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A Guide to the Tom Harrisson Papers

Finding aid created by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
September 2010

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Harrisson, Tom, 1911-1976
Title: Tom Harrisson Papers
Dates: 1866-1976
Bulk dates: 1947-1976
Abstract: Research materials, correspondence, writings, manuscripts and other files of Tom Harrisson, D.S.O., O.B.E, the noted turtle scientist, conservationist and curator of the Sarawak Museum in Borneo.
Extent: 3.3 Linear feet. 8 boxes.
Identification: MS Group 85
Language(s): English
Online Content Items from this collection have been digitized and are available online in the UF Digital Collections. For more information please see the note below.

Biographical/Historical Note

Tom Harrisson, noted turtle scientist and conservationist, first began turtle observations as curator of the Sarawak Museum in Borneo and as chief executive officer of the Sarawak Turtle Board, posts to which he was appointed in 1947. His activities included turtle tagging, hatching young turtles, and keeping detailed records of eggs collected. In 1974 he was appointed co-chair, with Archie F. Carr, Jr., of the Marine Turtle Specialist Group (MTSG) of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Survival Services Commission (SSC), and undertook a reorganization of the group.

Upon retiring from Sarawak, Harrisson joined the Southeast Asian studies faculty at Cornell University (1967-68) and for the remainder of his life was involved with IUCN activities and as director of the Mass-Observation Archive at the University of Sussex. Harrisson died along with his third wife, Barronne Christine Forani, in a traffic accident in Thailand, January, 1976. Before assuming his duties in Borneo, Harrisson had been active in mass observation in his native England. Earlier in his life, he attended Pembroke College, Cambridge, participated in several scientific expeditions, and lived among native tribes in the Pacific. He was the author of numerous books, primarily based on his experiences in the Pacific and on mass observation. He was the author of many articles, but no published books on turtles. (Cf. Who Was Who, 1971-1980).

Scope and Content

The Harrison Papers document his career as a turtle researcher and conservationist during his tenure as curator of the Sarawak Museum and as an active member of the SSC of the IUCN and as co-chair of its Marine Turtle Specialist Group. The Papers contain many of Harrisson's complete manuscripts, including the book length Turtle Island, his turtle notes and observation records from 1947, correspondence, some published writings, manuscripts and secondary materials of other writers, and his IUCN files. A very small portion of the Papers are more personal, or relate to subjects other than turtles.

Harrisson was closely associated with Archie Carr, whose presence and influence is very noticeable in the Papers. Many of the correspondents and topics are the same as in the Carr Papers, and there is doubtless duplication. Harrisson's Papers often expand the point of view found in Carr's Papers and are rich in details of certain geographic areas, notably Malaysia and Indonesia, but also other islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Harrisson's IUCN files are more extensive than Carr's. Researchers on turtle topics are advised to consult both the Carr and the Harrisson Papers.

Condition: At some point, some of the Papers became wet. In addition to moisture damage, this caused clips and staples to rust extraordinarily, resulting in further deterioration.


There was little apparent order to the Papers, as received by the library. It appears that Harrisson had cannibalized his own correspondence, manuscripts, and notes as well as the secondary material of other writers to create subject files, indicated by the red script found on many papers, probably for use in his intended book, Turtle Island. Many apparently disparate item were found together, however, and items on the same subjects were dispersed throughout the papers. Rather than restore these subject files, the attempt has been to restore papers to the units in which they were created.

They have then been assigned to either a Sarawak series or IUCN series, and grouped by type and subject. There is some overlap between the two series, as Harrisson was a MTSG member before he left Sarawak, but the bulk of the IUCN Papers are from the time he became co-chair in 1974, after leaving Sarawak, or are clearly identified as IUCN business.

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The collection is open for research.

Usage Restrictions

Copyright to these papers has not been conveyed to the University of Florida. The copyright owner is not known.

Related or Separated Material

The University of Florida also holds the Archie F. Carr, Jr. Papers.

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Digital reproductions of items in this collection are available online via the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). Please read the Permissions for Use statement for information on copyright, fair use, and use of UFDC digital objects.

