960 correspondence is filed with the papers from the 1960 campaign. The bulk of Bryant's correspondence from 1966-1969 is filed in series 6 and series 7.

Subseries 1a: Correspondence. 1946-1960

Box Folder
11 Achor, Robert.
12 Adams, Alto.
13 Andrew, Charles O., Jr..
14 Andrews, Fred.
15 Andrews, J. Edward.
16 Atkinson, Davis.
17 Austin, Robert.
18 Ayres, Willard.
19 A - Miscellaneous.
110 Bailey, Thomas.
111 Ballinger, Kenneth.
112 Bennett, Charles E..
113 Blee, Myron.
114 Burwell, John S..
115 Brewer, Max.
116 B - Miscellaneous.
117 Caldwell, Millard F..
118 Cleveland, Mack N. Jr..
119 Cobb, Thomas T..
120 Collins, LeRoy.
121 Conner, Doyle E..
122 C - Miscellaneous.
21 David, Ted.
22 Dickinson, Fred O. Jr..
23 Dovell, J. E..
24 Dowda, Thomas B..
25 D - Miscellaneous.
26 E - Miscellaneous.
27 F - Miscellaneous.
28 Gaines, J. Pendleton.
29 Garcia, B. B. "Skippy".
210 Gay, C. M..
211 Gray, Robert A..
212 Griffin, J. J..
213 G - Miscellaneous.
214 Hammer, John M..
215 Hancock, Frank.
216 Herlong, A. Sydney.
217 Holland, Spessard L..
218 H - Miscellaneous.
219 Inman, W. M..
220 Johns, Charles E..
221 Johnson, Tom.
222 J - Miscellaneous.
223 King, James Lawrence.
224 K - Miscellaneous.
225 Lantaff, William C..
226 Larson, J. Edwin.
227 L - Miscellaneous.
31 Mc - Miscellaneous.
32 McClure, James A..
33 McCarty, Dan.
34 Mundy, W. D..
35 Murray, Perry E..
36 M - Miscellaneous.
37 Odham, Brailey.
38 O - Miscellaneous.
39 Pace, John C..
310 P - Miscellaneous.
311 Richard, R. L..
312 Richardson, Ray.
313 Rowe, John W..
314 Russell, Richard B..
315 R - Miscellaneous.
316 Sanchez, G. Warren.
317 Sikes, Robert (Bob).
318 Smathers, George.
319 Smith, Sherman N., Jr..
320 Sturgis, Wallace E..
321 S - Miscellaneous.

Subseries 1b: Correspondence. 1961-1973

Box Folder
41 Correspondence 1961-1963 A-Z.
42 Correspondence 1964-1965 A-L.
43 Correspondence 1964-1965 M-Z.
44 Correspondence 1964-1965 H-N.
45 Correspondence 1964-1965 O-Z.
46 Correspondence 1966 A-L.
47 Correspondence 1966 M-Z.
48 Correspondence 1970-1973.

Series 2: Campaign Materials. 1956-1970

Included in this series is material related to Bryant's campaigns for governor in 1956 and 1960, plus a few items related to his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in 1970. This second series is divided into three subseries.

Subseries 2a: Campaign for Governor. 1956

Arranged alphabetically by type of material, person, or subject. These documents pertain to Bryant's first primary campaign for governor. The items include correspondence, printed campaign literature, notes and memoranda on campaign organization and publicity matters, speeches, platforms, news releases. Materials on other candidates and other materials on campaign organization and financing are included.

Box Folder
51 Advertising - Correspondence and Proof.
52 Biography - 1956.
53 Newsletter - "Bryant Bulletin".
54 Campaign Materials.
55 Campaign Organization Lists.
56 Collins, LeRoy - Campaign Materials.
57 Form Letters.
58 News Releases.
59 Platform.
510 Press Relations and Publicity.
511 Speeches - 1956.
512 Telegrams.
513 Warren, Fuller (1956) - contains 9 Audograph disks.

Subseries 2b: Campaign for Governor. 1960

Materials concerning Bryant's candidacy and campaign. Items similar to those in subseries 2a., but grouped into the following four subject categories:

1. State agency files - Information on state agencies and programs in which Bryant was particularly interested, consisting of memoranda, correspondence, and reports on agency operations and activities. This material was used by Bryant to formulate platform planks and to plan activities. These files were probably pulled from Series 3.

2. Correspondence, 1960 - Arranged chronologically, containing information on Bryant's campaign, but also other state and national campaigns as well as state politics.

3. Information on other candidates - Memoranda, reports, copies of platforms, and literature from other Democratic gubernatorial candidates.

