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General Manuscripts

General Manuscripts are a diverse group of collections, ranging in size from the hundreds of boxes of papers of mystery writer John D. MacDonald to a small group of Batak manuscripts, written on alim bark. The collections are strongest in the areas of the literature and book arts, social activism and research, performing arts, natural sciences, broadcasting, drama, music, biography and history, human sciences, African history, and Haitiana, Caribbean and Latin America.

Accounting Archives. The Florida Accounting Archives were established in 1971 through gifts made and solicited by Dr. Williard E. Stone, Professor of Accounting, ca. 1960-1980, and Chairman of the Department of Accounting. The collection is composed of twelve manuscript groups relating to the history of accounting.

Ajalbert, Jean. Letters, 1887-1939 (bulk: 1887-1917). 27 letters and one poem from Jean Aljabert to Leon Hennique. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41h.

Allen, James de Vere. Typescript for Swahili Origins, Circa 1993. Unedited manuscript (electronic version on CD) of Allen's book. Ms Group 112 Box 2/7.

Angas, Tracy L'Engle. Papers, 1892-1986. Personal papers of Jacksonville woman who had careers in theater, broadcasting and lecturing. Contains letters from Zora Neale Hurston and glass slides of the history of fashion. 4 ln.ft. Ms Group 98.

Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, earl of. Manuscript concerning parliaments, [16??], 1 bound volume. "Published as Part I of The Original institution, power and jurisdiction of parliament," 1707. Ms Group 140.

Anonymous Copybook. 1774-1775. Copies of letters (dated 28 September 1774 - 31 July 1775) addressed to the Printer, to Lord North, to the King, etc., signed "An Englishman," "A Friend to the Government," "One Million of Loyal Faithful Englishmen," etc. on topics regarding the church, unrest in America, and other affairs of the day. A digital reproduction of is available online via the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). Ms. Group 112, Box 1/7.

Antoine, Andre. Letters, 1887-1931 (bulk: 1887-1909). Letters by André Antoine to Leon Hennique, Lucien Descaves and others. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41g.

Architectural Drawings Collection, 1930-2010. Miscellaneous architectural drawings, particulary of structures in Florida. Ms Group 273.

Archives of Recorded Poetry. Records, 1974-1978. Correspondence, recordings transcripts, and records from Rare Book and Manuscripts project to record Florida poets. Tapes are available in the Department. .62 ln/ft. Ms Group 99.

Arnold, A.S. Photo Album and Diary of a Trip to Jamaica, 1904. Documenting a 1904 trip to Jamaica taken by three New York doctors. Ms Group 272.

Austin, Elizabeth S. and Oliver L. Papers, 1933-1967. Ornithological correspondence and manuscripts. 6 ln/ft. Ms Group 51.

Barber, Red. Papers, 1925-1992. Scrapbooks, correspondence, manuscripts, memorabilia, photographs and audio tapes of the famed sports announcer. 19.5 ln/ft. Ms Group 71.

Baro, Gene. Papers, 1945-1982 (bulk: 1950-1965). Correspondence, writings and other papers created or accumulated by author and museum curator, Gene Baro. Includes correspondence with and about his friend, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Ms Group 231.

Batak Bark Books. Three books hand-made from folded alim tree bark by the people of Batak. Ms Group 93.

Beamer, Elmer G. Papers, 1949-1972 (bulk: 1962-1972). American Institute of Certified Public Accountants correspondence, notes, seminar reports; Committee on Continuing Education correspondence, memos, reports, speeches; American Accounting Association; Beamer speeches; Cleveland Chamber of Commerce Committee on Education. Part of Accounting Archives. 3 boxes. 1.3 feet.

Bechtel, Louisa Seaman. Papers, 1917-1986. Editor, author, lecturer on children's literature. Manuscripts, correspondence, biographical materials, dairies. 10 boxes; 6 ln. ft. Ms Group 136.

Beebe, Ethel Fairmont. Papers, 1900-1977. Author with pen name of Fairmont Snyder and animal welfare activist. Unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, news clipping, photographs and other material relating to both her literary and animal welfare careers. 8 boxes; 4.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 115.

Bergen-Belsen Photographs. 1945. Photographs taken following the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany during World War II. 2 boxes. Ms Group 137.

Berner, Lewis. Papers, 1933-1955. Entomologist and professor. Conducted entomological and malaria research in Africa (Accra, Ghana; the Volta River Basin; and, the Shire River, Nyasaland). Photographs, correspondence, field notes, reports, papers for presentations, maps, publications, and postcards. 8 boxes; 3 ln.ft. Ms Group 155.

Bigelow, Gordon E.. Papers, 1960-1985. Correspondence, manuscripts, and other materials created by or related to the professional life of scholar of American Literature Gordon E. Bigelow. .4 linear feet; 1 Box. MSS 0386.

Birley and Company. Records, 1810-1877. Accounting Records of Charlton Mills, Birley & Co., and Charles MacIntosh & Co. Inventories, ledgers, and correspondence. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.8 ln.ft.

Blake, T. Papers [Commonplace book, 1775-1824, entitled "Miscellanies"]. [85] leaves. 7 loose pages. Copies of poetry and prose, epitaphs, anecdotes, etc. Includes numerous references to the area of Bath, England. Some items are signed "T. Blake." Ms. Group 126.

Block, Edgar S. Papers, 1919-1966. Author, German immigrant. Typescripts and correspondence re: The American Muse and other writings. 1.5 ln.ft. MS Group 19.

Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich. Lecture transcripts, 1804-1805. Transcripts of lectures by scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach on natural history. Ms Group 138.

Bonaparte, Napoleon. 100th Anniversary Scrapbooks, 1809-1914 (bulk: 1894-1914). Scrapbooks commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Napoleonic Era, including the dedication of monuments to the Battle of Waterloo, the Battle of Jemappes, and the Victor Hugo Monument at Waterloo. 8 volumes. MSS 0456.

