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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2003

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

ETD = UF Electronic theses and dissertations. See for more information.

Apodaca, Christine K. Damselflies in extreme environments: Distribution and ecophysiology of Proishnura subfurcatum.
L. J. Chapman. Zoology M.S. (May).

Cassidy, Lin. Anthropogenic burning in the Okavango panhandle of Botswana: Livelihoods and spatial dimensions [ETD].
C. H. Gladwin. Interdisciplinary Ecology M.S. (May).

Cohen, Matthew J. Systems evaluation of erosion and erosion control in a tropical watershed.
M. T. Brown. Environmental Engineering Sciences thesis, Ph.D. (August).

Gwata, Eastonce Tendayi. Inheritance of promiscuous nodulation in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] and the evaluation of potential RAPD markers for the trait [ETD].
D. S. Wofford and K. J. Boote. Agronomy Ph.D. (December).

Leslie, Agnes George Ngoma. Social movement and democracy in Africa: The impact of women's struggle for equal rights in Botswana.
G. S. Hyden. Political Science Ph.D. (May).

Martin, Dana Che. A translation into English of Amadou Kone's Traites sous le pouvoir des Blakoros [Exploitation, under the Blakoros' power].
B. A. Cailler. Romance Languages and Literatures Ph.D. (May).

Mero, Samantha Anne. Language diversity in Guinea, West Africa [ETD].
M. J. Hardman. Linguistics M.A. (August).

Savage, Amy Frances. Identity and prevalence of blood parasites in wild-caught birds from Madagascar [ETD].
E. C. Greiner. Veterinary Medical Sciences (listed as Pathobiology in library catalog) M.S. (August).

Vonesh, James Richard. Sequential predation in a complex life-history: Interactions among egg, larval, and post-metamorphic predators of the East African Treefrog, Hyperolius spinigularis [ETD].
C. W. Osenberg. Zoology Ph.D. (December).

Wanda, Fred Masifwa. Resurgence potential of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) solms) in Lake Victoria.
T. L. Crisman. Environmental Engineering Sciences Ph.D. (August).

White, Monica T. Speaking in our own tongues: Language and conversations between African based creative theory and western based traditional theory towards a theory of womanist dramatic discourse [ETD]. 
D. W. King. English M.A. (August).

Willems, Roos. Embedding the refugee experience: Forced migration and social networks in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania [ETD].
A. R. Oliver-Smith. Anthropology Ph.D. (December).

Zanne, Amy Elise. Adaptations to heterogenous habitats: Life-history characters of trees and shrubs [ETD].
C. A. Chapman. Zoology Ph.D. (May).

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