Summary of FCLA Endeca OPAC Steps
STEP 1: Enter a search using one or more terms

STEP 2: Narrow your initial results set by clicking one or more of the clickable terms derived from the records.
You can remove any terms to add back results, or can use the Browser Back button.

STEP 3: Examine the Results List showing brief catalog record information.
  • Results may be sorted in several ways.
  • Records may be marked for emailing/printing/saving.
  • The location, call number, availability status (e.g. due date), and any links for each record will be shown at this level.
  • If there are more than 10 records, navigate to more screens of records at the top or bottom of the Results List.

STEP 4: Click a title to display its Full Record if more details are desired.

  • Some terms in the record are clickable to initiate a new search of the entire catalog.
  • Click NEXT or PREV to see adjacent records, or RESULT LIST to see the Results List.
  • Summary Holdings and item details are shown at the bottom.

STEP 5: A new search may be entered from any screen; the search form is always available at the top.