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Sarah Husney, Library West Circulation - Fall 2020 Winner

Sara Piety, Director of Development and External Relations

Judy Russell, Dean, Chair George A. Smathers Libraries



The University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries is proud to announce the James and Leslie Rutherford Library Student Assistant Scholarship.  This $500 scholarship will be awarded on a semester basis to selected individuals who are employed as student assistants at the Smathers Libraries. 

Interested library student assistants should complete the application and essay response and provide a copy of unofficial transcripts from ISIS. Application and Instructions.


  • Must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Must be a student assistant currently working in one of the following George A. Smathers Libraries: Architecture and Fine Arts, Education, Marston, Auxiliary Library Facility, Interim Library Facility, Library West, Smathers Library, or one of the Health Science Center Libraries
  • Must have worked at the Smathers Libraries for a minimum of two semesters (not including the current semester) by the time of the award.
  • Must be a full-time student
  • Previous winners are ineligible.
  • Applications must be received by deadline to be considered.

Spring Deadline - Friday, February 12 by 5:00pm

Generously Sponsored by James and Leslie Rutherford

Previous Winners
Christine Reynolds
Spring 2020
Elianne Rodriguez
Fall 2019
Megan Kanhai
Spring 2019
Bhumi Patel
Fall 2018
Harish Balaji
Spring 2018
Laura Salinas Duran
Fall 2017
Miguel Martinez
Spring 2017
Jessica Bergau
Fall 2016
Karen Gilmore
Spring 2016
Madelyn Houde
Fall 2015
Nathan Evens
Spring 2015
Arlian Smith
Fall 2014
Diego Amaya
Spring 2014
Theresa Gordon
Fall 2013
Christopher Perez
Spring 2013
Daphney Degand
Fall 2012
Laura Browning
Spring 2012
Kristina Wilson
Fall 2011
Michelle Harris
Spring 2011
Hypatia Bolivar
Fall 2010
Nancy Cooey
Spring 2010
Aly Perez
Fall 2009
Sara Danker
Fall 2008