4. General campaign material - Records related to the organization, operations, and activities of the Bryant campaign.

Box Folder
61 Board of Control.
62 Central and South Florida Flood Control District.
63 Department of Public Safety.
64 Department of Water Resources 1958-1960.
65 Finance and Taxation Committee.
66 Florida Geological Survey.
67 Florida Milk Commission.
68 Florida Sugar Committee.
69 Judicial Council.
610 Ship Canal Authority.
611 Sunland Training Center.
71 Correspondence - 1960 January-February.
72 Correspondence - 1960 March-April.
73 Correspondence - 1960 May-June.
74 Correspondence - 1960 July-August.
75 Correspondence - 1960 September-October.
76 Correspondence - 1960 November-December.
81 Burns, Haydon.
82 Carlton, Doyle E., Jr..
83 Dickenson, Fred O. (Bud).
84 David, Ted.
85 Lowry, Sumter L..
86 McCarty, John.
87 Petersen, George.
91 Bryant - Background.
92 Campaign Literature.
93 County Campaign Organizations.
94 Democratic National Convention.
95 Finances.
96 Form Letters.
97 Inauguration.
98 Florida Democratic Campaign.
99 Issues A-Z.
910 Itinerary - Bryant.
101 Jibb, Bill.
102 Kidd, W. R. - Memos.
103 Legislative Record.
104 Mayo, Billy.
105 Milligan, James M..
106 Miscellaneous - Memos, Reports.
107 News Releases - 1960.
108 Newsletter - "Around the Clock with Bryant".
109 Orlando Rally.
1010 Palmer, Perine.
1011 Polls and Surveys.
1012 Platform - Drafts and Final Copies.
1013 Publicity and Public Relations.
111 State Democratic Committee.
112 Speeches.
113 Venn, Cole and Associates.
114 Venn, Bob - Undated Telexes.
115 Younger Democrats for Bryant.
116 Younger Democrats for Bryant - Correspondence.
118 South America Tour.

Subseries 2c: Campaign for U.S. Senate. 1970

One file folder of miscellaneous materials from Bryant's campaign for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator. Filed at end of last box of material in subseries 2b.

Box Folder
117 Campaign for Senate - 1970.

Series 3: Legislative Papers. 1950-1960

Arranged alphabetically by subject, this third series contains materials describing Bryant's service in the Florida House. Information on the functioning and activities of the legislature for the period, administrative as well as political and legislative is included. Correspondence concerning proposed legislation and House operations, memos concerning committee assignments and activities, reports, copies of proposed bills, and documents revealing the relations of the House with other agencies in Florida government are in this series. Subjects covered include education, the Florida Turnpike, the Cross-Florida Barge Canal, integration, reappointment, public roads and highways, legislative operations and constitutional revision.

Box Folder
121 Banks and Loans Committee.
122 Budget Director.
123 Circuit Judges Conference - Recommended Legislation.
124 Committee on Educational Television.
125 Constitutional Amendments Committee.
126 County Government Committee.
127 Cross-Florida Barge Canal 1950-1960.
128 Drainage and Water Conservation Committee.
129 Education.
1210 Elections Committee.
131 Finance and Taxation Committee.
132 Florida Citizenship Clearing House.
133 Florida Federation of Labor.
134 Florida State Fire College.
135 Florida League of Municipalities.
136 Florida Turnpike 1956-60.
137 Forest Hills - Female Correctional Institution.
138 Forestry Committee.
139 F - Miscellaneous.
1310 Game and Fresh Water Fish Committee.
1311 Inland Waterways.
1312 Insurance Committee.
1313 Integration 1955-57.
1314 Judiciary.
141 Legislative Caucus.
142 Legislative Council - General.
143 Legislative Caucus - Education Committee.
144 Legislative Council - Personnel Committee.
145 Legislative Council - Committee on Tax Reorganization.
146 Legislative Expense Committee.
147 Legislative Reference Bureau.
148 Legislature - Committees, 1953 Session.
149 Legislature, General.
1410 Marion County.
1411 Motor Vehicles and Carriers Committee.
1412 Public Health and Safety Committee.
1413 Public Roads and Highways Committee.
1414 Public Welfare Committee.
1415 Reapportionment 1955-1959.

Series 4: Governor. 1961-1967

While the majority of Bryant's official papers as governor are housed in the Florida State Archives in Tallahassee, the collection retains some material from these years. One set of items, Bryant's investigations file, have been designated in a separate series (see Series 5). The remaining items have been grouped in three subseries.

Subseries 4a: Press Releases and Speeches. 1961-1964

Includes typed copies and notes for speeches as well as copies of typed transcripts of Bryant's radio program, "Ask the Governor" for 1962. The holdings of speeches in this subseries would have to be supplemented by the use of Series 9, Speeches 1942-1970.

