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University Archives - News and Public Affairs Videotape Directory

This directory lists news reports, promotional videos, and public information segments produced by the University of Florida's Office of News and Public Affairs and its predecessors. Many of the news reports were broadcast on WUFT-TV. The collection also includes regular special interest presentations such as the reports on Florida's economy.

The earliest News and Public Affairs Videos were recorded in 3/4" u-matic. Segments were often rerecorded on different tapes. No attempt was made to edit duplicate content when the tapes were reformatted by the Archives.

For some tapes, tape logs were available and the dates given are exact. In most cases, though, dates are approximations based on tape content.

The tapes listed here are only those transferred to the University Archives. For other and more recent materials, please contact the News and Public Affairs office.

Videos are available for viewing in the Special Collections Research Room on DVD. For production and archive purposes, each videotape has been reformatted to Betacam SP and MPEG2.

Please note that this directory only includes video productions created by the News and Public Affairs office and its predecessors. All other films and videos of the university are listed in the Moving Image Collections directory.


Tape 1 (1983)

Horizontal lightning research
Spanish Florida Alliance Conference
Solar powered refrigerator
Southern Honor
Ronnie Williams
Study of Florida lakes
Vernon DeLancy
Eugene McDowell
Bioglass ear implant
Nuclear waste conference
Alfalfa nutrition
Lynne McDonnell
Archie Carr and sea turtles
Donation from J. C. Penney
Robert Marston spoof
All terrain car
Metal developed using levitation
Anthropology research on an Indian trash heap
Adopted grandparent program

Tape 2 (1983)

Summer fossil camp
Hurricane awareness
Remote sensing applications laboratory
Coal slurry
Recruiting black students
Solar panels using "black chrome"
Alligator courtship patterns
Psychology of photographs
Fathering class
Gould computer gift
Reprogramming robots
Solar powered laser
Positive lightning
Moustrap powered boats
Nuclear laser
Laser applications
Harn Family gift
Jupiter Inlet erosion model
University of Florida cheerleaders
Harn Family gift
Wood fuel

Tape 4 (1983)

Renovation of News and Public Affairs
Composer John White
John White's composition
New Years Exercise
Energy test houses
Architecture competition
Research park
Micronesian languages aided by computer
Rocket fuel
Telephone rates
Study of relationships
Conservation of electricity
Middle age sexuality
Charlotte Mather
Energy course
Robot study
Nucler waste research
Cancer research
Latin American Conference

Tape 5 (1980)

Howe Collection
Dr. Fishkind and the economy of Florida
Ruth Alexander and exercise for women
Gerardo Gonzales and BACCHUS
Anti-drinking spots (4)
Howe Collection

Tape 6 (1982)

Florida economy
Off-site engineering classes
National budget and Florida's economy
Robert Q. Marston and computers
Robert Q. Marston and biology
Assistant basketball coach Ken McCranney

Tape 7 (1981)

Dr. Webb's sleep lab
Juvenile diabetes
Bailey bed (2)
PIXIE cancer research

Tape 8 (1981)

Saving gas
Studying hurricanes
Hal Batey's reminiscences of Gainesville and UF (2)
Rocky Bleier and BACCHUS
Freshmen's problems with English

Tape 9 (1980)

Ceramic glaze project
Cheerleaders (5)
Dental sealant
Dr. Woodruff discusses terrorism
Quantum theory conference and Ambassador Freedman
Dr. Fishkind and the Florida Economy
Award of the Royal Order of the North Star to President Marston

Tape 10 (1981)

Celebrity promos
UF awards promos
Dalrymple and the O'Connell Center
Energy conference and foreign visitors
Economic forecast with Dr. Fishkind
Norm Sloan and Sun Bank promo
Exercise deters aging

Tape 11 (1983)

The honors student at the University of Florida
Dr. Fishkind and the improved Florida economy
Dr. Fishkind and the Florida economy
Dr. Fishkind discusses the economy
Galen Hall profile
Honor for Jim Walter

Tape 12 (1980)

Solar and alternative energy
Good Morning America
The Florida economy with Dr. Fishkind
University of Florida and the Instituto de Cooperacion Ubero Americano (2)
Scientific Fund Forum
Dr. Fishkind and the economy (2)
Avis Chen, Miss University of Florida

Tape 13 (1981)

Yellow Ribbon Day
Gift from the Pounds
Gift to the Judaica Library
Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica

Tape 14 (1982)

