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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2002

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

Barkey, Nanette Louise. Intracultural variation in blood pressure in Beira, Mozambique.
H. R. Bernard. Anthropology Ph.D.

Bugarin, Flordeliz T. Trade and interaction on the Eastern Cape frontier : an historical archaeological study of the Xhosa and the British during the early nineteenth century.
P. R. Schmidt. Anthropology Ph. D.

Feleke, Shiferaw Tesfaye. Determinants of food security in southern Ethiopia at the household level.
C. H. Gladwin. Food and Resource Economics M.S.

Grier, Christina E. Potential impact of improved fallows on small farm livelihoods, Eastern Province, Zambia.
P. E. Hildebrand. Food and Resource Economics M.S.

Gough, Amy Elizabeth. The Starter Pack Program in Malawi: implications for household food security.
R. W. Telg. Agricultural Education and Communication M.S.

Hamilton, Jacqueline Marie. Telecommunications reform in Africa and the United States.
S. V. Berg. Economics Ph. D.

Lau, Yoke Fong. A comparative analysis of temperament-based learning styles of United States of America, Singapore, and Zimbabwe students.
T. D. Oakland. Educational Psychology M.A.E.

Leong, Kirsten Mya. The reproductive context of low-frequency vocalizations for a group of captive African elephants (Loxodonta africana).
L. C. Branch. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation M.S.

Masozera, Michel K. Socioeconomic impact analysis of the conservation of the Nyungwe Forest Reserve, Rwanda <electronic resource>.
Janaki Alavalapati. Forest Resources and Conservation M.S.

Mudhara, Maxwell. Assessing the livelihood systems of smallholder farm households: potential for adoption of improved fallows and green manure in Zimbabwe.
P. E. Hildebrand. Food and Resource Economics Ph.D.

Mugisha, Arthur Rwabitetera. Evaluation of community-based conservation approaches  : management of protected areas in Uganda. <electronic resource>
S. K. Jacobson. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Ph. D.

Ngantchui, Evelyne. Topic structures in Batoufam.
C. C. Chu. Linguistics Ph. D.

Rogers, Peter J. The political ecology of pastoralism, conservation, and development in the Arusha region of Northern Tanzania.
G. S. Hyden. Political Sciences Ph.D.

Romatz, Rachel Maren. The interface of jembe traditions : an American student in West African tradition.
L. N. Crook. Music M.M.

Schaack, Sarah. Functional morphology and foraging ecology of the African cyprinid, Barbus neumayeri : implications for faunal diversification.
L. J. Chapman. Zoology M.S.

Stubina, Rodney J. Cameroonian safety nets in the Korup National Forest.
A. Hansen. Anthropology Ph. D.

Thangata, Paulanco. The potential for agroforestry adoption and carbon sequestration in smallholder agroecosystems of Malawi : an ethnographic linear programming approach.
P. E. Hildebrand. Interdisciplinary Ecology Ph.D.

Washington, Natalie A. Yoruba responses to the Christian missionaries from 1840 to 1880.
R. H. Davis. History M.A.

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