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Library Objectives

Library Goals

Library Directions 2006-2007

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Mission Statement

The mission of the George A. Smathers Libraries is to meet the information needs of the University of Florida community by providing access to all relevant forms of recorded knowledge.


The George A. Smathers Libraries continue to evolve and transform themselves in order to support the instructional, research and public service endeavors of the University. Providing access to all forms of recorded knowledge relevant to our primary constituency is the fundamental responsibility of the Libraries.

Campus libraries serve as places for contemplation and discovery. At the same time, libraries increasingly bring resources and services to users anywhere at any time and in the format desired. As the University’s academic programs evolve and the interests and expectations of its faculty and students change, the Libraries strive to be a step ahead – anticipating and preparing for new needs and requests.

Library Goals and Environment

Goals for 2006-2007 are accompanied by a list of specific objectives we wish to accomplish in the coming year. Compiled and refined by Library Council, the Division management groups and the Library Directors, we have three key overarching goals:

  • Optimize delivery of Library resources and services
  • Improve Library facilities to meet program need
  • Maintain and improve infrastructure to reflect organizational commitment

There are several areas of specific focus which fall under these broad areas, as outlined on the attached list. Following the goals is a list of the objectives we will pursue this year to achieve the goals.

In addition to the objectives outlined, there are several activities that will have a significant impact on the Libraries during the year. One of these is the continuing implementation and refinement of services in the renovated and re-occupied Library West. Among the things that are being monitored are: hours of operation, service desks, assigned study spaces, open study spaces, instruction rooms, user hardware and software, and the relationship between the Libraries and Starbucks. This year the Libraries also anticipate mandatory, systemic changes that will require staff commitment and attention and that will have a significant impact on how users access resources and services. In particular, the Libraries will be

  1. Fully implementing the Research Gateway
  2. Working with the Florida Center for Library Automation and the other state university libraries to implement
    1. A new version of the library management system
    2. Endeca, a new library catalog/user interface
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