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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2004

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

ETD = UF Electronic theses and dissertations. See for more information.

Baird, Ann Brisbane. The sign of the leopard: Leopard imagery in the kingdoms of the Yoruba, the kingdom of Benin, and the kingdom of Dahomey. [ETD].
Robin E. Poynor and John F. Scott. Art and Art History M.A. (May).

Cohen, Leah A. J. The impact of illness on livelihoods in rural western Kenya: The influence of livelihood type, gender, and seasonality. [ETD].
Abraham C. Goldman. Geography M.S. (August).

Davidheiser, Mark Frederick. The role of culture in conflict mediation: Toubabs and Gambians cannot be the same. [ETD].
Art Hansen. Anthropology Ph.D. (August).

Davis, Kristin Elizabeth. Technology dissemination among small-scale farmers in Meru Central District of Kenya: Impact of group participation. [ETD].
Nick T. Place. Agricultural Education and Communication Ph.D. (August).

Evans, Meredith Morgan. Land use and prey density changes in the Nakuru Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya: Implications for cheetah conservation. [ETD].
M. E. Sunquist. Interdisciplinary Ecology M.S. (December).

Kimura, Birgitta K. An archaeological investigation into the history and socio-political organization of Konso, Southern Ethiopia. [ETD].
Steven A. Brandt. Anthropology Ph.D. (December).

Lehmensiek, May. Evaluation of tourism in the Okavango Delta in Botswana using environmental accounting. [ETD].
Mark T. Brown. Environmental Engineering Sciences M.S. (December).

Lepp, Andrew Paul. Tourism in a rural Ugandan village [ETD]: Impacts, local meaning, and implications for development. [ETD].
Stephen Holland and Brijesh Thapa. Health and Human Performance Ph.D. (August).

Owusu, Kwadwo. Analysis of rainfall variability in sub-humid Ghana. [ETD]. 
Peter R. Waylen. Geography M.S. (August).

Press, Robert M. Establishing a culture of resistance: The struggle for human rights and democracy in authoritarian Kenya 1987-2002. [ETD].
Goran S. Hyden. Political Science Ph.D. (May).

Richter, Heidi V. The foraging ecology of fruit bats in the seasonal environment of Central Zambia. [ETD].
G. S. Cumming. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation M.S. (December).

Seifert, Ashley W. Respiratory allocation and the resting rate of metabolism in the African lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus. [ETD]. 
Lauren J. Chapman. Zoology M.S. (May).

Stickler, Claudia Margret. The effects of logging on primate-habitat interactions: A case study of redtail monkeys (Cercopithecus ascanius) in Kibale National Park, 
Uganda. [ETD].
Colin A. Chapman. Interdisciplinary Ecology M.S. (May).

Sugita, Eri Woods. Domestic water use, hygiene behavior, and children's diarrhea in rural Uganda. [ETD]. 
H. Russell Bernard. Anthropology Ph.D. (May).

Worman, Cedric O'Driscoll. Forest, fragments, and fruit: Spatial and temporal variation in habitat quality for two species of frugivorous primates (Cercopithecus mitis and Lophocebus albigena) in Kibale National Park, Uganda. [ETD].
Colin A. Chapman. Zoology M.S. (August).

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