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African-related theses and dissertations
completed at the University of Florida, 1956-2000

compiled by
Steve Marr, Graduate Assistant
Daniel Reboussin, Ph.D.
Assistant Bibliographer, Africana Collection
June, 2001

[Arrangement is: author; title; department: degree, year; advisor]

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Naughton-Treves, Lisa.
Uneasy neighbors : wildlife and farmers around Kibale National Park, Uganda.
Forest Resources and Conservation: Ph.D., 1996
Redford, Kent H.

Ndumbaro, Laurean Josephat Philomena.
Learning and policy change : the case of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) 1980-1995.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1998
Hyden, Goran S.

Nicholson, Mary Naana.
The affirmation of African womanhood in the works of Ama Ata Aidoo.
English: M.A., 1983
Hill-Lubin, Mildred A.

Nnaji, Austine Osondu.
Climate variation in the sub-Saharan region of West Africa : a study of rainfall variability in northern Nigeria.
Geography: Ph.D., 1999
Waylen, Peter R.

Noon, Carole.
The resocialization of chimpanzees, "Pan troglodytes."
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1996
Wolfe, Linda D.

Norton, Sarah.
Gender, agriculture and social change : St. Lucia and Western Kenya compared.
Anthropology: M.A., 1989
Spring, Anita

Noss, Andrew J.
Duikers, cables, and nets : a cultural ecology of hunting in a Central African forest.
Geography: Ph.D., 1995
Malecki, Edward and Goldman, Abraham C.

Nthakomwa, Brave.
An analysis of production and resource use in smallholder agriculture in the Mchinji rural development project of Malawi.
Food and Resource Economics: M.S., 1985
Spreen, Thomas H.

Ntokotha, Enock M.
Properties and classification of 'Mopanosols' occurring in the upper Shire Valley, Malawi.
Soil Science: Ph.D., 1984
Carlisle, Victor W.

Nyamongo, Isaac K.
Lay people's responses to illness <computer file> : an ethnographic study of anti-malaria behavior among the Abagusii of southwestern Kenya.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1998
Bernard, H. Russell


Olowo, John P.
The impact of the introduced Nile Perch (Lates niloticus) on the foraging ecology of non-cichlid predators in the Lake Victoria basin.
Zoology: M.S., 1998
Chapman, Lauren J.

Omoro, Loice M. A.
Effect of mulching with multipurpose-tree prunings on soil erosion control and crop growth in semiarid conditions of Machakos, Kenya.
Forest Resources and Conservation: M.S., 1993
Nair, P.K. Ramachandran

Onderdonk, Daphne A.
Coping with forest fragmentation : the primates of Kibale National Park, Uganda.
Zoology: M.S., 1998
Chapman, Colin H.

Ongla, Jean.
Structure, conduct and performance of the food crop marketing system in Cameroon : a case study of Yaounde and adjacent areas.
Food and Resource Economics: Ph.D., 1978
Davis, Carlton G.

Osborne, Todd Z. 
Fine particulate and dissolved organic carbon export of a tropical watershed in the Ugandan Highlands.
Environmental Engineering Sciences: M.S., 2000
Crisman, Thomas L.

Ottemoeller, Daniel James.
Institutionalization and democratization : the case of the Ugandan resistance councils.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1996
Hyden, Goran S.

Otto, George M.
Evaluation of Cyperus papyrus for the treatment of wastewater in Eastern Equatorial Africa.
Environmental Engineering Sciences: M.Eng., 1998
Crisman, Thomas L.

Otto, John Solomon.
The Transvaal iron age from the fifth through the eighteenth centuries: a study in the use of 'unwritten' documentation.
History: M.A., 1971
Davis, R. Hunt Jr.

Owusu-Ansah, Joseph Pius.
Communication and rural development : two African projects.
Communication: M.A., 1984
Kent, Kurt E.

Oyler, Dianne White.
'If you haven't eaten rice today, you haven't eaten' : a brief history of agricultural education policy in Liberia.
History: M.A., 1989
Davis, R. Hunt Jr.

Oyler, Dianne White.
For 'all those who say N'ko' : N'ko literacy and Mande cultural nationalism in the Republic of Guinea.
History: Ph.D., 1995
Davis, R. Hunt Jr.