Borowsky, Lisa von. Collection, 1922-1987. Album of photos taken by Borowsky at the Chinsegut Hill Estate and Sanctuary and a notebook of photos of her and other memorabilia of her life. 1.25 ln.ft. 2 Boxes. Ms Group 154.

Bowen, Robert, O. Papers, 1948-1967. Manuscripts and correspondence. Writer and professor of creative writing. 18 boxes; 9 ln.ft. Ms Group 13.

Bradford, Ralph. Papers, 1943-1978. Typescripts, galleys, etc. re: The Freeman and other publications. 1.0 ln.ft. MS Group 72.

Brandt and Brandt. Papers Related to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1932-1974. Correspondence of the Brandt and Brandt literary agency pertaining to author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. 5 boxes. MS Group 246.

Buffett, Jimmy. Papers, 1975-1993. Manuscripts, drafts and galleys of books written by Jimmy Buffett, accompanied by notes and related correspondence. MS Group 105.

Campbell, Bob. Papers, 1948-2011. Bob Campbell is best known for his success encouraging and filming the first peaceful close encounters between a human and mountain gorillas, as part of Dian Fossey's conservation and primatology field research at the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda, Central Africa. The bulk of the collection is Bob Campbell's professional photographic work, primarily on the subjects of African wildlife and orchids, with an emphasis on East African species.

Campbell, John George Truscott. British Patent Document Issued to John George Truscott Campbell for "Improvements In Propelling Vessels," 1841 June 17. British patent document issued to John George Truscott Campbell for "Improvements In Propelling Vessels." A round tin container houses the large double-sided yellow wax seal which is attached to the document by red cords. .16 linear feet. MSS 0515.

Carr, Robert Spencer. Papers, 1927-1948. Typescripts of Rampant Age, Bells of St. Ivan's, and The Room Beyond. 1 ln.ft. Ms Group 60.

Carter, Gwendolen M.. Collection, 1932-1991. Comprised of Gwendolen Carter's research and personal files, predominantly related to her research of South Africa and southern Africa during the 1970s and 1980s. 14 boxes; 5.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 193.

Catechisms and Sermons by Jesuit Priests in Bolivia, 1649. In Spanish and Aymara languages. Ms Group 139.

Chambers, Raymond J. Papers, 1963-1973. Professor of Accounting, University of Sidney. Bibliography of works, typescripts of accounting articles. 1 box. Part of Accounting Archives.

Charles IV, King of Spain. Real Cedula to Cuba. An official copy of a real cedula expressing the King of Spain's displeasure toward interracial marriages in Cuba. MS Group 302.

Child, Graham and Brian African Wildlife and Range Management Collection, 1909-2004 (Bulk: 1960-2004). Includes reports, correspondences, maps, charts, related literature, and documents relating to the development, implementation and assessment of multiple wildlife programs and initiatives. Dr. Graham Child was active from the late 1950s onwards and his son, Brian Child, began his academic work in the 1980s. Both Graham and Brian work extensively in Zimbabwe (known as Rhodesia pre-1980), although the collection contains extensive material about Zambia, Botswana as well as research consultancies throughout the world. Ms Group 291.

Childre, Winnie. Papers, 1970-71. Gainesville, Florida poet. Typescript of Highlights and Shadows, and correspondence with Hugo Black, George C. Wallace and others. 0.5 ln.ft. (1 Box). Ms Group 58.

Chung, Kai Lai. Papers, 1933-2004 (bulk: 1946-2004). Correspondence, journal and notebooks of mathematician Kai Lai Chung. Ms Group 284.

Claxton, Robert: Climatology Collection. 1974-2000. Bob Claxton was a professor at West Georgia College, with a teaching and research focus on Latin America and the Environment, as well as an author of numerous articles and books. This subject collection focuses on climatology in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, with a particular focus on climate change, drought, and other extreme or disastrous weather events.

Cocteau, Jean. Letters, 1912-1958 (bulk: 1912-1925). Letters written by Jean Cocteau to Madeleine Le Chevrel, Henri Sarguet, and others. Also includes a poem. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41b.

Cohen, Ronald. Papers, 1950-1996. Anthropologist and ethnographer. Field notes, writings, correspondence, and other research related to Nigeria. 9.25 ln.ft. Ms Group 142.

Companhia de Diamantes de Angola Photographs. 1962. 22 photographs of the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola's operations. Ms Group 112 2/5.

Cooper, Ray and Cary. Science Collection. The Ray and Cary Cooper Science Collection consists of books, journals, clippings, photographs, correspondence, and signatures from prominent figures in the history of science (aeronautics, chemistry, physics, technology), and the development of the atomic bomb. Materials in the collection cover the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. .41 linear feet. MSS 0490.

Creative Writing Collection. A collection of more than 300 manuscripts and proof copies by approximately 130 authors, intended to show various stages of the creative writing process. The most extensively represented authors are Taylor Caldwell (10 titles) and Pat Frank (6 titles). Other writers include Ernest Hemingway, Gore Vidal, Truman Capote, James Branch Cabell, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Donald Justice. Individual titles are included in the UF Libraries' catalog. 30 ln.ft.

Croker, John Wilson. Papers, 1808-1857. British statesman, author, critic. Correspondence. 1.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 20.

Crom, Theodore R. "Ted". Papers, 1970-1989. Research material for his books on horological tools. 2 ln.ft. Ms Group 96.

Cross Creek Trial (Cason vs. Baskin). Papers, 1938-1949. Correspondence and legal papers pertaining to the Cross Creek Trial involving author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (including papers of her attorney, Phil May). 3.33 ln.ft. Ms Group 33.

Cust, Maria Adelaide. Journal, 1860-1864. Wife of Robert Needham Cust and mother of Albinia Cust Wherry. Journal of her life in India, where she died January 17, 1864. Ms Group 134.

Daudet, Lucien. Letters, 1906-1933. Four letters from Lucien Daudet to Leon Hennique and Nicolette Valentin. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41e.

Deevey, Edward S. Papers, 1924-1988. Correspondence, field notes, publications, research proposals, and other papers of limnologist and educator, Edward S. Deevey. 17 ln.ft. Ms Group 239.