Alternative energy
100 eyelet camera
Computers in kindergarden
Listen to your body
Readers for the blind
University of Florida cheerleaders
Obsidian storage for nuclear waste
La Navidad
Identifying gifter children
Artificial larnyx
Helium 3 as a supercooled energy conductor
Conservation research
We're number 1!
The Parker Dexter How Collection

Tape 15 (1981)

Dr. Mickie Edwardson and the movie "Harvest of Shame."
Recruiting above average black high school students
Honor student Teresa Rush
Dr. John Kraft discusses Florida's economy
Dr. Robert Cade and potassium study
Fossil site at Love Family property
Nan Smith's art show

Tape 16 (1979)

The object gallery at the Florida Museum of Natural History
Erosion at the Ichetucknee River
New teaching law in Florida elementary schools
Bruce Fletcher - 1979 Homecoming Chair
Phil Roberts - Florida Blue Key president
Architecture modifications for the elderly
Merit scholar Yoda Popellis
Foreign policy
Dr. Michael Levy and the Psychology Learning Lab
Psychological Stress Evaluator (PSE)
Battery powered larynx
Dr. Fishkind on the Florida economy

Tape 17 (1983)

University of Florida community development
Dr. Fishkind on the Florida economy
Dr. Fishkind and his optimism about Florida's recovery

Tape 18 (1989)

Dr. Jerald Milanich at a Spanish mission site

Tape 19 (1982-1985)

Martin Luther King Birthday
Space Shuttle tiles
Lynn Pride - Law student
Fire evacuation program
Computer graphics
Fiber optics
Congregate living
Computer programs for children with disabilities
Solar lasers
Computer literacy
Alternative technology school with Dr. Erich Farber
Space shuttle
Baldwin Library
Student body president Steve Sutherland
Gasoline additive
Termite control

Tape 20 (1979)

Lasers and Dr. Roland C. Anderson
Rhino Factory
Reactor Simulator
Special Braking System
Century Tower Carillon
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings House and Ronald Haase
Forensic Anthropology and Dr. William Maples

Tape 21 (1980)

Energy game
Metal fatigue
Lake City Indian site
Moire patterns
Earthquake station
Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Solar energy in public schools
Jupiter research
Hearing test for infants
Big Cypress Swamp
Seahorse Key
Matanzas Inlet

Tape 22 (1983)

Mark Herm and Dr. Byron Spangler
Michael Mularkey and Dr. Frederick Shenkman
University of Florida Marching Band
Wayne Lamar Peace, Jr. and Dr. John (Jack) H. Faricy
Christopher Faulkner and Dr. Owen J. Holyoak
Fernando Jackson and Dr. Harry B. Shaw

Tape 23 (1977)

CB radios
Wind experiment
Cancer and slime
Solar Tracker
Starving cattle
Death penalty
Florida population growth
Constitutional revision project
Cypress domes
Breast cancer
Florida exports
Solar research
Alligator research
Nuclear laser
Reggie Hanna
Super cold
Rope flywheel
Solar power legislation
Baseball team
Salt water intrusion
Canoe artifacts
Homecoming beauty queen

Tape 24 (1983)

Computer graphics
Urban planning
Gary Rowe
Randy Clark
Doug Drew
Neil Anderson
Phil Bromley
Ricky Easmon
Art gift
John Hunt
Bruce Vaughan
Buddy Shultice
Dwayne Dixon

Tape 25 (1982)

Norma Jean Jackson
Traffic Signals

Tape 26 (1982)

Shuttle pollution
Mobile convenience store
Dr. Fishkind's economic report
Housing for elderly
Computer gifts
Police stress
Parcourse for disabled
Exercise study on women
Horse surgery
Sol Gel
Dr. Rick Field and Sally Field
Population growth in Florida
Saving energy
Writing project
Florida economy
Wave study
Summer school for gifted children

Tape 27 (1983)

Radioactive waste
Studying children's play
Mammocare - BSE
Impact fees
Hiram Williams
Alternative energy seminar
Recreation therapy
Nuclear waste
Quantum conference
Birth control
Levitation of metal
Student chapter of the Metallurgical Society

Tape 28 (1983)

Student athletes and Dr. Marston
Office of Student Life
Field and classroom team
Marston resignation
ET System
Theatre Department
Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy
Elderly in Florida

Tape 29 (1982)

Gymnastics program
Uneven parallel bars
Balance beam
Gymnastic dance
Back problems
Tarantula study
O'Connell Center Award
New knee brace
Coal/gas burners
Black admissions

Tape 30 (1989)

The Criser years: A video yearbook

Tape 31 (1986)

Fort Mose
Women's swim meet

Tape 32 (1987)

