Leigh Hall


The Chemistry-Pharmacy Building was completed in the fall of 1927. Designed by Rudolph Weaver, it was built by J. L. Crouse Company.  In 1949 a new wing designed by Guy Fulton was added to the west enlarging the building to about about 90,000 square feet.  In 1950, th Chemistry-Pharmacy Building was named after Dr. Townes R. Leigh, who had served UF as a vice president, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and chair of the Chemistry Department (1920-49).

Leigh Hall is part of a complex of buildings devoted to chemistry research and education.  (Pharmacy moved to the Health Sciences Center in the early 1960s.)  Other buildings include the Chemistry Research Building (1967) and the Chemistry Laboratory (1990).

Leigh Hall was added to the National Register in 1979.  It is a part of the University of Florida Campus Historic District, a group of buildings added to the National Register as an historic district in 1989. 

The exterior decorations of Leigh Hall are particularly interesting.  Fitting for a building in Collegiate Gothic style, are reliefs of gargoyles, alchemical symbols, and names of famous scientists.

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