Denishawn. Dance Collection, Circa 1900-2013 (bulk: 1900-1972). Collection of letters, photographs, programs, posters, monographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, etc. pertaining to the professional and private lives of modern dance pioneers Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn and associates. 12.5 ln.ft. MS Group 325.

DePol, John. Collection, 1947-2001. Copies of engravings, prints, and illustrations by John DePol. Includes articles about the artist, correspondence, publications, notes, exhibition materials, and ephemera. 0.4 ln.ft. Ms Group 180.

Dodd, Mead Contract Collection, 1872-1984. The publisher, Dodd, Mead, and Company, was founded by Moses W. Dodd and John S. Taylor in New York City in 1839 as the firm Taylor and Dodd. Over the years, the firm leadership changed and the name evolved along with it, becoming M. W. Dodd in 1840, Dodd and Mead in 1870, and, finally, Dodd, Mead and Company in 1876. The company ceased operations 1990. The collection consists of publishing contracts and similar agreements, as well as correspondence regarding publishing and negotiating reprints and new editions.

Dryden, John. Manuscript copy, possibly written in the late 18th or early 19th century, of an original letter written February 2, 1698 or 1699, by John Dryden to Elizabeth Steward. Ms Group 112 Box 2/12.

East African Professional Hunters' Association. Records, 1934-1999 (bulk: 934-1977). Include the association's minutes, membership records, rules, reports, correspondence, collected press clippings, records of trophies awarded, disciplinary actions, member biographical sketches, and photographs. 11.75 ln.ft.

Eaton, Marquis G. Papers, 1949-1957. Speeches, committee records, articles and correspondence covering his tenure as president of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Part of Accounting Archives. 15 boxes, 6.25 ln.ft.

Eberhart, Richard. Papers, 1977-1990. Typescripts and copies of poems and addresses by poet Richard Eberhart. Ms Group 85.

Ellis, Linda Abess. Collection, 1947-1948. Letters related to Lillian Smith and the Laurel Falls Camp for Girls. 0.2 ln/ft. MS Group 188.

Emanuel Synagogue Seminar on Martin Buber. Transcript, 1964. Transcript of two seminar sessions by Hans Kohn and Alexander Altmann on Jewish religious philosopher Martin Buber, held at the Emanuel Synagogue in Hartford, Connecticut. Ms Group 112.

Fairchild, David. Typescript, "Southern Trip", 1917. David Fairchild's typescript account of his 1917 trip from Washington, D.C. to Florida to observe cultivation of imported bamboo plants. Ms Group 141.

Feist, Richard M. Papers, 1945-1953. This collection contains the papers of Richard M. Feist and some papers of Abraham Glück and Hermann Neudorf. These records include both personal and professional papers, and correspondence with members of the Jewish Brigade of the British Army, family members, members of Kibbutz Buckingham in England, various organizations in Europe and Palestine/Israel, and private persons searching for relatives or for other types of aid from 55 Search Bureau of the British Army of the Rhine following the Holocaust. In addition, the collection contains some newspaper clippings, internal secret documents issued by the British Army, and reports and documentation of the postwar work of the Search Bureau and its institutional partners. Additional documents and correspondence with organizations and private persons in Palestine and Europe are also included, While this collection reveals little about Feist's life outside of his work during a short yet tumultuous historical period following World War II, it provides an important contribution to research on the process and logistics needed to address the enormous task of searching for missing persons created in the aftermath of the Holocaust. 0.42 ln.ft.

Flagler College's Hotel Ponce de Leon Architecture Collection. 1886-1963 (bulk: 1886-1924). Architectural drawings, blueprints and related material for the Hotel Ponce de Leon (now Ponce de Leon Hall at Flagler College) in St. Augustine, Florida. The hotel was designed by the Carrère & Hastings firm. The collection also includes items related to other buildings constructed and operated by Henry M. Flagler and the East Coast Hotel Company. Ms Group 311.

Fortune, George. Papers, 1869-2006 (bulk: 1945-1990). George Fortune (1915-2012) conducted extensive research and wrote widely on Central and Southern African languages for over fifty years. His writings concerning the Shona language were crucial to the development of a standard Shona orthography, and he also played a key role in establishing African linguistics as a field of study at African universities. Materials concerning Shona language and culture are particularly well represented in the collection, including extensive notes and writings concerning Shona dialects, phonetics, stories, and songs.

Foster, Louis O. Papers, 1929-1961. Professor of Accounting, Dartmouth University. Author of several accounting textbooks. Manuscripts of published and unpublished works, including his doctoral dissertation. Part of Accounting Collection. 4 boxes. 1.5 feet.

Frank, Pat. Papers, 1946-1958. Pat Frank (pen name for Harry Hart Frank) was an American writer, journalist, and government consultant. Frank is best known for his 1959 novel Alas, Babylon, which chronicles life in a Central Florida town after a nuclear attack that destroys much of the state. The collection includes the typescript for Alas, Babylon, along with the typescripts, proofs and jackets for several of Frank's other works of fiction. Ms Group 307.

Funk, Arthur L. Papers, 1934-1988. Small collection of papers from the files of former University of Florida history professor Arthur Funk. Features World War II artwork by Funk. 1 box. 0.5 feet.

Gainesville Eight (Lois Hensel Collection). 1973-2015. The "Gainesville Eight," a group of anti-Vietnam War protesters associated with Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), planned a demonstration during the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami, Florida. They were arrested and charged on accusations of plotting a violent protest, but were later acquitted due to lack of evidence and signs of government interference. This collection houses newspaper clippings covering the trail, juror notes, VVAW papers, some correspondence, and analysis articles; and gives insight into protest movements and government corruption in the 1970s.

Goncourt, Edmond de. Letters, 1880-1894. Nine letters written by Edmond de Goncourt to Leon Hennique. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41f.

Grady, Paul. Papers, 1938-1967. Copies of published and unpublished papers by Paul Grady on accounting (originals deposited in the Hoover Institution, Stanford University). Part of Accounting Archives. 1 box. 0.4 ln.ft.

