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32 x 100 mm.
© Peregrine Press
Printer/Publisher: Peregrine Press. Evans, Henry Herman, 1918- . Evans, Patricia, 1920- . Evans, Judith
Country: California (U.S.) City: San Francisco Date: 1953
Keywords: ink balls (Not in LCTGM, LCSH)
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Device Reference: Weygand, J.L. Collection of pressmarks p. 45
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Notes: "Henry H. Evans has the able assistance his wife Patricia and his daughter Judith at the Peregrine Press. About 20 sewn or bound items have issued form the press in addition to Poems and Pictures, a journal of poetry and art. Its pressmark serves to emphasize the essentially hand operations of the press." © James Lamar Weygand (When printed, the dotted rule went through the ends of the device. These dots have been removed digitally.)
Weygand, James Lamar.
A collection of pressmarks gathered from America's private presses and from others not so private.
Nappanee, Ind., Private Press of the Indiana Kid, 1956.
Location: University of Florida