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Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses
completed at the University of Florida, 2005

compiled by
Dan Reboussin, Ph.D.

ETD = UF Electronic theses and dissertations. See for more information.

Baird, Jaime. Looking at Ethiopia: history, photography, and power. [ETD].
Poynor, Robin E. and Victoria Rovine. Art and Art History M.A. (August).

Berman, Jody Nicole. Yaw Owusu Shangofemi: an African-American's blacksmithing career in context. [ETD].
Poynor, Robin E. Art and Art History M.A. (August). [Need to evaluate extent of African content.]

Curtis, Matthew Chad. Archaeological investigations in the greater Asmara area: a regional approach in the central highlands of Eritrea. [ETD].
Schmidt, Peter R. Anthropology Ph.D. (December).

Donkor, Augustine Kwame. Biochemistry of mercury in an impacted gold mining tropical aquatic system: the Pra River Basin in Southwestern Ghana.
Bonzongo, J. Environmental Engineering Sciences Ph. D. (May).

Fisher, Erich Christopher. A complex systems theory of technological change: a case study involving a morphometrics analysis of Stone Age Flake Debitage from the Horn of Africa. [ETD].
Brandt, Steven A. Anthropology M.A. (May).

Harbison, Justin Eric. Development of a practical technique for sampling the afrotropical malaria vectors Anopheles gambiae S.L. and An. funestus. [ETD].
Day, Jonathan F. Entomology and Nematology M.S. (May).

Hoon, Parakh. Between exchange and reciprocity: the politics of wildlife conservation in Botswana and agricultural diversification in Zambia.
Hyden, Goran S. Political Science Ph.D. (August).

Hussey, Robert Scott-Pailos. Construction of the top of the egyptian pyramids: an experimental test of a levering device. [ETD].
Schmidt, Peter R. Anthropology M.A. (May). [Need to evaluate extent of African content.]

Keifer, Dorion A. Last lumbar facet and pedicle orientation in orthograde primates. [ETD].
Daegling, David. Anthropology M.A. (May).

Mousa, Waleed. Islam, democracy, and governance: Sudan and Morocco in a comparative perspective. [ETD].
Hyden, Goran S. Political Science Ph.D. (August).

Rodlach, Alexander. Blaming 'others' for HIV/AIDS in an urban township in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: witchcraft beliefs and conspiracy suspicions. [ETD].
Murray, Gerald F. Anthropology Ph.D. (December).

Soud, Fatma A. Medical pluralism and utilization of maternity health care by Muslim women in Mombasa, Kenya [ETD].
Bernard, H. Russell Anthropology Ph.D. (May).

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