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[Identification of item], Tom Harrisson Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

There are two sources of the Harrisson Papers. In 1975, Harrisson, through his ex-wife Barbara, sent some of his papers to Archie Carr at the University of Florida. Barbara wrote Carr: "T.H. has asked me to send on his files relative of his work on turtles in Sarawak and internationally. Essentially these are unsorted working papers in loose-leaf form, stacked within file-covers; but there are some exercise books and other miscellaneous records. Some of these files date back to early turtle work out of the Sarawak Museum and Sarawak's turtle islands, and have archive value. There are also some maps." Carr acknowledged receipt of the manuscripts.

In 1978, following Harrisson's death, Carr was asked to accept additional Harrisson Papers. There is no way of determining which items belong to which batch. The Papers remained in Carr's possession until his death, after which they were donated, along with his own Papers, to the George A. Smathers Libraries, by his widow, Marjorie Harris Carr. A folder on the provenance of the Harrisson Papers is stored in the first box.

Contents List

Sarawak Papers (Turtle Writings, Notebooks, Correspondence, and Subject Files), 1866-1976 (bulk: 1947-1976)

Most of these Papers were created during Harrisson's tenure as curator of the Sarawak Museum and executive officer of the Turtle Board and relate to Turtle Islands of Borneo. Some of the manuscripts were written later, but still derive from Harrisson's Borneo experiences. A few items are out of this scope altogether, but any papers not relating to IUCN activities are in this series. The major manuscript in the Papers is Turtle Island, a book length manuscript which Harrisson began in 1963, but apparently never finished. Two long variant drafts exists and many of the shorter manuscripts and notes were apparently intended for inclusion, as were many sources of information which he collected. Although Harrisson never completed a book on turtles, he authored many articles of the subject, most of which were published in the Sarawak Museum Journal, cited as S.M.J., of which he was editor. Manuscripts of several of these are included. A list of his published turtle writings may be found in the Sea Turtle Bibliography, available online through the University of Florida's Library User Information Service (LUIS).Three separate islands, Talang Talang Besar, Talang Talang Kechil, and Satang Besar, compose the Sarawak Turtle Islands. They are often referred to herein as Talang2 Besar, Talang2 Kechil, or simply as Besar, Kechil, and Satung.