Graham, Alistair. Papers, 1964-1998 (Bulk: 1965-1979). Alistair D. Graham, a Kenyan wildlife conservation biologist specializing in crocodiles, co-founded Wildlife Services, Ltd. in 1964. Included here are original field data sheets recording morphometric measurements of Nile crocodile populations at Lake Turkana, maps of crocodile nesting sites in the Okavango Delta, and original data from other sites such as Kabalega Falls National Park (Uganda) and Nechisar National Park (Ethiopia). The collection documents professional wildlife conservation and management practices in East and Southern Africa during the second half of the 20th century. Several of the surveys were the first time their subject populations were mapped, so they may serve as baseline references for future research. 1.28 linear feet. MSS 0393.

Greer, Rebecca E. Manuscripts, ca. 1969. Typescripts of Anyone Can Marry and How To Live Rich When You Are Not. 0.5 ln/ft. (1 Box). Ms Group 52.

Gregg, James H. Typescript of Memoir, "Awesome Spring". A personal narrative typescript that describes the wartime experiences of Gregg while serving as a rifleman in Germany from March 2 to May 7 (V-E Day), 1944. Ms. Group 112 1/5.

Gregory, Horace. Collection, 1933-1943. Horace Gregory's collection of form letters and announcements from left-wing political and civil rights organizations. Ms. Group 112 1/6.

Grosser, Morton. Typescript manuscript of Morton Grosser's book, Gossamer Odyssey: The Triumph of Human Flight, circa 1983. Ms Group 133.

Guiteras Font, Eusebio. Album de viaje, 1842-1845. Three journals of notes by Eusebio Guiteras Font about his journey with Antonio Guiteras Font from their home in Matanzas, Cuba to the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Holy Land, and Egypt. MS Group 321.

Gutman, Harvey E. Films, 1959-1973. Digital reproductions of motion picture films created by Harvey E. Gutman in several countries in which he lived while working in various capacities for the Agency for International Development, USAID (1958-1980). Ms Group 112 Box 2/17.

Hallam, Arthur Henry. Papers, 1811-1947. Manuscripts by and about Hallam. Latin and Greek exercises, algebra notebook, etc. 0.21 ln.ft. Ms Group 9.

Hamilton, Jefferson M. Architectural Drawings and Photographs, 1926-1947. Plans, renderings, and photographs related to the architecture of Hamilton in Tampa, Florida. 1 box. Ms Group 185.

Hapsis-Hugo, Marilyn Staton. Design Collection, 1956-2009 (bulk: 1956-1986). Designs and a small number of photographs documenting the design work of Hapsis-Hugo for Albert Hugo Associates, as well as freelance and student work. Ms Group 286.

Harn, Julia E. Manuscripts, 1899-1931. Typescript of "Old Canoochee Backwoods Sketches" and a play, "The Dusenberrys." 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 73.

Harris, Larry D. Papers, 1955-2009 (bulk: 1965-1994). Larry D. Harris volunteered as a wildlife game management officer (1964-1966) and biologist (1966-1967) supporting the creation of Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania. Following receipt of his doctoral degree, he served for 27 years as an academic professor and consultant (1972-1999). The papers contain field notes, research data, and photographs he collected while working on his dissertation concerning wild game populations in Tanzania. Also included is material relating to his consulting work in Botswana and his work as a Professor of Wildlife and Range Sciences at the University of Florida. 5.43 linear feet. MSS 0361.

Harrisse, Henry. Correspondence, 1884-1899. Letters and postcards from French-American Historian Henry Harrisse to Italian scholar Ildebrando Rossi regarding maps and documents concerning early American history and exploration. The correspondence dates from 1884 to 1899 and is written primarily in French. .21 linear feet. MSS 0489.

Harrisson, Tom. Papers, 1866-1976. Papers of pioneer turtle scientist in Sarawak and official of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 3.3 ln.ft. Ms Group 85.

Harwell, Richard B. Papers, 1860 [bulk 1950] - 1959. Historian and author. Drafts, proofs, notes, correspondence, and source material dealing with the Civil War, especially the Confederacy. 3 ln.ft. Ms Group 30.

Haskins, James S.. Papers, 1920s-2006 (bulk: 1961-2004). James Haskins (1941-2005) was a prolific author of more than 100 published books, mostly of African American nonfiction and biography for children and adolescent readers, though he is perhaps most known for his books The Cotton Club and Mr. Bojangles, which each served as inspiration for film adaptations. He was also a Professor of English at the University of Florida and maintained a busy schedule of speaking and lecturing engagements. These papers include both professional and personal records from throughout Haskins's career.

Hatch, Alden and Allene. Papers, 1874-2003 (bulk: 1933-1986). Manuscripts, correspondence, interviews, research papers, and other materials relating to biographies, histories, and novels written by author Alden Hatch, and by author and illustrator Allene Gaty Hatch. 42.5 feet. Ms Group 77.

Hauser, Marianne. Papers, 1929-2005. Edits, drafts, and manuscripts of Hauser's novels, short stories, and journal articles. Also includes related correspondence and research, as well as personal correspondence and photos from several trips. 11.6 ln.ft. (20 Boxes). Ms Group 230.

Hay, William Perry. Papers, 1885-1937. Includes correspondence, copies of articles, and zoological drawings and miscellaneous papers of zoologist and educator William Perry Hay. 0.5 ln.ft. (1 Box). Ms Group 7.

Heney, John. Papers, 1927-1969. Band director/drummer. Correspondence regarding band music in Florida. 5 ln.ft. Ms Group 55.

Hiaasen, Carl. Papers, 1978-2005. Correspondence, typescripts of Skin Tight, Native Tongue, Strip Tease, etc. 3 ln.ft. Ms Group 104.

Hoffman, Charles A. Papers, 1958-2005 (bulk: 1966-1990). Hoffman was a distinguished archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in the American Southwest, Florida, and the Caribbean. His areas of interest included eastern Arizona archaeology, mammoth and Native Peoples interactions (big game hunting), and Columbus's first landfall. The collection is comprised of materials primarily related to Florida and the Caribbean, including his field notebooks, publications and research files, photographs, membership and association files, correspondence, and grant proposals. Ms Group 292.

