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Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica

With holdings of over 100,000 volumes, the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica at the University of Florida, is considered the foremost Jewish studies research collection in the southeastern United States. In terms of many of its scarce late 19th to early 20th century imprints, it ranks among the top 20 academic libraries in the world. Furthermore, many thousands of its titles in Hebrew and Yiddish are held by less than 10 libraries in the United States. Click here for more information. Below is a listing of the archival holdings of the Price Library.

Anniversary Periodicals Collection. Price Library of Judaica. 1896-2009. This unique collection contains periodicals representing over 300 titles from almost thirty countries, offering a glimpse into the Jewish press worldwide throughout the twentieth century. It illustrates a multitude of Jewish political, cultural, and economic voices and the religious, literary, and mundane interests of Jewish readers in various countries. The collection is not representative of the period's Jewish news publications; nevertheless, it introduces readers to the main trends of Jewish journalism in Europe, North and South America, and in Mandatory Palestine and Israel. 205 volumes. UF JUD 0001.

Bergen-Belsen Photographs. 1945. Photographs taken following the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany during World War II. 2 boxes. Ms Group 137.

Calendar Collection. Price Library of Judaica. 1946-2017 (bulk: 1950-1973). The items included sample the rich variety in genre and form of the Hebrew calendar and demonstrate the role of time keeping in Jewish cultures throughout the ages. .41 linear feet. UF JUD 0002.

Campos, Michelle. Research Collection on Zionist Women Organizations, 1997. The collection includes documents collected and photocopied at the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem in fall of 1997. They pertain to the early 20th-century history of Zionist women, mostly from Germany and include correspondence, protocols, newspaper clippings, and excerpts from published books. 1 ln.ft. MSS 0574.

Cantrell, Bessie L.. Collection. Collection of letters Bessie Cantrell had received from Israeli Prime Ministers Golda Meir and Menachem Begin and Minister of Defence Moshe Dayan. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0430.

Crown, David. Holocaust Print Collection, 1986-2013. Artist David Crown worked across various media and was the Founder and Director of the International Mezzotint Society. This collection consists of a series of Crown's prints, titled In My Lifetime, which depicts various themes and scenes of the Holocaust. Additional prints, sketches, original etched copper printing plates, and documents are also included.

Dominican Republic Settlement Association (DORSA). Anniversary Scrapbook and Photographs, 1941-1947. A scrapbook commemorating the 1st Anniversary of the founding of a Jewish refugee settlement at Sousa, in the Dominican Republic, in January 1940. Also included are 15 photographs of various Latin and South American diplomatic groups visiting the Pan-American Union in Washington, D.C. during the 1940s. .38 ln.ft. MSS 0398.

Emanuel Synagogue Seminar on Martin Buber. Transcript, 1964. Transcript of two seminar sessions by Hans Kohn and Alexander Altmann on Jewish religious philosopher Martin Buber, held at the Emanuel Synagogue in Hartford, Connecticut. Ms Group 112.

Emmer, Phil. Papers, 1941-2014. Philip I. Emmer is a real estate developer known for his work throughout Florida. His firm, Emmer Development Corporation, has developed properties in 15 Florida counties, from low-income, turnkey housing to luxury apartment complexes. Emmer is also well known for his philanthropy and public service. This collection focuses on the philanthropy and public service of Emmer, as well as his career in housing development. The collection also holds documentation regarding low-income housing, in particular Lincoln Estates.

de Farber, Sara Gaíl and Bess. Papers, 1918-2006 (Bulk: 1950s-1970s). This collection holds materials created by Joseph Farber, father, and mother and daughter, Sara Gaíl de Farber and Bess Gaíl de Farber, respectively. The larger part of the collection includes materials that relate to Sara Gaíl's life and work in Argentina and the US. Separate folders hold materials relating to Bess de Farber's performance commemorating her mother's and father's emigration to the US from Poland, and Argentina, respectively, and her family and genealogical research. .65 linear feet. MSS 0416.

Federman, Amy Schlagel and Joseph. Collection on Tourism in Israel, 1951-2012 (Bulk: 1974-1978). The collection includes various materials that relate to tourism in Israel in general and specifically pertain to the Federman family's travels in Israel in the 1970s and another visit to Israel in 2012. .58 linear feet. MSS 0420.

Feist, Richard M. Papers, 1945-1953. This collection contains the papers of Richard M. Feist and some papers of Abraham Glück and Hermann Neudorf. These records include both personal and professional papers, and correspondence with members of the Jewish Brigade of the British Army, family members, members of Kibbutz Buckingham in England, various organizations in Europe and Palestine/Israel, and private persons searching for relatives or for other types of aid from 55 Search Bureau of the British Army of the Rhine following the Holocaust. In addition, the collection contains some newspaper clippings, internal secret documents issued by the British Army, and reports and documentation of the postwar work of the Search Bureau and its institutional partners. Additional documents and correspondence with organizations and private persons in Palestine and Europe are also included. While this collection reveals little about Feist's life outside of his work during a short yet tumultuous historical period following World War II, it provides an important contribution to research on the process and logistics needed to address the enormous task of searching for missing persons created in the aftermath of the Holocaust. 0.42 ln.ft.

