From: The Mathematical and Philosophical Works
of the Right Reverend John Wilkins. London, 1708.
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Sacro Bosco, Joannes Opusculu<m> de sphera mu<n>di Ioannis de s 1526
Peurbach, Georg von Novae theoricae planetarum Georgii Peurbac 1534
Bonatti, Guido, Guidonis Bonati foroliviensis mathematici 1550
Ali ibn Abi al-Rijal Albohazen Haly filii Abenragel libri De ju 1551
Mizauld, Antoine Antonii Mizaldi Monlvciani, 1552
Piccolomini, Alessan Della sfera del mondo. 1552
Mizauld, Antoine Antonii Mizaldi Monluciani Zodiacus, siue 1553
Proclus, Procli De sphaera liber. Cleomedis De mvn 1553
Peucer, Kaspar, De dimensione terrae et geometrice numeran 1554
Peurbach, Georg von, Theoricae novae planetarum ... 1581
Gosselin, Jean, Kalendrier gregorien perpetuel, traduit de 1583
Gallucci, Giovanni P Theatrum mundi, et temporis 1589
Copernicus, Nicolaus Nicolai Copernici Torinensis. Astronomia i 1617
Maestlin, Michael, Epitome astronomiae, qva brevi explication 1624
Galilei, Galileo, Dialogo di Galileo Galilei Linceo matemati 1632
Gassendi, Pierre, Institutio astronomica Iuxta Hypotheseis t 1647
Foster, Samuel, Elliptical, or azimuthal horologiography 1654
Ward, Seth, Idea trigonometriae demonstratae : in usum 1654
Galilei, Galileo, Opere di Galileo Galilei ... 1655
Manilius, Marcus. Marci Manilii Astronomicon. 1655
Graaf, Abraham de De starre-kinst. 1659
Galilei, Galileo, Systema cosmicvm, 1663
Riccioli, Giovanni B Astronomiae reformatae tomi duo : quorum p 1665
Sprat, Thomas, Observations on Monsieur de Sorbier's Voya 1665
Horrocks, Jeremiah, Jeremiae Horroccii, Liverpoliensis Angli, 1673
Joanne Hyginus Hygini quae hodie extant, adcurante 1674
Moxon, Joseph, A tutor to astronomy and geography. 1674
Manilius, Marcus. The sphere of Marcus Manilius made an Engl 1675
Gibbon, John, Day-fatality, or, Some observation of days 1679
Leybourn, William, The compleat surveyor: containing the whol 1679
Munckerus, Thomas, Mythographi latini. C. Jul. 1681
Wilkins, John, A discovery of a new world, or A discourse 1684
Tanner, John. Angelus Britannicus: an ephemeris. For the 1687
  Poor Robin, 1687 : an almanack of the old 1687
Manilius, Marcus. The five books of M. Manilius, 1697
Huygens, Christiaan Christiani Hugenii #, sive, De terris coel 1698
Keill, John An examination of the reflections on the t 1699
Wing, Vincent, Geodaetes practicus redivivus. The art of 1700
Holder, William A discourse concerning time, with applicat 1701
Curson, H. The theory of sciences illustrated; or, Th 1702
Gregory, David, Astronomiae, physicae & geometricae elemen 1702
Moore, Jonas, A mathematical compendium; or, Useful prac 1705
Streete, Thomas. Astronomia Carolina : a new theory of the 1710
Ferguson, James, Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton' 1715
Whiston, William, Sir Isaac Newton's mathematick philosophy 1716
Fontenelle The theory or system of several new inhabi 1718
Harris, John, Astronomical dialogues between a gentleman 1719
Huygens, Christiaan The celestial worlds discover'd : or, Conj 1722
Huygens, Christiaan, Christiani Hugenii Zulichemii dum viveret 1724
Gordon, George, An introduction to geography, astronomy, a 1726
Whiston, William, Astronomical lectures, read in the publick 1728
Keill, John, An introduction to the true astronomy : or 1730
Goiffon, Joseph, Harmonie des deux spheres celeste et terre 1739
Gamaches, Etienne Si Astronomie physique, ou, Principes generau 1740
Staveren, Augustinus Auctores mythographi latini. 1742
Gans, David ben Solo Nehmad ve-na`im : al kelalot hokhmot ha-te 1743
Baxter, Andrew, Matho : or, The cosmotheoria puerilis, a d 1745
Costard, George, A letter to Martin Folkes, esq., president 1746
Jennings, David, An introduction to the use of the globes, 1747
Martin, Benjamin, Philosophia Britannica : or, a new and com 1747
  White's coelestial atlas; or, An <serial> 1750
Hill, John, Urania: or, a compleat view of the heavens 1754
Ferguson, James, Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton' 1757
Kennedy, John, A complete system of astronomical chronolo 1762
Passemant, Claude Description et usage des telescopes, micro 1763
Rowning, John, A compendious system of natural philosophy 1765
Fontenelle Conversations on the plurality of worlds. 1767
Speer, Joseph Smith The West-India pilot: containing piloting 1771
Hiffernan, Paul, The philosophic whim: or, Astronomy a farc 1774
Bailly, Jean Sylvain Histoire de l'astronomie moderne depuis la 1779
Bailly, Jean Sylvain Histoire de l'astronomie moderne depuis la 1785
Ferguson, James, The young gentleman and lady's astronomy, 1792
  Calendrier pour la Deuxieme Annee de la Re 1793
Kaestner, Abraham Go Geschichte der Mathematik seit Wiederherst 1796
Montucla, Jean Etien Histoire des mathematiques dans laquelle o 1799
Fontenelle, Conversations on the plurality of worlds. 1808
Ewing, John, A plain elementary and practical system of 1809
Laplace, Pierre Simo The system of the world : in two volumes 1809
Galilei, Galileo, Memorie e lettere inedite finora o dispers 1818
Fontenelle, Entretiens sur la pluralite des mondes, su 1831
Whewell, William, Astronomy and general physics : considered 1833
Slonimski, Hayyim Se Kokhva de-shavit : kolel korot hokhmat ha- 1835
Murphy, Patrick, Meteorology, considered in its connexion 1836
Nichol, John Pringle Views of the architecture of the heavens 1839
Norton, William Augu An elementary treatise on astronomy. 1839
Whewell, William, Astronomy and general physics considered 1839
Nichol, John Pringle Thoughts on some important points relating 1848
Burritt, Elijah H. Atlas designed to illustrate the Geography 1850
Nichol, John Pringle The architecture of the heavens. 1851
Hoechheimer, Elijah Shevile de-raki`a. 1863
Delmedigo, Joseph So Elim : Ma`yan ganim : Hukot shamayim : Gev 1864
Proctor, Richard A. Essays on astronomy: a series of papers on 1872
Slafter, Edmund F. History and causes of the incorrect latitu 1882
  The American agriculturist family cyclopae 1885
Poincare, Henri, Les methodes nouvelles de la mecanique cel 1892

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