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60 x 53 mm.
© Gravesend Press
Printer/Publisher: Gravesend Press. Graves, Joseph.
Country: Kentucky (U.S.) City: Lexington Date: 1945
Keywords: printers, printing presses, donkeys, dogs
Mottoes, Text:
Names, Initials: Gravesend
Device Designer: Kredel, Fritz, 1900-1973
Device Reference: Weygand, J.L. Collection of pressmarks p. 70
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Notes: "While old printers marks pictured the printing room astir with activity, Fritz Kredel in 1949 made a device for Gravesend Press which for the first time pictured the printing room in a state of repose. At the time Joe Graves was a printing student of his; the sleepy printer symbolizes the dilatory output of his press. Printers and collectors everywhere are delighted with the sly humor of the woodcut device that Fritz Kredel presented to his friend in jest." © James Lamar Weygand
Weygand, James Lamar.
A collection of pressmarks gathered from America's private presses and from others not so private.
Nappanee, Ind., Private Press of the Indiana Kid, 1956.
Location: University of Florida