Published Articles by Harrisson, Biographical Information, and Manuscripts

1 Articles about T.H., including Memorials, 1964-1976.
1 Reprints and copies of articles by. T.H., 1956-1975, [n.d.].
1 Five unidentified ms. fragments, some are probably part of the ms. of Turtle Island, or articles for the Sarawak Museum Journal: 1) "Background," typed ms. fragment [ca.1964]. 2) Typed ms. fragment, p. 2-10 [n.d.]. 3) Typed ms. fragment, p. 5-16 [n.d.]. 4) Typed ms. fragment, p. 2-15, (i) "The Lady Lays" [n.d.]. 5) Typed ms. fragment, p. 2-15 [n.d.].
1 "Adult Turtle Character: Three Species," typed and a. notes, 6/28/1965
1 "Baby Loggerhead: Further Observations," typed ms. [1959]
1 "Baby Loggerheads of [cf.] Greens," typed and a. notes, Satang, 6/26 - 6/29/1965
1 "Baby Speeds on Beach: Green and Loggerhead," a. and typed notes, 6/28/1965
1 "Bone and Tooth Artifacts from the Niah Caves," by T.H. and Lord Medway, typed ms. [1962] and related material, 1961
1 "Borneo Insects," [ca.1959] and notes, Oct. 1959
1 "Breading [sic] Seasons, Green Turtles," typed ms., 11/16/1974
1 "The Edible Turtle (Chelonia Mydas) - Monsoonal Facts and Migration," typed ms. [ca.1959]
1 "Egg Laying Cycles of the Green Turtle in Southeast Asia," a. ms., March 8, 1975
1 Eggs, a. notes, n.d.
1 "Green Turtle - Special Notes," Besar, 10/1-7/1961
1 Green vs. Loggerhead, a. notes [n.d.]
1 Hatchlings; a. and typed notes from Satang, 1950-1959
1 "The Hawksbill and Loggerhead Turtles II, Further Notes, 1961 (Satang)," typed, August 12, 1961
1 "Hawksbill and Loggerhead: Various Special Features," a. and typed notes, 6/27/1965
1 Hawksbill Eggs and Nest Making - Satang," typed and a. notes, 6/30/65
1 "Hawksbill Relaxation" [Ms. is a comparative study of Hawksbill, Green and Loggerhead turtles. This title may have been intended only as a section caption] Typed ms., 50 p., and of several sections, [ca.1959]
1 Inhabitants at Besar, Kechil, and Satang, a.notes, 1950-1966
1 "Leathery Turtle," typed ms. of visit to Trengganu with Lady Head, etc. (Cf. correspondence, Box 6) July, 1965
1 "Liberation in Water: and One Remarkable Result," typed ms. fragment, p. 4-[21] 1965
1 "Loggerhead Turtle," typed ms., S.M.J. No. 13, 1959
1 Loggerhead Turtles - Satang, a. and typed ms., 1965
1 Malays of Sarawak, fragmentary proof, ca. 1966
1 Malaysia Fauna - Notes by T.H. and others, 1965-1966. (Includes a "draft" content note for Turtle Island
1 "The Marine Turtle Situation in Sarawak," typed ms., 1/10/69
1 "Memorable Meal" [Semah] typed ms., and Expenditure for 1964 Semah, typed statement, 1964
1 "Must the Turtle Die," Sunday Times, June 14, 1964, and correspondence, 1964-1965. Cf. "Turtle Islands of Borneo."
1 "Night Excursions To See the Giant Turtle," published in the Times, October 27, 1965, prepared for IUCN/SSC Meeting, Dec. 1, 1965
1 "Notes on Marine Turtles, 14 - Albino Green Turtles and Sacred Ones," typed ms. by T.H., notes and correspondence, n.d., 1963-1964
1 "Notes on Marine Turtles - 15: Sabah's Turtle Islands," typed mss., variant drafts, [1964]
1 "Notes on Marine Turtles - 17: Sabah and Sarawak Islands Compared, typed ms." [ca.1965]
1 Notes on the Edible Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) - 9: With Other Oceanic Turtles (on Satang)," typed ms. [1965]
1 Notes on the Edible Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) - 11: Sarawak Statistics: the Downward Trend," typed ms. and a.notes [1967]
1 "On the Beach at Acalpuco, Turtle?" typed ms., March 11, 1970
1 "Population Decline," typed ms. fragment, Nov. 16-17, 1974
1 "Present and Future of the Green Turtle," typed ms., May 15, 1962
1 Press Release, Oct. 11, 1961
1 "A Report on the Sarawak Turtle Industry (1966)," typed ms.
1 Ridley Turtle Notes - Satung [1959]-1969
1 "Sabah's Turtle Islands:" Vertebrate Notes," typed ms., 3/10/1966
1 "Satang Hawksbills (Growth Rates) - II," typed notes, August 14, 1964
1 Site Plans - Turtle Islands, 1962
1 "Sizes and Weights of Baby Loggerheads cf. Green," typed notes from Satang [19654-65] 6/27/65
1 So Excellent a Fishe by Archie Carr, typed review [1967]
1 "Stirbt die Suppenschildkrote aus?" Umschau, no. 11, 1964, and correspondence
2 Temperature notes, 1955-1964; includes secondary material
2 "Turtle Approval Routes", March 8, 1962
2 "Turtle Hatch Experiment; Talang2 Besar (May-July 1959)" and "Parallel Turtle Hatch Talang2 Kechil (May-June, 1959)," typed mss. and a.notes, 1959
2 Turtle Island: Synopsis and Contract with Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1963, and correspondence with Richard Carrington, agent, and publisher, 1963-1969
2 Turtle Island: (partial draft, original 7/22/69)
2 Turtle Island: (partial draft, carbon with a. annotations) July 22, 1969
2 Turtle Island: "Turtle Island Turtles," typed ms. for Sarawak Gazette, Aug., 1962
2 "Turtle Islands of Borneo," typed ms., April 8,1964 [1st draft of "Must the Turtle Die?"]
2 "Turtle Islands of Borneo and Turtle Soup," typed ms., as submitted to the Sunday Times, published as "Must the Turtle Die?"] April 13, 1964
2 "Turtle Notes, 1965: Satung," typed, May 1, 1965
2 Turtle Prehistory and Evolution, notes by T.H., 1963
2 Turtle Rearing Report, typed note, July 5, 1959
2 "Turtles," 2 typed mss., labelled S.M.J., and S.M.J. 13 [ca.1959]
2 "Turtles," typed ms., 11p., possibly intended as chapter 15 in Turtle Island. Portions of the text are the same as "Must the Turtle Die?" The folder also contains a fragmentary second copy, with annotations, and a. notes which may pertain to the ms. [between 1962 and 1975]
2 "Turtles and Blue Water,:" typed ms., May 15, 1962
2 "Turtles, Hong Kong," a. notes, 7/9 - 8/28/1964
2 Turtles in Art and Religion - mss., notes, photos, secondary material, 1964-1966
2 "Turtles in South China Sea," a.note, October, 1964
2 Turtles in Thailand, a. and typed notes, 1961-1965
2 "Turtles in the Philippines," several a.mss., notes, correspondence and secondary material, 1968-1969
2 Turtles' Nests and Tracks - Besar, Kechil, and Talang (Diagrams) May 20, 1962
2 "Vertebrates of Sabah, Turtle Islands and Sulu Sea," typed ms., 8/13/64