Howe Library Manuscripts. Manuscripts from the Library of Parkman Dexter Howe of notable New England authors, including Louisa May Alcott, William Cullen Bryant, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost, Amy Lowell, James Russell Lowell, Harriett Prescott Spofford, and John Greenleaf Whittier. The manuscripts are described in a series of published catalogs. 1 ln.ft. (2 boxes).

Howey, John. Sarasota School of Architecture Collection, 1926-2001. Photographs, drawings, models and research materials collected or created by John Howey during the creation of the book and exhibition entitled, The Sarasota School of Architecture, 1941-1966. The materials pertain to the numerous modern architects working in Sarasota, Florida, during that period. Ms Group 274.

Hurston, Zora Neale. Papers, 1919-2002 (bulk: 1926-1960). Correspondence, manuscripts, and notes of author/anthropologist. 6 ln.ft. Ms Group 6.

Ishill, Joseph. Collection, 1890-1971. Printer and founder of Oriole Press. Correspondence regarding anarchists, artists, etc. 10 ln.ft. Ms Group 42.

Italian Miscellaneous Manuscripts. Miscellany, 1680-1778. Latin manuscripts, written in Naples, on diverse subjects. 2 ln.ft. Ms Group 49.

Jackson, Laura Riding. Papers, ca. 1970-1976. Typescripts of "The Telling" and other short poems. Correspondence. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 71.

Jennings, Alvin R. Papers, 1948-1964. Manuscripts of papers delivered at accounting society meetings. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.8 ln.ft.

Johns, Ralph S. Collection of Accountant Certificates, 1876-1968 (bulk: 1930-1968). Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.75 ln.ft.

Jolles, Frank. Collection of Richard Ndimande's Studio Photographs, 1960-1999. 47 photographic negative portraits collected by Dr. Frank Jolles. Studio portraits taken at Z.J.S. Ndimande and Son, Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal. Ms Group 112 2/16.

Juergensen, Hans. Papers, 1962-1972. Poet and teacher, University of South Florida. Correspondence, 1962-1972. Typescripts of articles and poems. 2 ln.ft. Ms Group 61.

Kahn, Hannah. Papers, 1939-1987. Manuscripts of major and minor works by poet Hannah Kahn, including translations of the Yiddish poet Racjel Zychlinsk. Also includes correspondence and miscellaneous documents. Ms Group 94.

Kalliope. Mary Sue Koeppel's Papers Relating to Kalliope, 1978-2007. Contains materials relating to the publication of Kalliope: A Journal of Women's Literature and Art, as well as personal files of Mary Sue Koeppel. 2.75 ln.ft. Ms Group 260.

Kennedy, Noel. Typescript, 1994?. Photocopy of a typescript entitled Grass Roots in which Kennedy describes his early life on a family farm in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). Ms Group 112 Box 2/4.

Kent, David L.. Letterpress and Calligraphy Collection, 1944-2005 (bulk: 1967-2005). Correspondence, printed ephemera, and publications created by letterpress printers and other individuals in the graphic arts. Ms Group 194.

Klein, Hinds & Finke. Records of the Kreuger Match Case (International Match Corporation), 1924-1940 (bulk: 1932-1940). Papers regarding the bankruptcy of the International Match Corporation (IMCO), following the suicide of Ivar Kreuger in 1932. Accounting firm of New York. Part of Accounting Archives. 8 boxes. 3.5 ln.ft.

Kratina Family Collection. 1841-1967. This collection documents several generations associated with the Pressly and Kratina families. These records primarily consist of correspondence that highlights subjects such as the effects of the depreciation of German money and harsh import taxes in the 1920s and 1930s, the presence of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in Germany, and life under Soviet occupation in the postwar period. The collection includes genealogical documents; photographs and newspaper clippings featuring the Kratina family; and works by and about Rudolph Kratina, including lithographs of sketches he created, music he composed or arranged, and performance posters and pamphlets.

Laforgue, Jules. Letters, Not dated. Poems, a resolution and a letter written by Jules Laforgue. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41d.

Lahr, Georgiana Lieder. Papers, 1969- . Manuscripts/typescripts of poetry. 3.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 67.

Lanzillotti, Robert F.. Papers, 1958-1995. Robert F. Lanzillotti (1921-) served as Dean for the University of Florida College of Business Administration and was a member of Richard Nixon's Price Commission from 1971 to 1973. This collections consists of material from Lanzillotti's tenure on the Price Commission and material from the Report of the Florida Unitary Tax Study Commission for which Robert Lanzillotti was chairman. Additionally, the papers include photographs, clippings, and other materials regarding Lanzillotti's career.

Lashley, Claire Schiller. Papers, 1947-1958. Psychologist. Correspondence, and papers relating to Instinctive Behavior which she edited and translated. 0.6 ln.ft. Ms Group 90.

Lashley, Karl Spencer. Papers, 1950-1958. Psychologist and physiologist Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, drawings, and lectures. 2.3 ln.ft. Ms Group 89.

Latham, Jean Lee. Papers, ca. 1950. Typescripts: "Columbia, the Power of America," "This Dear-Bought Land," and "The Frightened Hero." 1.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 65.

Lee, Fleming. Papers, 1946-2006. Manuscripts, correspondence and memorabilia, primarily related to Fleming Lee's career as a writer of children's fiction. 2.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 219.

Lemarchand, Rene. Lemarchand Collection of African Political Papers. Official reports and other documents assessing political situations and events, newspapers from several countries. Copies of unpublished studies and reports from Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Chad, Gabon and Libya. 7.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 106.

Lighthouses of Angola (Farois de Angola) . Photograph album. Photographs taken in the 1930s and early 1940s of the lighthouses on the coast of Angola, and descriptions written in Portuguese. 1 album. Ms Group 202.

Linebarger, Paul Myron Wentworth. Unpublished manuscript of Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger's autobiography, "Counsellor to Sun Yat-sen." Ms Group 129.

