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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2001

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

Ajani, Timothy Temilola. Aspect in Yoruba and Nigerian English.
M. J. Hardman. Linguistics Ph.D.

Balcomb, Sophia Robb. Patterns of seed dispersal at a variety of scales in a tropical forest system: do post-dispersal processes disrupt patterns established by frugivores?
Colin Chapman. Zoology Ph.D.

Brookman-Amissah, Mark. A GIS decision support system for siting high voltage electric transmission lines in Ghana, West Africa.
Scot E. Smith. Civil and Coastal Engineering M.S.

Dorn, Nicholas Carlton. Mapping the contours of imperium: an analysis of geographical representation in nineteenth-century European exploration of Africa.
G. R. Esenwein. History M.A.

Duncan, Robert Scot. Tropical forest succession: integrating theory and application in forest restoration.
Colin A. Chapman. Zoology Ph.D.

Gates, James F. The structural and cultural construction of race in the handline fishing industry on South Africa's western Cape coast.
Brian M. du Toit. Anthropology Ph.D.

Gebre, Yntiso Deko. Population displacement and food insecurity in Ethiopia: resettlement, settlers, and hosts.
Art Hansen. Anthropology Ph.D.

Hundie, Girma. The emergence of prehistoric pastoralism in Southern Ethiopia.
S. A. Brandt. Anthropology Ph.D.

Jin, Sungwon. The "Self-Reliance Strategy" of the Imvepi Sudanese refugee settlement in northern Uganda.
R. Oliver-Smith. Anthropology M.A.

Jones-Nelson, Alice C. Castles in their midst: world heritage sites in Ghana.
R. H. Davis. History M.A.

M'Cormack, Fredline A. O. A framing analysis of newspaper coverage of children orphaned through AIDS in Kenya from 1997 to 1999.
K. B. Walsh-Childers. Journalism and Communications M.A.M.C.

Murphy, James Timothy. Networks, trust, and innovation: the social dimensions of entrepreneurship in Tanzania's manufacturing sector.
E. J. Malecki. Geography Ph.D.

Negash, Agazi. The Holocene prehistoric archaeology of the Temben region, northern Ethiopia.
S. A. Brandt. Anthropology Ph. D.

Paul, John R. Patterns of seed dispersal by animals: influence of sapling composition in a tropical forest.
Colin A. Chapman. Zoology M.S.

Randle, April M. Respiratory behavior and ecology of the African air-breathing fish Ctenopoma muriei.
L. J. Chapman. Zoology M.S.

Tangka, Florence. Crossbred cows and food security in Ethiopia.
R. D. Emerson. Food and Resource Economics Ph.D.

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