German Settlers and Nazism in the Americas. Photograph Collection, 1920-1938. This collection of photographs offers a snippet view into the life of German immigrants and settlers in the Americas. It also illustrates the spread of Nazi ideology on the American continent. 1 Volume (99 items). MSS 0381.

Glover, Robert. Holocaust Photographs, circa 1945. The collection contains photographs of World War II and the Holocaust. .01. MSS 0441.

Goldring, Bruce and Stacey. Collection, 1923-2014 (Bulk: 1970s-1990s). This collection reflects Jewish life in Jacksonville during the twentieth century. Included in the collection are postcards, newsletters, photographs, flyers, and vinyl disks highlighting institutions and individuals who contributed to the lives of the Jewish residents of Jacksonville. .71 linear feet. MSS 0382.

Hanna, Paul L. Papers, 1931-1972. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Irgang-Entenberg-Kushner. Family Collection, 1926-1969. This collection contains the Irgang family's documents dated prior to their immigration to the U.S., documents that record their desire for naturalization, and other correspondence testifying to their efforts to gain ownership and compensation for property left behind in their native Jaroslaw, Poland. MSS 0370.

Ittleson, Blanche Frank and Henry. Collection, 1894-2004 (bulk: 1921-1943). The items in the collection relate to the Ittlesons' private and social life, philanthropy, and Blanche Frank Ittleson's work in the field of social welfare, child mental health protection, and more. Several photographs of their houses in Palm Beach and the many receipts and notes from their travels abroad illustrate the high standard of the lives they lived. .85 linear feet. MSS 0439.

Jewish Organizations in Cuba. Collection, 1925-1967. This collection sheds light on various aspects of Jewish communal life in Cuba from the 1920s until the 1960s. The documents in the collection were created by different Jewish organizations in Havana. The majority of these letters, written agreements, registry entries, affidavits issued to immigrants to both Cuba and the US, and tickets to different events are in Yiddish, also signaling that they are related to the lives of the last large wave of Jewish immigrants to Cuba, mostly from Eastern European Ashkenazi communities. 1 ln.ft. MSS 0558.

Kalishman, Allen. Dachau Photographs, circa 1955, 2015. This collection includes slides, photographs, and a written description of Kalishman's experiences during his one year of military service spent in Austria and Germany from 1955 to 1956 and impressions of the Dachau concentration camp site. .01 ln.ft. MSS 0442.

Kaplan, Jacob H. Scrapbooks, 1926-1947. News clippings, photographs, and correspondence compiled by Rabbi Kaplan while at Temple Israel in Miami from 1926-1947. PKY 88.011

Lavigne, Edward J.. Collection, 1945-2015. The collection includes personal papers and a photo album that once belonged to Edward J. Lavigne, a US Army photographer during World War II. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0440.

Merdinger, Emanuel: Papers. 1928-1997. Emanuel Merdinger (1906-1997) was a chemist, Holocaust survivor, and professor. This collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, school IDs, diplomas, and an autobiography. Among these records is a series of letters exchanged with Albert Speer, a former high ranking Nazi official.

Metzger, Kurt. Collection, 1931-2015 (Bulk: 1931-1939). Copies of sermons and Jewish community periodicals written or edited by German-American Rabbi Kurt Metzger (1909-1992) in the 1930s..2 ln.ft. MSS 0434.

Moskovits, José. Antisemitism Collection, 1976-2017 (Bulk dates: 1976-1979). Correspondence collected by Argentinian reparation lawyer and president of the Jewish Association of the Survivors of Nazi Persecution, José Moskovits, as part of a survey on world opinion about antisemistism and attitudes toward Jews and Israel in the second half of the 1970s. Included are letters from various politicians, artists, scholars, literary authors, religious dignitaries, and others. Moskovits wished to present his findings in a book on antisemitism, which was never realized. The collection includes a draft of the introduction to the future book by Moskovits and his collaborator Dr. Asher Mibashan (1914-2005), the Buenos Aires bureau chief of JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) as well as statistics and the filing system Moskovits used to manage the correspondence. 9.82 linear feet. MSS 402.

Myers, Moses. Papers, 1796-1820. The Moses Myers Papers consist of a handful of letters, shipping inventories, and a printed broadside relating to the early Jewish American merchant Moses Myers (1735-1835). Myers lived in Norfolk, VA, and his merchant business was involved in the Caribbean. His ships were instrumental during the War of 1812. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0385.

