M. Taylor Memoir of Schooling in Foley, Florida (1937)

Foley, Florida, was a company town located near Perry, Florida in Taylor County. The Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company employed many of the town’s residents, both black and white. Most black employees performed manual and machine labor, whereas their white counterparts held managerial positions. Foley was geographically divided into a black quarter and a white quarter separated by the lumber mill and a reservoir.

M. Taylor, the author of this memoir, traveled from Orlando to Foley in 1937 to teach at the local school. Little is known about the author, aside from her opinions of the town and its residents. She wrote mainly about the organization of the school, her experience teaching black students, and the people she met while in Foley. Her memoir alternates between observations of life and complaints about the culture of late-night gambling, drinking, and fighting. It includes photographs identifying various places and people.

Page design, transcription, and scanning by Caitlin Nelson.

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