The Sound of Radio and Television

The golden age of broadcasting from the radio heyday of the 20s, 30s and 40s, when Jack Benny, Bob Hope, The Shadow, Fanny Brice and H.V. Kaltenborn ruled the airwaves, through the television era when variety, drama, comedy, sports and world history flashed into our living rooms, each day. The rise of technology and the extraordinary popularity of radio and television, in the past century, led to revolutionary changes in entertainment, news gathering and delivery, lifestyles and history represented by the sights, sounds and ephemera from a magical and legendary era. Writer Robert Campbell called this broadcasting phenomenon "the reality that changed our world forever."

Guide to scripts by Preston Wood.

One of the more prolific of scriptwriters from the "Golden Age" of radio and television drama and comedy, Preston Wood has produced an amazing and varied list of credits in his sixty-year career. The PRESTON WOOD SCRIPT COLLECTION spans every genre from the western to science fiction and includes many of the classic television episodes cited by broadcast historians and baby boomer fans of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Dick Summer Audio Collection.

Collection of audio compact discs (CDs) featuring the spoken word readings and narrations ("personal audios") of legendary radio personality, voice artist, poet, writer and "story teller" Dick Summer.

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