Locke, Duane. Papers, 1960-1975. Poet, editor of the Poetry Review and UT Review. Correspondence with poets; typescripts, issues of magazines. 4.0 ln.ft. Ms Group 80.

Louys, Pierre. Sonnet, 1890. Untitled sonnet by Pierre Louys. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41c.

Lytle, Andrew: Letters to Alan Frederiksen. 1964-2004. Andrew Nelson Lytle (1905-1995) was a novelist, professor, and editor of The Sewanee Review. This collection houses letters from Andrew Lytle to Alan Frederiksen, between the years of 1964 and 2004. The letters are personal in nature and mostly regard the publications of Frederiksen's works during Lytle's tenure as editor of The Sewanee Review and the friendship between the two writers.

MacDonald, John D. Collection, 1800-1997 (Bulk dates: 1916-1986). John D. MacDonald (1916-1986) was a prolific Florida author of mystery and suspense novels, including the popular Travis McGee series. The collection is comprised of his manuscripts and other writings, personal and professional correspondence, screenplays and adaptations, reviews, family papers, photographs, audiovisual recordings, ephemera, financial records and business correspondence. MS Group 21.

Manis, W.E. Collection, 1939-1941. Photos, letters and ephemera collected or created by Manis during his work as a Rubber Planter and later in change of the research department of Firestone Plantations Co. in Liberia, West Africa (1940-41). 2 albums. Ms Group 143.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society. Archives of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society, 1988- . Records of the Society and ephemera related to Rawlings. On deposit by the Society. 3 ln.ft.

Marshall, Arthur R., Jr. Papers, 1954-1984. Manuscripts, correspondence, and other papers of a biologist/ecologist regarding the restoration of water flow in South Florida and other environmental issues. 3.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 73.

Marshall, Nathan S. Papers, 1853-1965. A diary and related materials belonging to Nathan S. Marshall, a hospital steward on U.S.S. Vandalia describing Admiral Matthew C. Perry's fleet and the mission to Japan, 1853-1856. Part of Miscellaneous Manuscript Groups. Ms. Group 112, Box 1/8.

McCollum, Ruby, defendant. Documents relating to the trial of Ruby McCollum for the murder of Dr. LeRoy Adams, Live Oak, Florida, 1954. Official records copied from the State of Florida Archives and notes and correspondence of Zora Neale Hurston, among others. Also included are copies of Ruby McCollum related documents copied from the William Bradford Huie Papers (Ohio State University Archives). 0.58 ln.ft. Ms. Group 118.

McLuhan, Marshall. Eight letters written between 1956-1972 from Marshall McLuhan to Aubrey L. Williams, Professor of English at Yale University and the University of Florida. Ms Group 112 Box 2/11.

McRae, William A. Papers, 1945. Correspondence of military officers regarding the United Nations Security Council. Part of Miscellaneous Collections, Box 1, folders 2-3. Ms Group 112.

Medina, Jose Toribio. Memorabilia, 1927-1953. News clippings and memorabilia collected by Maury A. Bromsen related to the centennial celebration for José Toribio Medina in 1952. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 203.

Memorial Presbyterian Church Architecture Collection. 1886-1904. Architectural drawings and blueprints for the Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida. The church was designed by the Carrère & Hastings firm for Henry M. Flagler. Ms Group 312.

Mickler, Ernest Matthew. Papers, 1917-1991 (bulk: 1944-1980). Ernest Matthew Mickler's published and unpublished writings, correspondence, biographical materials, and photographs. Ms Group 95.

Miscellaneous Accounting Papers, 1837-1971. Miscellaneous, small collections that form part of the Accounting Archives. O.V.F. Blythe. John Faire. Louis Goldberg. Maurice E. Peloubet. Procter and Gamble Company. George L. Wright. 2 boxes. 0.8 feet.

Moore, Harry T. Documentary Collection, 1937-2001. This collection consists of material used in a documentary on the bombing of Harry T. Moore's home in Mims, Florida, in December 1951. The film was entitled Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore.

Moore, Thomas. Papers, 1806-1832 and n.d. Irish poet. Correspondence, poems, and engravings. 1 box. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 38.

Myers, Isabel Briggs. Papers, ca. 1890-1980. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Typology Laboratory (University of Florida), personality type; records, research data, notebooks, correspondence, testing materials, "Gifts Differing" and "Introduction to Type". 96 ln.ft. Ms Group 64.

National Women's Conference. Interviews by Marjorie Abrams, 1977-1978. Interviews conducted at the National Women's Conference in Houston in 1977. Ms Group 316.

Ndimande, Richard. Studio Photographs Collected by Frank Jolles, 1960-1999. 47 photographic negative portraits collected by Dr. Frank Jolles. Studio portraits taken at Z.J.S. Ndimande and Son, Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal. Ms Group 112 2/16.

Nims, Rufus. Architectural Drawings, 1950-1992. Plans for residences and buildings in Florida, Louisiana, New York, Costa Rica, and several countries in the Caribbean. 19 ln.ft. MS Group 177.

Noailles, Anna de. Letters, 1903-1923. Eight letters from Anna, Comtesse Mathieu de Noailles to Charles Derennes. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41a.

Oberly, Aaron S. Letter describing Havana, Cuba, 1865. Manuscript letter written aboard the U.S. Steamer Santiago de Cuba by U.S. Navy Assistant Surgeon Oberly describing the people, the climate, the music, and the activity on the roads and docks of Havana. 1 folder. MS Group 164.

Observations de la Chambre de Commerce, Marseille, France. 1816 manuscript entitled, "Observations de la Chambre de Commerce... Marseille," which deals with the commerce of Marseille, particularly with the French colonies in the Americas. Ms Group 112 Box 2/10.

Observations Importantes by Sugar Traders in Nantes, France. 1788. "Observations Importantes" by anonymous sugar traders in Nantes, France, and an "Avis" written by the deputies of commerce of Brittany. Ms Group 112 Box 2/9.

O'Connor, Frank. Papers, 1903-1966. Manuscripts, typescripts, notebooks, etc. 13 ln.ft. Ms Group 92.