Palmer, Barbara L.
Metaphor, rhythm and vision in San beadwork.
Art: M.A., 1997
Poynor, Robin E.

Pana-Cryan, Regina.
Egyptian import demand for United States wheat.
Food and Resource Economics: Ph.D., 1996
Emerson, Robert D.

Pfeifer, Kimberly.
Empir(e)ical configurations : power, knowledge, and the truth within development studies.
Political Science: M.A., 1995
Hyden, Goran S.

Pfeifer, Kimberly.
Echoing silence and narcissistic violence.
Political Science: Ph.D., 2000
Hyden, Goran S.

Pothier, Valerie.
The development, implementation and evaluation of a West African Art curriculum for the Alachua County Schools and the Harn Museum of Art.
Art: M.F.A., 1993
Flannery, Merle E.

Pozarny, Pamela F.
Freedom and sustainability : a comparative analysis of planned and spontaneous settlement in Togo.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1995
Cohen, Ronald

Price, David Harold.
The evolution of irrigation in Egypt's Fayoum Oasis : state, village and conveyance loss.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1993
Harris, Marvin

Q, R

Ranamane, Tlhabane.
The function of word order in Tswana.
Linguistics: M.A., 1989
Sullivan, William J. III

Ray, Justina C.
Resource use patterns among mongooses and other carnivores in a Central African rainforest.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and Forest Resources and Conservation: Ph.D., 1996
Sunquist, Melvin E.

Reboussin, Daniel A.
From Affiniam-Boutem to Dakar : migration from the Casamance, life in the urban environment of Dakar, and the resulting evolutionary changes in local Diola organizations.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1995
Bernard, H. Russell and Cohen, Ronald

Robinson, Michael.
Thomas Jefferson Bowen : an agent of religious change among the Yoruba, 1850-1861.
History: M.A., 1990
Davis, R. Hunt Jr.

Robinson, William Francis.
German South West Africa.
History: M.A., 1988
Davis, R. Hunt Jr.

Rosenberger, Amanda E.
Potential of wetland tributaries as refugia for endangered fishes from nonnative predators: a case study of Lake Nabugabo, Uganda.
Zoology: M.S., 1997
Chapman, Lauren J.

Ruhimbasa, Lugaba.
An economic comparison of monocropping and multiple cropping certain row crops under conventional and minimum tillage in Georgia (1972-1975) : with a consideration of transferring the methodology to other areas in the southeast United States and Zaire.
Food and Resource Economics: M.S., 1983
van Blokland, Peter J.

Russell, John T.
Yield and yield stability of pure and mixed stands of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) varieties in north Cameroon.
Agronomy: Ph.D., 1991
Knauft, David A.

Ryan, Gery Wayne.
Medical decision making among the Kom of Cameroon : modeling how characteristics of illnesses, patients, caretakers, and compounds affect treatment choice in a rural community.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1995
Bernard, H. Russell


Samkyi, Thomas Misime.
Price policies and farmer perspectives : Tanzania's smallholder agriculture economy.
Food and Resource Economics: M.S., 1993
Hildebrand, Peter E.

Schmit, Keri.
Many voices, many visions : cooperation and negotiation in the development of secondary education in Botswana.
History: M.A., 1993
Davis, R. Hunt Jr.

Schofield, Pamela J.
Feeding ecology of the introduced Nile perch (Lates niloticus) in Lake Nabugabo, Uganda : implications for conservation of the indigenous fauna.
Zoology: Ph.D., 1997
Chapman, Lauren J.

Schultz, E. Craig.
Peasants and the state in Ethiopia : ideology, local organizations and socialist development.
Political Science: M.A., 1988
Lemarchand, Rene

Scott, Samuel W.
Export supply, import demand and trade policy : an assessment of impacts of the International Coffee Agreement and the behavior of exporters and importers in the coffee market.
Food and Resource Economics: Ph.D., 1996
VanSickle, John

Seyoum, Teferi.
Cadu : an attempt at rural change.
Sociology: M.A., 1975
Vandiver, Joseph S.

