Detail, Colorized postcard of Newnan's Lake, Alachua County

Images of Alachua

In the Age
of Sinks and Citrus
An Exhibit of Illustrations
Sponsored in part by the E. Ashby Hammond Memorial Fund with the assistance of the Digital Library, University of Florida.

The Exhibition
The Writings & Artwork of James Calvert Smith
Smith's Autobiographical Sketch of 1890's Micanopy. Text. Link to Text
Sugar and Sugar Cane. Pastel. 98 KB version 56 KB version
Cane Mill and Woodruff Mound, Micanopy. Pastel. 82 KB version 37 KB version
Steam Launch on Paines Prairie. Sketch. 76 KB version 33 KB version
Orange Sizing. Sketch. 135 KB version 50 KB version
Grinding the Sugar Cane, Micanopy. Watercolor. 82 KB version 37 KB version 
Orange Packing House, Tacoma. Pastel. 111 KB version 50 KB version
Pictures and Postcards of Sink Holes (c. 1890s)
Narrative on Payne's Prairie. Text Link to Text
The Alachua Sink (colorized postcard) 91 KB image
"Big Jug" Alachua sink, c. 1898 (photograph) 73 KB image
A Sinkhole, c. 1905 (colorized postcard) 74 KB image
Remains of a Stranded Steamer in Sink (colorized postcard) 103 KB image
Citrus Growing (c. 1890s)
Orange groves amidst forest (colorized postcard) 66 KB image
Mule-drawn cart in orange grove (colorized postcard) 94 KB image
Ox-drawn convoy, interior of Florida (colorized postcard) 84 KB image
Harrison and Flora George Photographs, c. 1897
Scenes near Gainesville: Bridge Across Hogtown Creek 97 KB photo
Scenes near Gainesville: On Hogtown Creek 101 KB photo
Scenes near Gainesville: In the Devil's Millhopper 112 KB photo
Rural life: Making the Chowder 125 KB photo
Rural Life: Packing Cabbages 82 KB photo
Rural Life: Detail of above, left 46 KB photo
Rural Life: Detail of above, right 50 KB photo
Rural Life: Detail of above, center 55 KB photo
Rural Life: Packing Radishes 31 KB photo
Rural Life: Detail of above, men & boys. 57 KB photo
Ox carts: Bill Starts to Town 104 KB photo
Ox carts: The Bald-Faced Ox 87 KB photo
Misc. Photographs, Alachua
Unknown location, Alachua County (photograph) 69 KB image
Ox cart, East Main Street, Gainesville (photograph) 46 KB image
Maps of the Area (Samples)
Map of Tacoma, birthplace of James Calvert Smith 79 KB image
Bird's Eye View of Gainesville, 1884 206 KB image
Micanopy. Detail, 1846 95 KB Image
Micanopy, plus vicinity of Tacoma. Detail, 1846 103 KB Image
Sketches of J.M. Rickards, surveyor, 1885-1886
J.M. Rickards, proceeding on survey, 1885-1886 36 KB Image
Section 19 of Township 10S, Range 18E, west of Payne's Prairie 73 KB Image
Section 29 of Township 10S, Range 18E, west of Payne's Prairie 97 KB Image
Detail, showing the Campbell homestead 20 KB Image
Another detail, the Mitchell homestead Sec. 31, T10S, R18E 33 KB Image

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