Fort Mose
Ray Jones

Tape 33 (1985)

Galen Hall/Blue-Gray Classic

Tape 34 (1986)

Engineering for Growth

Tape 35 (1986)

Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station

Tape 36 (1980)

Quality improvement at the University of Florida

Tape 37 (1989)

Paula Criser

Tape 38 (1987)

Construction of Microkelvin Lab

Tape 39 (1986)

Robert F. Lanzillotti retirement dinner Part I

Tape 40 (1986)

Robert F. Lanzillotti Retirement dinner Part II

Tape 41 (1983)

Computer literacy
Center for Physical and Motor Studies
Clean Burning Coal
UF Basketball
Brian Clark
UF Promo
UF Foundation promo with Dan Rather
UF Foundation promo with Max Robinson
UF Foundation promo with George Burns
Florida Basketball
Cris Collinsworth

Tape 42 (1986)

Black student recruitment tape

Tape 43

Duplicate of tape 36

Tape 44 (1986)

Freshmen recruitment tape

Tape 45 (1983)

Photographic indexing method
Teaching foreign languages
Warren Peace
Cancer research
Jimmy Kynes and Keith Tribble
Donald M. Sheppard
Stephen C. O'Connell Activity Center
New Archaeology Method
Don Fugua and the U.S. Energy Budget
Allen Museum of Entomology

Tape 46 (1980)

Research on hearing in infants
Robin Fisher
Anderson Memorial Pipe Organ
Howe Collection
Brian Clark
Walter Mondale
Bicycle survey
Ward Pell
Promo of UF academic awards
Cris Collinsworth
Student life office

Tape 47 (1982)

Brady Johnston donation to the Florida State Museum
Monarch Butterflies
Solar legislation
Clean burning coal
ROTC - Little General Linda Van Liew
Alligator courtship
Center for Physical and Motor Studies
Lincoln Brower's Research on Monarch Butterflies
Daniel Spangler and water shortage

Tape 48 (1980)

Glass corrosion experiment
Indian sites
Energy subcomittee
Health exercise and diet
Goodhill Foundation gift
UF Solar Institute
Turtle heat
Potassium loss
Nuclear waste survey
Auto photography
Computer project
Storm Crew

Tape 49 (1985-1986)

UF Job Fair
Halley's Comet
NASA space program after the recent tragedy
University of Florida Gospel Choir
Computer Simulation
Cheerleader tryouts
Mission Santa Catalina on Amelia Island
Commercialization of space
Shuttle tiles
College of Architecture
College of Business Administration
Promotional for the University of Florida
Christmas trees
Christmas non-drinking pledge

Tape 50 (1979)

Energy button
Industrial and Systems Engineering and automation
Research on Hurricane David
Wine making research
Electrical load management
Industrial crisis
Grant for solar research
Teaching chair endowment
ROTC award
Cypress dome sewage treatment

Tape 51 (1984)

Mass transit
College of Journalism and Communication
Red Pandas
College of Architecture
UF football and SEC title
Transportation and Research Center
Storm damage
Christmas computers
Galen Hall
Ronald Cohen visit to the USSR

Tape 52 (1985)

Economic forecast: Central Florida
Economic forecast: North Florida
Economic forecast: Northwest Florida
Promotion for the University of Florida
Shark research
Public Utilities Research Center
Bridge construction
Computers for students with learning disabilities

Tape 53 (1985)

Foster grandparent program
Ceramic research
James Haskins and the Cotton Club
Economic forecast: Southeast Florida
Economic forecast: Southwest Florida
Teacher Appreciation Day
Preparing for hurricanes

Tape 54 (1984)

Hurricane safe buildings
College of Business Administration
College of Law
Job Expo
Forensic art
College of Liberal Arts and Science
Gator Growl leaders
College of Engineering
Economic forecast

Tape 55 (1986)

Useppa Island
Christmas fitness
Galen Hall and the Blue Gray Classic
William Marquardt
Job Fair
Bear's Fair

Tape 56 (1986)

Cris Collinsworth Golf Benefit Classic

Tape 58 (1980)

Earthquake monitoring network
Douglas Smith
Merit Scholars
Peat mining
Teacher shortage
Robitics and the Florida Shoulder
Endowment fund
Effect of TV advertising on children
Fish vision experiments
William Woodruff and World War III
Price of gasoline
ROTC champs
Retrieval of oil with polymers
Nuclear waste

Tape 59 (1982)


Tape 60 (1986)

Pro Teach: Developing the professional teacher at the University of Florida

Tape 61 (1986)

Progress Center


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