From: Opera omnia, seu arcana naturae ...
By Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. Leiden, 1722.





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Aldrovandi, Ulisse, Ornithologiae, hoc 1599
Bacon, Francis, Sylva sylvarum : or, A naturall historie. 1635
Swan, John, Speculum mundi: or, A glasse representing 1635
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, de quadrupedibus di 1637
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, de piscibus libri V 1638
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, De animalibus insectis libri septem cum si 1638
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, de quadrupedibus so 1639
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, Serpentvm, et draco 1640
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, Quadrupedum omnium 1642
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, De reliquis animalibus exanguibus libri qu 1642
Ambrosini, Bartolomm Paralipomena accuratissima historiae omniu 1642
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, Musaeum metallicum 1648
Childrey, J. Britannia Baconica: or, the natural rariti 1661
Merret, Christopher, Pinax rerum naturalium britannicarum, cont 1667
Aldrovandi, Ulisse, Dendrologiae naturalis scilicet arborum hi 1668
Hale, Matthew, The primitive origination of mankind, cons 1677
Leeuwenhoek, Antoni Opera omnia, seu, Arcana naturae : ope exact 1715
Ray, John, Philosophical letters between the late lea 1718
Leeuwenhoek, Antoni Epistolae ad Societatem Regiam Anglicam .. 1719
Leeuwenhoek, Antoni Epistolae physiologicae super compluribus 1719
Bradley, Richard, A philosophical account of the works of na 1721
Leeuwenhoek, Antoni Opera omnia, seu, Arcana naturae :ope exact 1722
Bradley, Richard, Philosophical account of the works of natu 1739
Pluche, Noel Antoine Nature delineated: being, a new translatio 1739
Needham, John Turber An account of some new microscopical disco 1745
Smith, William, A natural history of Nevis and the rest of 1745
Hughes, Griffith, The natural history of Barbados. In ten bo 1750
Baker, Henry, The microscope made easy; or, I. The natur 1754
Bancroft, Edward, An essay on the natural history of Guiana, 1769
  Miscellaneous tracts relating to natural h 1775
Ebert, Johann Jacob, Naturlehre fur die Jugend / 1776
Blumenbach, Johann F Uber den Bildungstrieb und das Zeugungsges 1781
Buffon, Georges Loui Natural history, general and particular, 1781
Pownall, Thomas, A treatise on the study of antiquities as 1782
Millar, George Henry A new complete, and universal body, or sys 1785
Linne, Carl von, Caroli a Linne ... 1788
Spallanzani, Lazzaro Dissertations relative to the natural hist 1789
White, Gilbert, The natural history and antiquities of Sel 1789
Linnean Society of L Transactions of the Linnean Socie serial 1791
Buffon, Georges Loui Buffon's natural history, containing a the 1792
White, Gilbert, A naturalist's calendar, with observations 1795
Buffon, George Louis Buffon's Natural history. Containing a the 1797
Bichat, Xavier, Traite des membranes en general et de dive 1799
Buffon, Georges Loui Herrn De la Cepede's Naturgeschichte der A 1800
Bory de Saint-Vincen Essais sur les isles Fortunees et l'antiqu 1803
Linne, Carl von, A general system of nature, 1806
Buffon, George Louis Natural history of birds, fish, insects, a 1808
Williamson, Hugh, Observations on the climate in different p 1811
Museum national d'hi Memoires du Museum d'histoire nat serial 1815
Rafinesque, C.S. Circular address on botany and zoology; 1816
Roget, Peter Mark, Animal and vegetable physiology 1836
Newman, Edward, Notes on Irish natural history : more espe 1840
Roget, Peter Mark, Animal and vegetable physiology 1840
Agassiz, Louis, Lake Superior: its physical character, veg 1850
White, Gilbert, The natural history of Selborne; with obse 1851
Sowerby, George Bret Popular history of the aquarium of marine 1857
Darwin, Charles, On the origin of species by means of natur 1860
Darwin, Charles, The variation of animals and plants under 1868
Darwin, Charles, The descent of man, and selection in relat 1871
Haeckel, Ernst Heinr Anthropogenie oder Entwickelungsgeschichte 1874
Marsh, Othniel Charl Odontornithes: a monograph on the extinct 1880
Bonaparte, Roland, Les habitants de Suriname: notes recueilli 1884
Darwin, Charles, The life and letters of Charles Darwin : i 1887
Jefferies, Richard, The pageant of summer. 1896
Roth, Walter Edmund Ethnological studies among the north-west- 1897

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