Notes and Notebooks (Arranged by date)

3 Notebook, n.d.
3 Satung Records, 1947-1951; notebook
3 Turtle Data Notebook, 1948
3 Talang Ketchil Hatch, notebook and loose sheets, 1948-1950
3 Notes, looseleaf, Sept. 2, 1949-April, 1952 [bulk July- September1950]
3 Notes from Besar, looseleaf, Sept. 6, 1949-1950 [bulk 1950]
3 Ms. notebook, with loose sheets inserted, 1950-1951
3 Notebook, June, 1950, with loose pages inserted
3 Besar records, April-May, 1951
3 Miscellaneous notes, 1951-60
3 Besar Research Bungalow inventory, Notebook 1954
3 Notes on Turtles - 3; [notebook, 1955?]
3 Notebook, 1956
3 Miscellaneous notebook, labeled "Ridleys - Satang," 1959
3 Besar and Satang, loosleaf notes, 1959
4 Besar and Kechil, looseleaf notes, 1960-1961
4 Ram books; Seven notebooks from Talang2 Besar and Kechil, 1960-1961
4 Turtle Board, Sarawak, Memorandum and Records, 1961-1966
4 Turtle Islands Egg Collection Statistics for1946-1967, 1961 - 1967
4 Notebooks, two shorthand pads, [1963-1964]
4 Turtle Islands, bound notebook, 7/15-7/17, 1964
4 Turtle Board, Sarawak, Record Comparison Sheets, 1964-1966
4 Cornell notebook, 1967


5 Aves Island - Rainey, William E. "Report on Poaching on the Isla Aves Faunal Preserve (1971-1974), 1974
5 Brooke, Charles Anthoni Johnson. "The Diary of Charles Brooke, Second Rajah, (Sept. 1866-June1867) 7 typed leaves; fragmentary [n.d.]
5 Bustard, H. Robert. "The Systematic Status of the Sarawak Green Turtle," and "The Status of Chelonia depressa in Australia Waters," and other mss. attributed to Bustard [ca.1967]
5 Caribbean Conservation Corporation- Report of the Technical Director, 1964-1965, contract between CCC and government of Costa Rica, correspondence, etc., [ca. 1965]-1967
5 "Conservation of Sea-Turtles," by Bhwani Tharmalingam from Malayan Nature Journal (v.15, 1961) with a.notes by T.H.
5 "The Giant Leathery Turtle Conservation Program," by E. Balasingam, copied from the Malayan Nature Journal (v.19, 1965) with a. notes by T.H.
5 Green Turtle - Bibliographical notes [ca. 1960]
5 Island Resource Foundation/Caribbean Conservation Association - Report on Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Program, 1972
5 Measurements of Sea Turtles Caught and Tagged, 1966-67
5 Niah Caves - "Table Showing Sarawak Time of Sunrise and Sunset at Niah Caves in the Year of 1966"
5 Palmer, Bruce, "The World about Us," [1965?] and correspondence with T.H., March, 1965-May, 1967
5 "Pestilent Porpoises, Destructive Dolphin," (FAO Release, 1964) - Annotations by T.H.
5 "Problems of Conservation of Laboratory Primates" by B. Harrisson and W.T. Roth, 1969
5 Rainfall Data - Sarawak, 1959
5 Rainforests Habitat and Forestry, miscellaneous secondary material, 1974-1975
5 "Report on visit to the Th. Pisau Group of Turtle Islands," March, 1964, by B. F. Burgess, Deputy Conservator of Forests; Sandakan
5 Somadikarta, S. "Sea Turtles in Indonesia," typed ms., or notes based on lecture [1965]
5 Talang Talang Sea Salinity, typed notes,1964
5 "Tortoiseshell," copied from the Sarawak Gazette, March 17, 1919 [ca. 196?]
5 Turtle Egg Collection in Sabah by Stanley deSilva with correspondence to T.H., 1974
5 Turtle Migration, notes, ms., secondary material [ca.1960]
5 Turtle Products - Advertisements for products made from turtle parts, 1964-1967
5 Turtle Soup (3 folders) - Miscellaneous information regarding turtle soup and turtle as food, notes, recipes, menus, surveys of restaurants, etc. [ca. 196?]
5 Turtle Soup Questionnaire (Durham, England) - Results of Survey Regarding Turtle Soup, 1964
5 Turtle Tagging - Fragmentary notes and photos, 1956-58
5 Turtle Tagging (Turtle Islands) - Interim Report on Returns as of Sept. 15, 1957
5 Turtle Tagging Returns, 1956
5 Turtles - Bibliographies, 1967
5 Wooley's Diary, 1901

