Introduction to the New Library Catalogs of the State University Libraries of Florida
Developed by the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA)
Powered by "guided navigation" software from Endeca
  • This brief tutorial will introduce you to the basic steps involved in discovering library catalog records using the new catalog.
  • The Union Catalog view is used; local catalogs for each separate SUL are also available.
  • The top frame will guide you through the tutorial.
  • The prototype Union Catalog will be opened in this lower frame; you will perform several actions here.
  • Perform only tasks shown in bold text.
  • Some other possible actions using the catalog will be described; you should save these experiments for later.
  • At the end of the tutorial there will be a link to open the Union Catalog and begin your own experimental searching.
While this is not yet a production system, virtually all of the records in the combined SUL catalogs (over 7 million) are currently available.

While the interface is in development, it may be modified without warning,
so features/functions may differ to some extent. However, since the tutorial focuses on basic functions it will likely have value despite any changes.