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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2000

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

Anderson, Andrea Snyder. (May). Smallholder farmers in Malosa, Malawi : food security and household composition.
Agricultural Education and Communication, M.S.

Arthur, John W. (Aug.). Ceramic ethnoarchaeology among the Gamo of southwestern Ethiopia.
Anthropology, Ph.D.

Edwards, Tahra. (Aug.). "Nao bate-me!" (Don't beat me!) : domestic violence in Mozambique.
Anthropology, M.A.

Haslerig, Janet Miliah. (Dec.). People and wildlife conservation in Tanzania : three case studies of shifting paradigms from the colonial to independence eras.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Ph.D.

Kaya, Bocary. (May). Soil fertility regeneration through improved fallow systems in southern Mali.
Forest Resources and Conservation, Ph.D.

Leedy, Todd Holzgrefe. (Dec.). The soil of salvation : African agriculture and American methodism in colonial Zimbabwe, 1939-1962.
History, Ph.D.

Lyons, Andrew. (Aug.). An Effective Monitoring Framework for community based natural resource management <computer file> : a case study of the ADMADE program in Zambia.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, M.S.

Marcus, Richard Ryan. (Dec.). Cultivating democracy on fragile grounds : environmental institutions and non-elite perceptions of democracy in Madagascar and Uganda.
Political Science, Ph.D.

Mbeh, George Ngong. (May). Parents' responses to children's illnesses : the case of childhood diarrhea in the Bakoum Area, Eastern Province, Cameroon.
Anthropology, Ph.D.

Meier, James Eric. (Dec.). "On the margins" : the emergence and growth of informal settlements in the greater Cape Town area, 1939-1960.
History, Ph.D.

Mijumbi, Peter B. (Aug.). The demand for food staples in Uganda.
Food and Resource Economics, Ph.D.

Osborne, Todd Z. (Aug.). Fine particulate and dissolved organic carbon export of a tropical watershed in the Ugandan Highlands.
Environmental Engineering Sciences, M.S.

Pfeifer, Kimberly. (May). Echoing silence and narcissistic violence.
Political Science, Ph.D.

Stewart, Kearsley Alison. (Aug.). Socio-economic determinants of HIV/AIDS in adolescents in rural western Uganda.
Anthropology, Ph.D.

Weedman, Kathryn Jane. (May). An ethnoarchaeological study of stone scrapers among the Gamo people of southern Ethiopia.
Anthropology, Ph.D.

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