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Dr. Rachel A. Schipper
Associate Dean
Technology & Support Services
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O. Box 117000
Gainesville, FL 32611-7000

Telephone: (352) 273-2505
Fax: (352) 392-7251

Technical Services Accomplishments 2007-2008

Technical Services Division collaborated with other divisions this year to implement several projects that refined workflows and improved services throughout the libraries.  The division’s Web pages were redesigned using a template provided by Tom Minton and updating documentation for department procedures is underway.  Gathering and reporting of the ARL statistics was refined and further improvements will follow in the coming year with the development of online reporting forms. 

As with all Aleph upgrades, the division was extensively involved in Aleph version 18 implementation.  Staff participated in leading training sessions for the new functionality in the cataloging and acquisitions modules.  Staff performed functionality testing and data review, contributing in-depth review and feedback to FCLA. Also this year the division participated in the implementation of Endeca/Mango OPAC through testing and providing feedback on the searching results and data clean-up. 

Members of   the division have been involved in supporting the regional joint storage facility planning and preparation through brittle book review and reclassification of collections in ALF and branch libraries.  The division also worked with Collection Management and Access Services to review and update the procedures for acquiring replacement copies of unreturned or lost materials. 

The division supports the Library 2.0 communication initiatives and has adopted the use of blogs and investigated the use of Wikis to improve communication within the departments and division as well as advance documentation of current processing tasks.  As is the standard practice in Technical Services, staff remains flexible in adjusting workflow when technology can be applied to increase efficiency. Collaboration with other departments in the library system is also a standard that often offers opportunities for improving library services to all our customers.

Materials Budget:

The UF Administration base allocation for the materials budget this year was $7,327,676.  Like other colleges on campus, the library took a 4.261% cut in the fall dropping the base to $7,013,310.  That adjusted base amount plus the Division of Sponsored Research income of $881,999.87 brought the grand total of the materials budget to $7,895,309.87. 

Personnel Changes:

Steve Fuguay retired from his position as Rare Book cataloger in the Cataloging & Metadata Department.  Lawan Orser retired from her position as Head of the Database Maintenance Unit in the Acquisitions & Licensing Department.  The two librarian positions they occupied have not been posted and filled.

Other vacancies due to resignations that have not been filled are: Digital Projects Metadata librarian in Cataloging & Metadata.

Jobs that were posted and filled: Electronic Resources Librarian (Chris Poehlmann) in Acquisitions & Licensing; Library Associate 1 (Jay Wiese transfer from Serials Unit to Monographs Unit) in Acquisitions & Licensing.

With the Smathers Library reorganization and retirement of the Database Maintenance Librarian, the Technical Support Unit and Database Maintenance Unit were disbanded and the activities were distributed to other departments in the library. Technical Support Unit staff, Jason Fleming and Michael Jay moved to the Instructional Technology Department.  Terri Smith of the Database Maintenance Unit is now a member of the Authorities & Metadata Quality Unit in the Catalog & Metadata Department.


Preservation Department implemented the recommendations of the Brittle Book Task Force and established a selector review process for the 3,000 brittle volumes backlog previously housed in Digital Library Services (DLS).  Selectors reviewed and withdrew from the collections approximately 50% of the titles.  Titles identified to be retained were replaced with paper or digital versions. 

Revitalized the microfilm sales program.  The program was moved from DLS back to Preservation Department and the activities have since been revitalized to an active project.

Preservation Department strengthened the retrospective dissertation scanning project with the creation of an Access database, completion of pilot project with USF intern in order to determine timing and workflow.  In addition, the department collaborated with DLS to clarify scanning timelines.

Cataloging & Metadata Department continued working with the Digital Library Services to refine the workflow between the departments and plan for implementing a process for adding UFDC bibliographic records to Endeca.

The department cataloged the Ray and Cary Cooper collection consisting of over 1,000 history of science monographs, serials and ephemeral items.

The department incorporated the collection from the satellite “library” Coastal Archives.  Ingested 4,500 print publications from the collection and cataloged over half of the items during this year.  The department expects to complete this project in fiscal year 2009.

Acquisitions & Licensing Department worked with selectors and Blackwell’s to prepare for implementation of new domestic firm order and approval vendor program during 2008/2009.

Reviewed the various electronic resources management systems available on the market including ExLibris’ Verde and recommended that Smathers purchase Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager. 

The department created a training room equipped with white board for brain storming sessions and large monitor to facilitate effective Aleph, Serials Solutions and other database training.


Cathy Martyniak organized and facilitated the 2007 Hurricane Season preparedness training session for all Library Building Emergency coordinators.  Weather radios were purchased and distributed.  The weather radio policy was drafted and approved.

The Domestic Approval Plan Review Task Force completed its review the domestic approval plan vendor services and recommended that the Library change vendors from YBP to Blackwell.  Steve Carrico and Paul Lightcap worked with Blackwell to make the transition during the summer of 2008.  Blackwell provided training for Collection Manager, their online system, to selectors and met with selectors to update approval profiles.

The division established the Library 2.0 Working Group to identify Web 2.0 initiatives for the libraries.  Also renamed and recharged the Technical Services Steering Committee to the Technical Services Alliance Committee.  This cross-divisional body served as an advisory group to Technical Services through cross-divisional discussions; the group was disbanded in August 2008.

Disbanded the Library West Collection Preparation Committee because their work was completed with the opening of Library West in the summer 2006.

Strategic collections

Expenditures for electronic resource purchases have continued to increase each year.  The cost is up 9.5% from last fiscal year, now consuming 63% of the total materials budget.  The total materials budget expenditures for 2007/2008 were $9,154,196.53 (includes: $7,025,671.25 annual state appropriation; $646,603 carry forward; $500,000 TIPS; $882,000 DSR; $99,922.28 Endowments).

Digital collections remain a focus of collection building and the division supports this growth by build access to digital resources through record loading into Aleph and Endeca.  For fiscal 2007/2008 records for electronic books and monographic collections increased to a total of 280,238 titles accessible online.

The Electronic Resources Unit continued to load Serials Solution catalog records for electronic journals into the Aleph and Endeca library catalogs, providing 45,174 URL links to electronic journals.

Cataloging and Metadata Department ingested and partially cataloged 4,500 print publications from Coastal Archives affiliated library collection.  The department also completed the project for cataloging over 1,000 monographs, serials and ephemeral items from the Ray and Cary Cooper Science Collection.
Binding expenditures and numbers of monograph volumes decreased to 3,624 items compared to last fiscal year with 6,040 items.  On the other hand, periodical binding increased to 10,008 compared to 9,882 last year.  Total binding cost $104,539 a decrease from last year’s spending of $129,475.

Gifts received 3,424 serials; 19,534 monographs and 3,476 miscellaneous items. Gifts added to the collections: 672 serials; 7,781 monographs and 2,737 miscellaneous items.  The Smathers Library Bookstore gross for fiscal year 2007/2008 was $8,328.90 and online book sales grossed $9,576.60.  Total book sales $17,905.50.

Detailed Department Reports

Acquisitions & Licensing Department

Cataloging & Metadata Department

Preservation Department