Shanafelt, Robert.
Talking peace, living conflict : the mental and the material on the borders of apartheid.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1989
Cohen, Ronald

Shebani, Bashir Lamin.
Correlates of life satisfaction among older Libyans and Americans.
Foundations of Education: Ph.D., 1984
Wass, Hannelore

Shehata, Maged Saad.
A feasibility study on the introduction of industrialized systems to solve Egypt's housing problem.
Building Construction: M.S.B.C., 1986
Crosland, Robert E.

Shelley, Joyce Karen.
Township teens : a study of socialization processes among urban black schoolgirls in South Africa.
Anthropology: M.A., 1975
Du Toit, Brian M.

Shepherd, Virginia E.
The role of dung beetles as secondary seed dispersers in Kibale National Park, Uganda.
Zoology: M.S., 1996
Chapman, Colin H.

Shetler, Jan Bender.
The landscapes of memory : a history of social identity in the Western Serengeti, Tanzania.
History: Ph.D., 1998
Feierman, Steven

Shetler, Peter Daniel.
The effects of sowing depth and moisture stress on the emergence, growth and survival of seedlings of three multipurpose tree species.
Forest Resources and Conservation: M.S., 1993
Long, Alan J.

Sides, Ann Bardsley.
Darkest Africa : toward better coverage of third world news.
Communication: M.A., 1982
Pierce, Robert N.

Siex, Kirstin Samantha.
The Zanzibar red colobus monkey (Procolobus kirkii) : ecology, demography and use of Cocos nucifera.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and Forest Resources and Conservation: M.S., 1995
Struhsaker, Thomas T.

Smith, Lora L.
The status and ecology of the Angonoka tortoise (Geochelone yniphora) of Western Madagascar.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation: Ph.D., 1999
Dodd, C. Kenneth, Jr.

Snook, Stephen L.
Principled agents in an agency under siege : U.S.A.I.D. and its mission in Tanzania.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1996
Hyden, Goran S.

Sodeke, Stephen Olufemi.
A proposed model baccalaureate program in medical laboratory sciences for Nigeria.
Curriculum and Instruction: Ph.D., 1983
Morgan, Alice E.

Solomon, Mark.
The issue of closer association in Northern Rhodesia : an analysis of interests which influenced British policy.
History: M.A., 1979
Davis, R. Hunt Jr.

Spear, Mary E.
Societal influences and governmental responsiveness in policy communities : educational policy-making in Zimbabwe.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1993
Hyden, Goran S.

Staal, Steven J.
The effects of land scarcity on small-farmer production systems and income potential in the West Province of Cameroon : a case study in the Bafou Chiefdom, Menoua Division.
Food and Resource Economics: M.S., 1990
Davis, Carlton G.

Staal, Steven J.
Periurban dairying and public policy in Ethiopia and Kenya : a comparative economic and institutional analysis.
Food and Resource Economics: Ph.D., 1996
Lele, Uma

Stanley, Tarshia Lorraine.
(Re)collecting and (re)creating African American myth : Virginia Hamilton and the importance of storytelling.
English: M.A., 1996
Cech, John

Stans, Susan Enns.
Women's work : the employment and subsistence of Xhosa women and other Nguni-speaking women in South Africa.
Anthropology: M.A., 1990
Du Toit, Brian M.

Stewart, Dona J.
Regional economic development in Egypt : dispersed growth through new communities.
Geography: M.S., 1994
Malecki, Edward

Stewart, Kearsley Alison.
Socio-economic determinants of HIV/AIDS in adolescents in rural western Uganda.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 2000
Lieberman, Leslie Sue

Suggs, David N.
Climacteric among the 'new' women of Mochudi, Botswana.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1986
Du Toit, Brian M.

Sugita, Eri.
"Social dimensions" in the organizational culture of JICA and a case study of a malaria program in Tanzania.
Anthropology: M.A., 1998
Bernard, H. Russell

Sunwall, Mark Raymond.
Political centralization among the Akan states of West Africa.
Anthropology: M.A., 1975
Moore, Alexander G. Jr.


Thomas, Samuel P.
Old age in Meru, Kenya : adaptive reciprocity in a changing rural community.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1992
Du Toit, Brian M.

Thompson, Barbara.
Earthen spirits : ceramic power vessels of Lower Zaire.
Art: M.A., 1995
Poynor, Robin E.