Pemstein, B.L.. Papers, 1943-1944. Correspondence of B.L. "Bunny" Pemstein, a young Jewish Navy recruit stationed at Key West during World War II. 0.4 ln.ft. Ms 200.

Philip II, King of Spain. Relacion de la orden y manera de proceder del Santo Officio ... de la Inquisicion, 1700-1799?. Manuscript copy of a 1559 relacion by Philip II relating the procedures to be followed by the Holy Office of the Inquisition (Santo Officio). 1 folder. MS Group 112 1/1.

Prager Family. Collection. The photographs, official documents, and ephemera included in this collection document the lives of the Prager family members, especially Moses Prager and his son Jacob, from 1923 to 1961. From Poland, Moses Prager and his family relocated to Belgium. Jacob continued to the United Kingdom escaping the Nazis during World War II. Following the war, he and his wife immigrated to the United States. .25 linear feet. MSS 0465.

Price Library of Judaica Records. 1979-1984. Correspondence, collection inventories, reports, forms, working papers documenting the administration of the Price Library.

Robert Strassberg Collection on Ernest Bloch. Research material gathered by the noted educator, composer, conductor, and musicologist, Dr. Robert Strassburg (1915-2003), focusing on the career and life of composer Ernest Bloch (1880-1959). 17 boxes.

Safer, Reverend Benjamin and Family Collection. 1901-2017. This collection documents the life of four generations of the Safer family of Jacksonville, Florida. It holds Reverend Benjamin Safer's papers, including sermons, letters, notes, and family photographs. In addition, it includes official documents and photographs of the places where various family members lived and worked in Lithuania and Jacksonville.

St. Augustine First Congregation of the Sons of Israel Collection. 1933-2015 (bulk: 1970-2010). Materials from the First Congregation Sons of Israel in St. Augustine, which primarily includes research findings and documentation on the history of Jews in St. Augustine, the Congregation, the synagogue building, and its cemetery. 1.42 linear feet. MSS 0374.

Schönwald Family. Correspondence, 1939-2010 (Bulk: 1939-1941). The collection includes letters, telegrams, and postcards sent to Henry Wald mostly between 1939 and 1941 by his parents and other relatives. While Henry Wald could escape Nazi Germany - he settled in Lincoln, Nebraska - his parents were waiting for a visa to leave Germany. They hoped to be reunited in the United States. The letters were transcribed and translated to English. An article detailing the history of the family under the Nazi regime by University of Florida professor emeritus of political science and donor of the collection Kenneth Wald, son of Henry Wald, is also included in the collection. .27 LF. MSS 0510.

Silberfeld, Alfred M. Genealogical Research Collection. 1900-2015. This collection contains research papers, personal correspondence, and literary works of Alfred M. Silberfeld and his relatives. The collection includes copies of personal documents and photographs of Silberfeld's extended family and ancestors, collected and arranged as part of Silberfeld's genealogical research. MSS 0369.

Stirt Family Collection. 1923-2010. Irving Stirt (1921-2012) grew up in Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania and immigrated to the United States in 1940. He lived in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Marinette (WI), during which time he completed high school, enlisted in the U.S. army, and married. Stirt's family, who remained in Kaunas, are presumed to have been killed by the Nazis in 1941. This small archive includes a diary, letters, documents, and photographs that evidence Stirt's departure from Lithuania at the age of 19, the death of his family and his multiple attempts at gaining information about them, and his early experiences as an immigrant living in America.

Tau Epsilon Phi. Tau Alpha Chapter. Records, 1930-1995. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

University Religious Association. Religion-in-Life Week. Records, 1947-1969. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Walborsky, Hyman. Memorial Collection, 1916-2016. This collection includes personal documents, photographs, correspondence, an album, a documentary on DVD, and a screenplay written and collected by Aileen Josephs. The items in the collection record her family's history from her personal view including her own personal and professional growth as a female immigration lawyer and activist. .42 linear feet. MSS 0375.

Weil, Joseph. Papers, 1915-1977. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Winsberg, Morton D. Photographs of Colonia Baron Hirsch. Photographs of the people, work, and buildings of a Jewish agricultural colony in Argentina. 1 folder. Ms Group 170.

Yamamoto, Sanehiko. Collection Regarding Albert Einstein, 1922, 1949. This collection chronicles the 30 year relationship between Albert Einstein and Sanehiko Yamamoto (President of Japan's renowned publishing house Kaizosha) that was formed during Einstein's 1922 trip to Japan. Included are photographs, letters, and artwork given to Yamamoto by Einstein during his trip, as well as a 1949 letter and photographs documenting Yamamoto's continued friendship with Einstein after World War II. .48 linear feet. MSS 0399.

Yemenite Liturgical Manuscript. circa 1830. Hebrew hymns for mourning and the Ninth of Av, including lamentations (qinot), penitential hymns (selichot), and other non-liturgical texts. .25 linear feet. MSS 0400.


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