Orr Family. Papers, 1828-1957 (bulk, 1843-1900). Letters, engravings, and memorabilia of Nathaniel Orr, the engraver/illustrator, his wife Elisabeth, and daughters, especially Alice Orr Tredwell. 3 ln.ft. Ms Group 83.

Parker, Ian S. C. Collection Relating to East African Wildlife Conservation, 1896-2012 (bulk: 1956-2004). Documents wildlife management and conservation in East Africa, particularly in Kenya, over more than fifty years. The bulk of the collection spans 1956-2004 and covers Parker's service as a Game Warden in Kenya, his activities with Wildlife Services Ltd., work as an independent consultant, and his research and activities relating to the ivory trade, poaching, elephants and other wildlife. 35.75 Linear feet. MS Group 324.

Paton, William Andrew. Papers, 1944-1972. Correspopndence, manuscripts, research drafts, etc. Member of the Accounting Hall of Fame. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes.

Patrick, J. Max. Papers, 1949-1955. University of Florida professor. Correspondence re: his edition of William H. Mallock's The New Republic. 0.5 ln.ft. (1 Box). Ms Group 4.

Peter, Emmett B. Jr. Papers, bulk: 1954-1969. Journalist and author. Correspopndence, manuscripts, research notes, etc., pertaining to James Branch Cabell. 2 boxes. Ms Group 153.

Philip II, King of Spain. Relacion de la orden y manera de proceder del Santo Officio... de la Inquisicion, 1700-1799?. Manuscript copy of a 1559 relacion by Philip II relating the procedures to be followed by the Holy Office of the Inquisition (Santo Officio). 1 folder. Ms Group 112 1/1.

Photographs of an Italian Military Doctor in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland. 1928-1940 (bulk: 1936-1938). Photographs of an Italian military doctor in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland. The photos are dated 1928-1940 but the majority are from 1936-1938. Ms Group 112 3/5.

Photographs of Dakar in 1939. Collection of 23 photos of Dakar in 1939 showing residential areas, architecture, commerce, Dakar residents, street scenes, and various views of the city. Ms Group 112 3/6.

Pickren, Pansy. Papers, 1957-1960. Teacher, Palatka, Fl. Correspondence, and manuscripts of poems and children's stories. 1.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 11.

Pomerance, Leon. Papers, 1941-1983. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, and other papers of Leon Pomerance, collector of archaeological artifacts and art. Ms Group 314.

Pope, Edith. Papers, 1899-1961. Author. Correspondence with editors and other writers, including Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Manuscripts. 10 ln.ft. Ms Group 3.

Post Cards of Ethiopian Royalty and Clergy. Post cards (23) showing members of the royalty and clergy in Ethiopia. Ms Group 112 3/3.

Post Cards of the Belgian Congo and French Equatorial Africa. Circa 1940-1954. Photograph post cards depicting the Belgian Congo (presently the Democratic Republic of Congo) primarily in the Kivu province and French Equatorial Africa primarily in Chad and the French Congo (presently the Republic of Congo). Ms Group 112 3/7.

Potter, Edward T. Architectural drawings, ca. early 1870s. Water color and pen and ink drawings of Potter's design for St. John's Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 15 items. Ms Group 186.

Pratt, Lucy. Music book, 1819. Manuscript practice book. 1 volume. Ms group 132.

Propaganda Post Cards Depicting the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. Circa 1936. Eight post cards used by Italy as propaganda during or following the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. Ms Group 112 3/4.

Pucci, G. G. Pucci's Photograph Album Relating to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Libya, 1939. An album containing photos taken by an Italian soldier, G. Pucci, in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Libya, February 3-27, 1939. Ms Group 8.

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. Papers, 1844-2002 (bulk: 1916-1953). Pulitzer-winning author who lived in rural Cross Creek, Florida, and wrote novels and stories focusing on rural themes and settings, including The Yearling and Cross Creek. Correspondence, manuscripts, scrapbooks, photos, legal papers, etc. 42.75 ln.ft. Ms Group 1.

Raymond Gay-Crosier Collection on Albert Camus. 1926-2015. Albert Camus (1913-1960) was a French philosopher, author, playwright, and journalist. He obtained a degree in philosophy from the University of Algiers in 1935. Collector Raymond Gay-Crosier is a professor at the University of Florida, primarily focused on 20th-century French literature. This collection includes correspondence, typescripts, audio recordings, and legal documents regarding the case of Catherine Camus versus Drouot.

Raynes, William H. Autobiography, Circa 1906. Raynes was the first person to successfullly grow the Tung tree in Florida. He describes his activities as a ship surgeon, including experiences in the Crimean War and sailing various places including New Zealand, South America and Africa. He also describes his efforts working with citrus and tung trees in Florida in the later years of his life. Ms. Group 112 3/1.

Reed, Nathaniel P. Everglades Papers, 1983-2005. Correspondence, documents, news clippings and other materials of a Florida environmentalist and public official relating to the restoration of the Everglades. 12 ln.ft. Ms. Group 116.

Rikli, Martin. Photographs, 1935-1936. Photographs by cinematographer/photographer Martin Rikli documenting his Ethiopian (Abessinien) expedition, which coincided with the second Italo-Abyssinian War. 4 albums. Ms. Group 184.

Robbe-Grillet, Alain (Raymond Gay-Crosier and Ben Stoltzfus Collection). 1953-2015. Alain Robbe-Grillet (1922-2008) was a French writer and filmmaker most associated with the Nouveau Roman literary trend. This collection, compiled by Raymond Gay-Crosier and Ben Stoltzfus, contains letters from Robbe-Grillet, biographies and presentations, photographs, documents and correspondence concerning the English translation of La Belle Captive, and an article by Gay-Crosier. .42 linear feet. MSS 0357.

Robins, Margaret Dreier. Collection. 1869-1963. Women's Trade Union League, social work, suffrage, anti-war, personal, photos. (Microfilmed in "Papers of the Women's Trade Union League and Its Principal Leaders." Woodbridge, CT.: Research Publications, 1981.) 40 ln.ft. MS Group 15.

