Web OPAC Development Process
Approved by the SUL Public Services Planning Committee -- November 4, 2003
  1. Prior to STP for the P1LS, there will be no major variations from the screen layouts recommended by the SUL/CC OPAC Task Force and included in the FCLA prototype. NOTE: We’re not yet sure what CCLA will be doing for its initial interface, but FCLA is committed to following the Joint Task Force recommendations for its initial ALEPH Web OPAC.
  2. As with WebLUIS, each library will be able to design the header and footer areas of their catalog. Some alteration of elements in the style sheet affecting screen displays (e.g. font color) will also be possible locally.
  3. The SUL OPAC Subcommittee will be asked to assist in refinement of the interface by:
  4. The SUL OPAC Subcommittee has a listserv (SUSOPAC-L) on which some “business” discussions will occur.
  5. A separate listserv (LIBOPAC-L) has been set up to continue the function of WEBLUIS-L in the new ALEPH Web OPAC environment (i.e. for broader dissemination and discussion of ideas). All WEBLUIS-L subscribers (including all PSPC members) will be switched to LIBOPAC-L automatically, and opportunities for others to join this listserv will be advertised throughout the SUL. Comments will be encouraged from all interested staff in the SUL.
  6. If issues arise that require decisions…
  7. As was the case with WebLUIS, FCLA is committed to having the Web OPAC interface continue to evolve as needed.