Timmerman, Calvin Lee.
Reactions to German missionary activity 1901-1910 : a summary of missionary, official, and private commentaries.
History: M.A., 1975
Kele, Max H.

Trenchard, Peter C.
Protected area policies in Southwestern Uganda : income shocks on small farming systems due to an increase in a forest's protective status.
Forest Resources and Conservation: M.S., 1999
Carter, Douglas

U, V

Vass, Winifred Kellersberger.
The Bantu-speaking heritage of the United States.
Journalism and Communications: M.A.J.C., 1971
Griggs, Harry H.

Vicaria, Maureen Elizabeth.
The transcultural treatment of mental disorder in a Black South African township.
Anthropology: M.A., 1990
Du Toit, Brian M.

VonDoepp, Peter Anders.
Presbyterians, Catholics, and grassroots politics : local churches in Malawi's post-authoritarian era.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1999
Hyden, Goran S.

Vonesh, James R.
The amphibians and reptiles of Kibale Forest, Uganda <computer file> : herpetofaunal survey and ecological study of the forest floor litter community.
Zoology: M.S., 1998
Lillywhite, Harvey B.


Walek, Mary Louise.
An analysis of vocalizations of three species of east African cercopithecidae.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 1972
Maples, William R.

Walkup, Mark.
Policy and behavior in humanitarian organizations : the institutional origins of operational dysfunction.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1997
Hyden, Goran S.

Wallace, Rachel M.
Kongo ideology in the art work of Betye and Alison Saar : the reimagination of a cultural heritage.
Art: M.A., 1997
Poynor, Robin E.

Wallmo, Kristy.
Improved cookstoves in Western Uganda : social impacts and environmental implications.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation: M.S., 1996
Jacobson, Susan K.

Wanyande, Peter.
The politics of structural adjustment programs in Kenya : the case of cost-sharing in education and health care.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1993
Hyden, Goran S.

Weedman, Kathryn Jane.
An ethnoarchaeological study of stone scrapers among the Gamo people of southern Ethiopia.
Anthropology: Ph.D., 2000
Brandt, Steven

Whitehead, Catherine Edith.
A contrastive rhetoric of Arabic and English and its applications to the teaching of E.S.L. composition.
Linguistics: M.A., 1985
Thompson, Roger and Faber, Alice

Williams, Deirdre E.
Gender and integrated resource management : the case of western Kenya.
Anthropology: M.A., 1997
Gladwin, Christina H.

Williams, Donald C.
Downtrodden peasants or rational individualists? : the economy of affection as an alternative conceptualization of the Yoruba peasantry of southwestern Nigeria.
Political Science: M.A., 1988
Hyden, Goran S.

Williams, Donald C.
State-society relations in perspective : the politics of land reform in Nigeria.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1991
Hyden, Goran S.

Willis, Brenda J.
Aspects of the acquistion of orality and literacy in Kenyan primary school children.
Linguistics: Ph.D., 1988
Der Houssikian, Haig

Woollery, Trevor Anthony.
Tropical forest depletion : assessing the forest products trade and economic influences on the forest area industrially logged.
Food and Resource Economics: Ph.D., 1997
Kiker, Clyde F.

Wright, Katheryn Lee.
The role of proverbs in Birago Diop's tales.
Romance Languages and Literatures: M.A., 1981
Cailler, Bernadette

X, Y, Z

Yacenda, Francis Joseph.
The relationship between government control over media and news media development in Senegal.
Mass Communication: M.A.M.C., 1987
Kent, Kurt E.

Zambezi, Batson Thomson.
Selection for endosperm type, maturity, and plant height in two maize composites.
Agronomy: Ph.D., 1987
Horner, Earl S.

Zanne, Amy Elise.
Expediting indigenous tree regeneration in African grasslands : plantations and the effects of distance and isolation from seed sources.
Zoology: M.S., 1998
Chapman, Colin H.

Zeglam, Abdurazag.
Analysis of VARs problems and reliability of one part of the Libyan electrical system.
Electrical Engineering: M.Eng., 1982
Sullivan, Robert L.

Zeng, Menghua.
An interactive perspective of Chinese aid policy : a case study of Chinese aid to Tanzania.
Political Science: Ph.D., 1999
Hyden, Goran S.

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