Roebling Family. Family tree, 1917. Ms Group 28.

Rudloe, Jack and Anne. Papers, 1951-1997 (bulk: 1968-1997). The collection includes Jack and Anne Rudloe's writings, consisting of manuscripts, drafts, proof copies, and background material. Ms Group 109.

Safer, Reverend Benjamin and Family Collection. 1901-2004. This collection documents the life of four generations of the Safer family of Jacksonville, Florida. It holds Reverend Benjamin Safer's papers, including sermons, letters, notes, and family photographs. In addition, it includes official documents and photographs of the places where various family members lived and worked in Lithuania and Jacksonville.

Schiller, Paul Harkai. Papers, ca. 1930-1949. Manuscripts of work of Hungarian psychologist, specializing in comparative psychology. 5.75 ln.ft. Ms Group 81.

Seelye, John D. Papers, 1960-2006 (bulk: 1979-2006). This collection includes the writings, research, and correspondence of Professor John Seelye. As a scholar of American literature, Seelye wrote academic books as well as fiction. He also served as an editor for the Penguin American Library from 1979-2006. The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence between Seelye and various authors and academics in his capacity as an editor for Penguin. Ms Group 320.

Shands Family. Papers, 1839-1857. Family correspondence, pre-civil war. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 36.

Shepperson, George. Collection, 1852-1989 (bulk: 1931-1989). Materials related to Shepperson's research and activities surrounding various David Livingstone projects, including the centenary of Livingstone's death in 1973. 1.5 ln/ft. MS Group 206.

Sidney, Margaret (Harriet Mulford Stone Lothrop). Papers, 1788-1942. Children's book author. Correspondence, manuscripts, clippings of published short stories; Daniel Lothrop (publisher) and D. Lothrop Co. Ms Group 111.

Silkin, Jon. Papers, 1952-1956. British poet. Manuscripts, correspondence re: the founding of Stand, a poetry magazine, etc. 1 ln.ft. Ms Group 32.

Simonds, John Ormsbee. Collection, 1912-2005. Drawings, project files, correspondence, writings, speeches, and other papers of landscape architect John Ormsbee Simonds. Ms Group 50.

Slaughter, Frank G. Papers, 1948-1959. Slaughter was an American surgeon and writer whose writing style as steeped heavily in religion and medicine. Slaughter published 56 books, among these, Sangaree (1948), The Road to Bithynia (1951), The Gallileans: A Novel of Mary Magdelene (1953), and The Thorn of Arimathea (1959); this collection consists of manuscripts and galley proofs of these four works. Ms Group 317.

Smith, Lillian. Papers,1915-1972; bulk 1935-1966. Manuscripts of Strange Fruit, The Journey, and Killers of the Dream, etc. Correspondence and records re: The South Today. 11.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 2.

Sound Archives. Audio recordings that have been digitally reformatted. Includes recordings from the University of Florida Archives, the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, and the General Manuscript collections.

Stirt, Irving: Papers. 1923-2010. Irving Stirt (1921-2012) grew up in Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania and immigrated to the United States in 1940. He lived in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Marinette (WI), during which time he completed high school, enlisted in the U.S. army, and married. Stirt's family, who remained in Kaunas, are presumed to have been killed by the Nazis in 1941. This small archive includes a diary, letters, documents, and photographs that evidence Stirt's departure from Lithuania at the age of 19, the death of his family and his multiple attempts at gaining information about them, and his early experiences as an immigrant living in America.

University of Florida Department of Accounting. Collection, 1963-1969. Selected departmental correspondence with prominent accountants. Williard E. Stone, chairman of the department, is the principal correspondent. Part of Accounting Archives. 1 box.

Venezuela-Netherlands Documents. Xerox copies of documents dated 1871-1900. Research materials of Dr. C. C. Goslinga for book about smuggling. 1 ln.ft. Ms Group 75.

Wallis Baker Associates. Thomas H. Wallis, Jr. and William H. Baker Landscape Architecture Collection, 1961-2009. Plans, photographs, project manuals, and miscellaneous materials created by the landscape architecture firm Wallis Baker Associates and its principals. MS Group 285.

Walton Family Papers, 1927-1948. Kate L. Walton (1917-1985) was an attorney from Palatka, Florida who served as legal counsel in the Cason versus Baskin case, known as the Cross Creek Trial. The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence of the law firm, but also includes personal papers of Walton and various family members.

Warden, Lewis C. Papers, 1934-1987. Lawyer/Author. Manuscripts of popular and legal works. Legal research materials, personal papers, and photographs. 8 ln.ft. MS Group 91.

Weintraub Family. Papers, 1941-1945. A collection of letters between a military medical officer and his wife during his service in World War II. 0.8 linear feet. MS Group 280.

Werner, M.R. (Morris Werner). Correspondence 1921 [bulk 1934]-1944. Author of approximately fifteen books and contributor to numerous periodicals. Approximately 142 letters from book and magazine publisher and editors, and agents regarding books and articles by Werner. 0.25 ln.ft. Ms Group 135.

Wherry, Albina Lucy Cust. Correspondence from prominent scholars regarding her research on Italian dancing towers and other topics. 8 pieces; 1 folder. Ms Group 112.

Wood, Preston, Script Collection. Television and radio scripts written by Preston Wood. 27 ln.ft.

Woodrow, James. Notebooks, 1855. Two class notebooks for Professor Robert Bunsen's Laboratory belonging to chemistry student James Woodrow. Ms Group 131.

Yeomans, Cal. Collection, 1938-2001. Lee Calvin "Cal" Yeomans (1938-2001) was a playwright, poet, actor, artist, educator, lecturer, photographer, real estate investor, land developer and philanthropist who is considered a key contributor to the gay theatre movement of the 1970s and 1980s. The collection is comprised of play and multi-media scripts (in various rewrite stages), poetry, prose, notes, personal and professional correspondence, reviews, newspaper clippings, family papers, personal and exhibit photographs, ephemera, journals, audio recordings, financial records and business correspondence. Ms Group 261.


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