Box Folder
151 Press Releases and Statements - 1961.
152 Press Releases and Statements - 1962.
153 Press Releases and Statements - 1963.
154 Miscellaneous Undated Speeches.
155 Speeches - 1961.
156 Speeches - 1962.
157 Speeches - 1963.
158 Speeches - 1964.
159 Ask the Governor Transcripts - 1962.

Subseries 4b: Press Conference Transcripts. 1961-1964

Arranged chronologically, typed transcripts of Bryant's news conferences as governor.

Box Folder
161 News Conference Subject Index 1961-64.
162 News Conferences 1961: January-March.
163 News Conferences 1961: April-June.
164 News Conferences 1961: July-September.
165 News Conferences 1961: October-December.
166 News Conferences 1962: January-March.
167 News Conferences 1962: April-June.
168 News Conferences 1962: July-September.
171 News Conferences 1962: October-December.
172 News Conferences 1963: January-April.
173 News Conferences 1963: May-August.
174 News Conferences: 1963: September-December.
175 News Conferences 1964: January-April.
176 News Conferences 1964: May-August.
177 News Conferences 1964: September -December.

Subseries 4c: Administrative and General Subjects. 1961-1967

Arranged alphabetically by subject, these files cover a variety of miscellaneous administrative and governmental activities under the Bryant administration. Items include files on the Turnpike Authority, the Board of Control, the State Road Department (1961-1967), and Department of Education. Information on Bryant's two trips to Japan and copies of his newspaper column are also included.

Box Folder
181 Board of Regents.
182 European Trip - 1961.
183 Honorary Memberships.
184 Miscellaneous.
185 Newspaper column.
186 Higher Education.
187 Japan Trip 1962 and 1964.
188 State Road Department 1961.
189 State Road Department 1964-1967.
1810 State Road Department - Orange County Roads.
1811 Turnpike 1961-1962.
1812 Turnpike 1961-1962.

Series 5: Investigations. 1961-1964

Arranged alphabetically by subject, this series comprises the second largest body of materials in the collection. It contains the records of Governor Bryant's staff investigator from 1961-1964 on various investigations of criminal activities carried out by the governor's office or other state agencies. These files consist of memoranda, correspondence, reports, affidavits, hearing transcripts and court documents on various criminal investigations in Florida of interest to the Governor. Subjects covered include county corruption, racial matters, bootlegging, gambling, and organized crime. The files have been organized into the following subseries.

Subseries 5a: Counties.

In alphabetical order by county, contains reports on criminal activities and investigations in individual counties.

Box Folder
191 Alachua - Citrus.
192 Columbia - Dade.
193 Dixie - Hamilton.
194 Hillsborough - Levy.
195 Liberty - Monroe.
196 Okaloosa - St. John's.
197 Sarasota - Washington.

Subseries 5b: Miscellaneous Investigations.

Information on various special and miscellaneous investigations, including material on the St. Augustine racial unrest in 1963 and 1964.

Box Folder
201 Florida Racing Commission.
202 Ku Klux Klan.
203 Miscellaneous Investigations A-Z.
204 Pinellas County - Beverage License Investigation.
205 Racial Matters - General.
206 St. Augustine Civil Rights Marches.

Subseries 5c: State Road Department Investigation.

Transcripts of legislative hearings, letters, reports, and memoranda on investigation of corruption in the State Road Department.

Box Folder
211 State Road Dept Investigation - Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville.
212 State Road Dept. Investigation - Miscellaneous.
213 Legislative Interim Roads Committee - Jacksonville.
214 Legislative Interim Roads Committee - Undated.
215 Committee on Public Roads and Highways.

Subseries 5d: Sheriff's Department Investigation.

Memoranda, reports, affidavits, sworn testimony, evidence, and court documents covering investigations of the Okeechobee and Bay County Sheriff's Department.

Box Folder
221 Bay County Sheriffs Investigation - Reports.
222 Bay County Investigation - Testimony & Exhibits.
223 Okeechobee County Investigation - Memoranda.
224 Okeechobee County - Reports on Investigation.
225 Okeechobee County - Grand Jury Testimony.

Series 6: Federal appointments. 1966-1967

Series 6 consists primarily of copies of memoranda and reports written by Governor Bryant during his time in the White House as President Johnson's liaison to the nation's governors. Also included in this series are a smaller number of incoming and outgoing letters that reflect Bryant's time as Director of the Office of Emergency Planning. Finally, the series contains a few letters, similar to those found in series 1b, on state politics in Florida. Of special note are those that comment on Claude Kirk's defeat of Robert King High in the 1966 gubernatorial election and the general state of the Democratic Party in Florida.