General Correspondence by Year

6 Correspondence 1950-1959
6 Correspondence 1960-1963
6 Correspondence 1964
6 Correspondence 1965
6 Correspondence 1966-1969
6 Correspondence 1970-1975

General Correspondence by Name

6 Balasingham, E., (Includes a.notes by T.H.) 1964-1967
6 Bustard, H. Robert, 1964-1974
6 Caldwell, David K. (Los Angeles County Museum) 1963-1964
6 Carr, Archie F., 1956 [bulk1965-1966] 1975
6 Cubitt, T. B. (Newbury Food Bank)- Re: Egg trade, 1964
6 Fitter, Masie and Richard S., 1966-1967
6 Hughes, George R. (South Africa) - Includes ms. on Marine Turtles of Natal by Hughes and A. J. Bass, 1966-1969
6 Mrosovsky, Nicholas, 1968-1973
6 Schulz, J. P., (Turtles in Suriname) 1964-1965
6 Sujati Nivatengs (Thai Turtles) 1969
6 Tanis, O. L., 1965-1969
6 Wessberg, Karen and Olaf, 1975
6 Wingate, Roger M., 1965-1966

General Correspondence by Subject

6 Astove IslandTurtle Sanctuary, Seychelles Islands) - Correspondence between R. M. Veevers-Carter, Richard Fitter, etc. 1966
6 Turtle Board, Sarawak - Official Turtle Board and Sarawak Museum correspondence, internal memorandum, some minutes of board meetings, 1956-1969
6 Turtles in Sabah, Malaysia, between T.H. and Malaysian officials, P. F. Burgess and G. S. deSilva, with egg collection statistics, 1964-1967, 1975
6 Visit of Lord and Lady Head and Party to Dungin, 29 July1965, - Correspondence and notes, 1965-1966

Drawings and Photos

6 Turtle Hatchery photos, 1962
6 Turtle and Beach Scene Photos, 1965
6 Photos from Malaysia(?) [197?]
6 Photos from Sarawak Museum
6 Scott, Peter, Portrait of a Swan, 1968
6 Turtle Drawings [dated from discarded envelope], 1969

IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) Papers, 1964-1975

General, 1964-1974

7 IUCN/SSC Red Data book, a.notes by T.H., 1964, draft and published versions (incomplete) 1968.
7 IUCN - Working Meeting of Marine Turtle Specialists (Morges, March 10-13, 1969); Agenda, proceedings, statements, correspondence, etc.
7 "The Turtle Tragedy," typed report by T.H. on the Morges Conference [1969].
7 Draft bulletin of information on each sea turtle species; Memo from Peter C. H. Pritchard to Sea Turtle Group members, December 9, 1969, and response from T.H., March 10, 1970.
7 Book Reviews by T.H. for IUCN Bulletin, correspondence, mss., notes, 1971-1972.
7 IUCN/WFF Joint Project Group. Marine Turtle Applications for Grants, 1973. [Other individual applications may be found in the Area files below.]
7 Pritchard, Peter C. Marine Turtle Conservation: Priorties for Future IUCN Action [September, 1973].
7 IUCN - Report on Marine Turtle Literature and related documents, 1974
7 IUCN/SSC - "Terms of Reference" by John Perry, 11/22,1974, and Comments [by T.H.?].
7 IUCN/SSC/MTSG - Notes on Group Objectives, 1974.
7 Notes by T.H. for IUCN Turtle Newsletter, 1974.
7 Sea Turtle Bibliography Proposal by J.R. Hendrickson and responses, 1974.
7 Survey of Turtle Products and Correspondence with Angela King (Friends of the Earth) 1974.
7 Turtle Tagging Data Format (Aug. 1974).

