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47 x 41 mm.
© Herbert W. Simpson Inc.
Printer/Publisher: Herbert W. Simpson Inc. Simpson, Herbert W., 1904-
Country: Indiana (U.S.) City: Evansville Date: 1940
Keywords: archery, bows (archery), arrows, horseback riding, horses
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Device Designer:
Device Reference: Weygand, J.L. Collection of pressmarks p. 81
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Notes: "Since Arthur DuVall's first design of Herbert Simpson's mounted archer there has been a long line of successive ones, all variations upon the original, to match the text or mood at hand. In addition to this, a major variation on the original, others have ranged from an orb and cross design to a Chinese ideograph." © James Lamar Weygand
Weygand, James Lamar.
A collection of pressmarks gathered from America's private presses and from others not so private.
Nappanee, Ind., Private Press of the Indiana Kid, 1956.
Location: University of Florida