Box Folder
231 General Correspondence 1966: March 1967-Sept.
232 Dictated Correspondence 1966: March-July.
233 Dictated Correspondence 1966: August-December.
234 Dictated Correspondence 1967: January-April.
235 Dictated Correspondence 1967: May-September.
236 Photograph of Farris Bryant and Lyndon Johnson.

Series 7: U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. 1967-1977

Correspondence, news releases, meeting minutes, and hearing material created by or pertaining to the Advisory Commission.

Box Folder
241 ACIR Correspondence 1969: January-March.
242 ACIR Correspondence 1969: April-December.
243 ACIR Correspondence - Undated.
244 Bryant - Speaking Engagements and Appointments.
245 ACIR - Misc, Memo, Meetings etc..
251 ACIR - News Releases.
252 ACIR - Statements and Reports (1).
253 ACIR - Statements and Reports (2).

Series 8: Personal and Business Papers. 1946-1977

Arranged alphabetically by subject, contains miscellaneous material dealing with Bryant's non-political activities including business affairs and civic activities. A slim file of materials relating to his early political campaigns and his participation in the 1960 Southern Governor's Conference.

Box Folder
261 American Cancer Society.
262 Campaign Literature 1946-53.
263 Certificates.
264 Citizen's Constitution Committee.
265 Dale Mabry State Bank.
266 Florida Civil War Centennial.
267 Florida Gateway Television, Inc..
268 Jacksonville Home - 1964.
269 March of Dimes.
2610 Ocala Property 1953-57.
2611 Organizations and Membership.
2612 Southern Governors' Conference.
2613 Tabiendo, Alice.
2614 Wesley Foundation.
2615 Worth Avenue National Bank.

Series 9: Speeches. 1942-1970

Arranged in chronological order, typescripts of speeches and speech notes of Bryant's for the period indicated. Provides a complete coverage of Bryant's public career, indicating stands on various issues throughout the period. This is a vital source and one of the most important research possibilities of the collection.

Box Folder
271 Speeches -- 1948-59.
272 Speeches -- 1960 - July 1961.
273 Speeches -- August-December 1961.
274 Speeches -- January-March 1962.
275 Speeches -- April-December 1962.
281 Speeches -- 1963.
282 Speeches -- January-May 1964.
283 Speeches -- June-December 1964.
284 Speeches -- 1965.
285 Speeches -- January-June 1966.
291 Speeches -- July-September 1966.
292 Speeches -- October-December 1966.
293 Speeches -- January-February 14, 1967.
294 Speeches -- February 17 - March 17, 1967.
295 Speeches -- Index to Speeches.
301 Speeches -- March 15 - April 1967.
302 Speeches -- May-July 1967.
303 Speeches -- August-December 1967.
304 Speeches -- 1968.
305 Speeches -- 1969-70.
306 Speeches -- Undated.
307 Speeches -- Miscellaneous.

Series 10: Scrapbooks. 1942-1967

Scrapbooks and photo albums containing news clippings, documents and photos documenting Bryant's life and career. Many of the items in these scrapbooks and albums have been digitized and are available online in the Bryant digital collection.

Album 1. 1942-1950.
Album 2. 1952-1954.
Album 3. 1947-1953.
Album 3b. 1956-1959.
Album 4a. 1960 Campaign.
Album 4b. 1960 Campaign.
Album 4c. 1960 Campaign Photos.
Album 5. 1961-1965.
Album 6. 1964-1967.
Album 7. 1966-1967.
Album 8a. 1967 clippings.
Album 8b. 1967 Northeast Governors Conference.
Album 8c. 1967 clippings.
Album 9. 1961 Goodwill Ambassador's Tour.
Album 10. 1961 European Tour.
Album 11. Visit to Frankfurt.
Album 12. 1963 Governors' Conference.
Album 13. 1962 Southern Governors' Conference.
Album 14. 1964 Governors' Conference.
Album 15. Bryant and US Presidents.
Album 16. Speaker 1953.
Album 17. Dedication of U.S. 1 at Stuart.
Album 18. William R. Kidd Scrapbook 1961.
Album 19. Dedication album for I-75 and Florida Turnpike 1963.
Album 20. 1960 Campaign newspaper clippings.
Album 21. Materials compiled for the July 8, 1963 meeting of the Board of the Florida State Turnpike Authority.

31 Memorabilia.

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Education, Higher.
Florida -- Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway.
Florida -- Saint Augustine.
Florida. Board of Control.
Florida. State Road Department.
Florida. Turnpike Authority.
Political campaigns.
Politics and government.
The Post-War Florida, 1945-1960
United States. Congress. Senate.
United States. Office of Emergency Planning.

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