IUCN Correspondence, 1965-1975 (by year)

7 IUCN/World Wildlife Fund Correspondence, 1965-1968.
7 IUCN - Correspondence, 1965-1969.
7 IUCN - Correspondence, 1970-1972.
7 IUCN - Correspondence, 1973.
7 IUCN - Correspondence, 1974.
7 IUCN - Correspondence, 1975.

Mariculture, 1969-1975

The question of raising turtles commercially for food and other uses caused a major controversy among turtle conservationists. The leading example of this type of activity was Mariculture, ltd., located on Grand Cayman Island. This file documents the response of leading sea turtle experts, as expressed through the MTSG, and indicates how divisive the questions was to the group. An extensive Mariculture file is also found in the Carr Papers.

8 Correspondence, 1969-1973.
8 Correspondence, Jan. - June, 1974.
8 Correspondence, July - December, 1974.
8 Correspondence, 1975.
8 California Turtle Legislation ("Mariculture Law") 1974-1975.
8 Mariculture vs. Biggane [State of New York] Complaint and answer, 1974.
8 [Mariculture] Biological Studies of the Green Sea Turtle (Chelonoia mydas) by Marlin H. Simon; [ca. 1974].
8 IUCN/SSC/Special Meeting on Commercial Exploitation of the Marine Turtle Resource, Miami, Nov. 22-23, 1974. Agenda, Papers, Correspondence, including material on pending Mariculture visit, 1974.
8 Program for Meeting at Mariculture Limited, 25 and 26 November 1974;includes charts of Mariculture activities and of Ascension Island Study.
8 SSC Task Force on the Commercial Exploitation of Marine Turtles. Draft Report, Responses, and Correspondence, 1974-75.

Area Files, 1973-1975

The following folders contain a variety of materials relating to turtle conservation and research in various parts of the world, usually having some relationship to the IUCN. Many are applications for IUCN/World Wildlife Fund grants. See also the IUCN/WWF Joint Project File in the general IUCN section (Box 7).

8 Africa - IUCN/WWF correspondence, documents, etc., 1964-1973.
8 Africa and Indian Ocean - Jack Frazier Correspondence with Raymond Dasmann, T.H., etc., manuscripts and documents re: WWF funding and turtle conservation,1973-1975.
8 Caribbean Area, a. notes and secondary publications, 1967-1975.
8 Hawaii - Correspondence, etc. 1975.
8 India - "Status of Marine Turtles nesting along the Indian Coast", 1969.
8 Indian Ocean (primarily Aldabra and Seychelles) - Reports, grant applications, correspondence, notes, 1967-1975.
8 Malaysia (WWF grant application) 1971-1972.
8 Malaysia (WWF grant application) 1973.
8 Malaysia (WWF grant application) 1974.
8 Mediterranean, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, a. notes, etc., 1967-1969.
8 Mexico (Peter Pritchard Application for Investigation of Atlantic Ridley) 1968.
8 Okinawa - Correspondence with World Federation for the Protection of Animals, 1972.
8 Pacific Islands Trust Territory (Turtle Hatchery Proposal) 1973.
8 Philippines, Turtle Trapping Correspondence, 1974.
8 Saint Lucia - Report by Leo D. Brongersma, 1972.
8 Suriname, 1968-1974.
8 Thailand - Nicholas Polunin Correspondence re: Turtle Observation in Thailand and Southeast Asia, 1974-75.
8 Trinidad and Tobago - Turtle Conservation, Correspondence, secondary material, 1973-1974.
8 Turkey - Turtle Population Study and Conservation, 1973-74.

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